TNA Impact Review 7/9/09

Mick Foley comes out to the ring to start off the show. He says that life is funny, but he would like to propose that one of them step down in a decision- making capacity.

Jeff Jarrett comes out and he asks Foley if he thinks about what he says. Jarrett says that he understands that Foley wanted to revell in the glory, but in the process, he became the TNA Heavyweight Champion. Jarrett says that he put TNA in serious danger by talking to Kurt Angle. Jarrett says he wants Mick to start thinking about the future of TNA. Jarrett says they can fix the situation together. Foley says that he and Foley are even, but he says he needs to prove something to himself. He says he needs to know the win at Lockdown wasn’t a fluke.  Foley says this time he is going to do it right this time. Foley proposes Double J and Angle tonight, and the crowd likes it. Jarrett says he is going to tweak the match a little bit and make it a three- way dance on Foley. Foley then adds a special guest referee for Angle, but it can’t be a member of the MEM or Matt Morgan.

Lauren is with The British Invasion and asks about the challenge tonight for the briefcase. Brutus Magnus continues to blow smoke and that they are in TNA for the money.

Ladder Match for the X Division Briefcase: Homicide vs Doug Williams

Homicide hits a diving elbow and then a clothesline. Homicide continues to work over Williams as he grabs the ladder. Williams knocks Homicide off the ladder and throws Homicide into the same ladder. Doug Williams goes for the briefcase, but he gets knocked off into Magnus and Rob Terry. Homicide scampers up the ladder to get the brief case. Team 3D helped Homicide out, but then got beat down by The British Invasion, Sheik Abdul Bashir, and Kiyoshi.

Mike Tenay talked to Suicide and asks him what the song lyrics mean. Suicide says that he was dead, but now chooses to see the light and come alive. He says he is the dark savior and represents the beginning.

Sting comes out with the belt that Angle won at Slammiversary. He tells Kurt that if he wants the title then he should go get it. Sting says that he will talk to Samoa Joe first. Sting says that Joe is the reason why wrestling is as bad as it is right now. He says that Joe wants everything and won’t work for it. Sting says he will fight this fight on his own. Sting asks who is stopping Joe, but Joe says that Sting’s time will come. Sting says that he isn’t capable of doing this on his own, but Joe says he will find out at Victory Road. Sting says he will rip his advisor apart and feed him to the crowd.

Lauren is with Jenna Morasca and she says that she can buy Sharmell. Raisha Saeed comes out and informs everyone that Awesome Kong is training Morasca.

Beer Money Inc. vs The Motor City Machine Guns

Chris Sabin and James Storm start off the match and both men trade arm locks. Sabin slaps Storm across the face and sends Sabin outside. Alex Shelley is tagged in and earns a two count. Sabin comes back in and hit the double clothesline for a near fall. Shelley tags back in and hit a double clothesline and throws Storm across the ring. Roode is tagged in and hits a clothesline and a spinebuster for a two count.  The Guns each hit a clothesline and hit a nice double team move for a two count. James  Storm hits the Last Call on Sabin and the DWI on Shelley for the pin fall victory.

Velvet Sky says that she isn’t Angelina Love’s puppet and that tonight they could be done for good.

Tara vs Velvet Sky

Tara hits a couple right hands and a few spears in the corner.  Velvet Sky hits a kick and a clothesline. Sky chokes Tara and throws her across the ring, which leads to a near fall. Sky gets another near fall after a kick to the back. Tara kicks Sky in the head and then hits a scoop slam. Tara hits the Widow’s Peak on Velvet Sky for a three count. Tara goes for the tarantula and Love tells her not to put the spider on Sky.

Angelina Love throws out an open challenge and its now for the Knockout  Title. Love goes to hit Tara with the title, and Tara uses a couple roll ups for some near falls. Madison Rayne is thrown out of ring side, and Love will have to go it alone. A whip sends Tara into the guard rail, and Love uses a couple of slaps as well. Love earns a two count for her troubles, and then hits a kick for another two count. Love whips Tara into the corner and eats the top turnbuckle. Tara hits a tilt a whirl side slam for a two count. Tara hits the Widow’s Peak for the three count and becomes the new TNA Knockout champion.

Lauren is with Tara and she says she can’t believe how much fun she is having and she is having a blast.

Kevin Nash and Matt Morgan vs AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels

Matt Morgan and Daniels will start off the match. Morgan takes some slaps and then runs into the shoulder of Morgan. Morgan hits a scoop clam and goes for an elbow drop, but misses. Styles is tagged in and they hit the high/ low for a two count. Styles drops a knee and earns a two count. Morgan hits a big splash in the corner and tags in Nash. Nash hits Styles with an elbow, but then eats a ton of right hands. Both Morgan and Daniels tag in and Daniels is hit with the Carbon Footprint, which is only good for a two count. Nash tags in and lifts knees into the gut in the corner. Nash follows it up with a knee and Morgan is tagged in again.  Daniels goes to make the tag, but Morgan cuts him off. Morgan lands elbows in the corner and then hits a splash. Morgan hits a reverse choke slam into the top turnbuckle. Styles is tagged in and he hits a drop kick and a flying fore arm for a two count. Styles hits a basement dropkick on Morgan, but the runs into a chokeslam attempt. Styles hits the Pele, sending Morgan to the mat. Daniels then hits the BME and Styles hits the Frog Splash for the three count. After the match, Morgan uses a chair and attempts to break Daniels’ ankle.

Lauren is with Sting and Joe pulls a knife on him.

Kurt Angle vs Mick Foley vs Jeff Jarrett (Special Guest Referee: Eric Young)

Jarrett and Foley slowly move in on Angle and start to land shots on the former Olympian. Jarrett hits a suplex and Angle is dragged across the ropes by Foley. Jarrett lands some right hands and EY pulls him down from the corner. Foley hits Angle with a clothesline and  send Angle into the rail. Foley throws Angle into the rail again, and Jarrett hits the Stroke on Foley, sending him into the steel steps.

Coming out of the commercial, Angle is working over Jarrett as Foley is attacked outside the ring by Scott Steiner. Jarrett lands a couple  of clotheslines and a DDT for a two count. Angle goes for the Angle Slam, but it is reversed into the Stroke, but its broken up by two in the slowest count ever. Jarrett grabs the guitar and goes to hit EY with it but he bails. Angle hits the Angle Slam for two, but Jarrett uses the Figure Four. Kurt Angle locked in the ankle lock and even though Foley never tapped out, EY calls for the bell.

After the match,Jarrett goes off on EY and starts to beat him down. Foley goes for the Mandible Claw on Angle, but the MEM come out to take out Foley. Foley is put into a barbed wire straight jacket as Foley’s security comes out, only to suffer a similar fate.


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