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My thoughts on Victory Road

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Abyss vs Dr. Stevie

This was a typical squash match, but it was fun to watch. The crowd was into Abyss the entire time and that certainly made the match more fun to see. I found myself cringing at some of the shots dealt by the monster.

Matt Morgan vs Christopher Daniels

This match really could have been better, but every action made sense. Daniels has been working with a knee injury so who knows if the injury was actually re-aggravated or kayfabe.

Sharmell vs Jenna Morasca

The saddest excuse for a wrestling match ever. I am 100% positive that this was more of a publicity stunt, and a way to showcase how beautiful Morasca is. The crowd couldn’t have been less into this match if the fans weren’t there.

New Japan Tag Team Championship Match: Team 3D (c) vs The British Invasion

I didn’t care about this match as much as I thought I would. This wasn’t the best Team 3D match, but I feel like only Beer Money can make them look as good as they have. The British Invasion is slowly growing on me and I would imagine a program with LAX once Hernandez comes back is on the horizon.

TNA Knockout Championship Match: Tara (c) vs Angelina Love

At first, I thought the match was just ok, but had an awful ending. I think that with the promo of Madison Rayne messing around with Slick Johnson made the ending, if nothing else, workable.

TNA Tag Team Championship Match: Beer Money Inc. (c) vs Scott Steiner and Booker T

I LOVE the fact that Beer Money is a face and can really work both sides of the fence. These guys are the next big tag team in pro wrestling. Steiner and Booker T are two of the best tag team wrestlers in history and deserve the titles, even if only for a month. This was one of the better matches of the night. My only issue with it was the onslaught of heel moves used by Booker and Steiner. They were just too frequent.

TNA Legends Championship Match: AJ Styles (c) vs Kevin Nash

This was my favorite match of the night. I like how it was a strategic match, as well as one where AJ could fly. Styles made Nash look good, and Nash did the same. In probably the biggest shocker, Nash used more than six moves in match. The finish was awesome. The only way it could have gotten better was if Nash caught AJ in mid air by the throat and chokeslamed him from there.

Samoa Joe vs Sting

The match was good, but it was extremely predictable from beginning to the finish. The only other issue I had was that when Taz came to the ring, Joe like hulked up and nothing affected him.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Kurt Angle (c) vs Mick Foley

This match was surprisingly fun to watch. I didn’t quite now what to expect with the match, but I was happy with how it came about the finish.

Overall, this was a disappointment as far as the ppv is concerned. It had its good moments, but this show could have been a lot better than what was put out. Also, this wreaks of Russo writing.  Let’s have the main faction in the company hold all of the titles. Sound familiar? It is the same storyline he did with the NWO in WCW.

I think this one will end up better because I feel like TNA has more people who can win the titles and not lay down. Also, in WCW, they pushed the older guys so hard that most of the young talents were all in the tag team division and wouldn’t be able to challenge for the WCW title. TNA has a good mix and with AJ not having the Legends title and Bobby Lashley coming we have two people who potentially could win the TNA title.


Victory Road Results

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Abyss W vs Dr. Stevie L

Matt Morgan W vs Christopher Daniels L

Sharmell L vs Jenna Morasca W

New Japan Tag Team Championship Match: Team 3D (c) W vs The British Invasion L

TNA Knockout Championship Match: Tara (c) L vs Angelina Love W

TNA Tag Team Championship Match: Beer Money Inc. (c) L vs Scott Steiner and Booker T W

TNA Legends Championship Match: AJ Styles (c) L vs Kevin Nash W

Samoa Joe W vs Sting L

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Kurt Angle (c) W vs Mick Foley L

Cat Fight In The Mafia

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Sharmell w/ Sojo Bolt vs Jenna Morasca w/ Awesome Kong

Let me start off by saying that I don’t expect much from this match. Sharmell elected to wrestler in a dress….interesting choice. Both ladies lock up and Sharmell lands a knee on Morasca. Sharmell mounts Jenna and slams her head into the ground. Jenna falls early from an elbow for a two count. Sharmell locks in a camel clutch and lets her go. Morasca hits a cross body, and the crowd is basically deflated. Sharmell stands on Morasca’s hair and lifts her up 3 times. Morasca hits a jaw breaker and Sojo start beating down Morasca with the ref’s back turned. Sharmell apparently connects with a slap and Morasca answers with some of her own. The crows starts to boo, and clap when Morasca pulls out Sharmell’s weave. Kong hits a throat chop and Morasca rubs her va-jay-jay in Sharmell’s face get the win. Kong lifts Morasca after the match, and Jenna slaps Kong. Kong turns and hits a big splash on Morasca.

Victory Road Preview, TNA news

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Here is the line up for Victory Road tonight:

Abyss vs Dr. Stevie

Matt Morgan vs Christopher Daniels

Sharmell vs Jenna Morasca

New Japan Tag Team Championship Match: Team 3D (c) vs The British Invasion

TNA Knockout Championship Match: Tara (c) vs Angelina Love

TNA Tag Team Championship Match: Beer Money Inc. (c) vs Scott Steiner and Booker T

TNA Legends Championship Match: AJ Styles (c) vs Kevin Nash

Samoa Joe vs Sting (Tazz will be there tonight)

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Kurt Angle (c) vs Mick Foley

My Predictions:

Joe defeats Sting

Abyss defeats Dr. Stevie

Morgan defeats Daniels

Morasca defeats Sharmell

Team 3D defeats The British Invasion

Beer Money Inc. defeats Booker T and Scott Steiner

Tara defeats Love

Styles defeats Nash

Foley defeats Angle

In other news, TNA has signed wrestler Ayako Hamada. This move will bolster an already talented Knockout division.

TNA Impact Review 7/9/09

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Mick Foley comes out to the ring to start off the show. He says that life is funny, but he would like to propose that one of them step down in a decision- making capacity.

Jeff Jarrett comes out and he asks Foley if he thinks about what he says. Jarrett says that he understands that Foley wanted to revell in the glory, but in the process, he became the TNA Heavyweight Champion. Jarrett says that he put TNA in serious danger by talking to Kurt Angle. Jarrett says he wants Mick to start thinking about the future of TNA. Jarrett says they can fix the situation together. Foley says that he and Foley are even, but he says he needs to prove something to himself. He says he needs to know the win at Lockdown wasn’t a fluke.  Foley says this time he is going to do it right this time. Foley proposes Double J and Angle tonight, and the crowd likes it. Jarrett says he is going to tweak the match a little bit and make it a three- way dance on Foley. Foley then adds a special guest referee for Angle, but it can’t be a member of the MEM or Matt Morgan.

Lauren is with The British Invasion and asks about the challenge tonight for the briefcase. Brutus Magnus continues to blow smoke and that they are in TNA for the money.

Ladder Match for the X Division Briefcase: Homicide vs Doug Williams

Homicide hits a diving elbow and then a clothesline. Homicide continues to work over Williams as he grabs the ladder. Williams knocks Homicide off the ladder and throws Homicide into the same ladder. Doug Williams goes for the briefcase, but he gets knocked off into Magnus and Rob Terry. Homicide scampers up the ladder to get the brief case. Team 3D helped Homicide out, but then got beat down by The British Invasion, Sheik Abdul Bashir, and Kiyoshi. Continue reading

TNA Impact Review 7/2/09

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The Main Event Mafia come out to start the show. Kurt Angle says that Mick Foley can’t run or hide, so he needs to face him in the ring. Foley tries to explain himself, but Angle cuts him off. Kurt Angle asks why Foley went against his word? Angle says he is the most dominant man in TNA and says that its time to pay the price. Foley says to leave him alone, but Angle says he can’t do that. Foley sends Rocco and Sal to protect him, but Scott Steiner takes care of them quickly. Foley asks out of respect for him to leave enough for him to be able to recover for Victory Road. Angle gives him a choice as to who will beat him down tonight. Foley picks and then throws a right hand at Angle. The MEM continues to beat down Foley until Double J comes out and scares them off.  Jarrett then hits Foley with the guitar in a shocking turn of events.

Jeremy Borash is with Jeff Jarrett and he says that there is no chance that they can resolve their differences.

Mike Tenay is with Kevin Nash and they talk about him and Scott Hall’s jump to WCW, and from there it changed from fun to all about the money and the business.

Abyss is shown backstage looking for Dr. Stevie. He says that he would never hurt Lauren, but he is sick. Lauren pleads with him to know avail and she is visible shaken.

Cody Deaner w/ ODB vs The Amazing Red

Red starts off landing a few kicks and then puts in an arm lock.  Deaner reverses the arm lock, only to be hit with a few arm drags and a huracanrana. Red hits a corkscrew plancha onto Deaner and then throws him into the ring. Red uses a role up for a two count and  then lands a few more kicks. Deaner knocks Red down and earns a two count. Deaner puts Red in the corner and starts throwing right hands. Deaner hits a scoop slam and a fist drop for a two count. Deaner slams Red’s head into the top turnbuckle, only for Red to counter a whip and hit a kick for two. Red gets caught on the top rope and Dean climbs to the top rope. Deaner goes for a diving head butt, and Red hits the Red Eye for the three count. Continue reading

TNA Impact Review 5/28/09

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X Division Title Match: Suicide (c) vs Amazing Red

Suicide lands a right hand on Red and Red counters with a few near falls. Suicide counters a near fall with a decapitation clothesline. Suicide hits a rolling fireman’s carry to knock Red out of the ring. Red then is caught in a wheelbarrel and sent into the steel guard rail. Suicide rolls Red back in the ring and earns a near fall from a suplex. Suicide then hits Red with a big dropkick and continues the beat down. Suicide hits a scoop slam and a leg drop. Red then hits a tornado DDT, and a ensiguri for a two count. Red goes for the Code Red, but Suicide counters with a suplex of sorts for a two count. Red goes for the InfraRed, but Suicide pokes the eyes and hits the Suicide Solution for the win. This was a fast paced and fun match up to watch. 4 out of 5 stars.

Sting comes out to the ring with the rest of the Main Event Mafia behind. Sting talks about the changes that he will be bringing to the family. He said that some have forgotten the focus of the MEM and he will guide them to the original goal they had. Sting asks if everyone has stayed the course. He kicks out the women from the MEM because of a  distraction they are. He talks about the Main Event Mafia Security and says they are gone as well. He says if anyone has an issue, they should step forward.

Samoa Joe comes out and says he appreciates that he is trying to bring dignity back, but it won’t matter. Joe has been ordered to take out everyone in the mafia until only Kurt Angle is left and he will be killed. Continue reading

I Quit Match

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AJ Styles (c) vs Booker T

Styles and Booker trade lock ups. AJ kicked Booker in the back and he will not quit. Booker sends Styles into the corner. Booker hits a kick to the head and goes for a suplex. Styles hits the suplex and puts in a version of the Indian Death Lock. Booker is holding is knee and Styles goes to work on the knee. Booker lands a right straight on AJ, but the momentum is short lived with Styles kicking out Booker T’s knee. Booker is in the corner, eating shots by Styles. Booker goes for a suplex and AJ floats over. Styles  lands some shots and  goes for the flying fore arm. Booker knocks Styles legs out and knocks him off the apron onto the guard rail throat first. Booker throws in Styles and he sends a knee with authority into chest. Booker lands a ton of knees and chokes Styles, but he won’t quit yet. Booker kicks Styles off the apron and he is in trouble. Booker slams AJ’s head into the apron and sends Styles in. Styles gets caught with a diving fore arm and is being put in a very painful wrist lock. Styles hits a Samoan Drop, but Booker holds onto the submission movers.  Two combatants trade right hands and AJ hits the Pele. Styles mounts Booker and continues raining down punches. Booker T hits a big spine buster and he goes to the mount to land right hands. Booker T goes for a calf kick and got caught on the top rope. AJ Styles knocked him off the top rope and lands a cross body block. Booker catches his arm on the steel post and then hits his head on it. Booker is rolled back in as Sharmell comes out. Big flying fore arm lands and AJ Styles went for the Styles Clash. AJ has an armbar in and he refuses to quit. Jenna Morasca throws in the white towel in for give AJ Styles the win. The women argue and Booker T is in utter shock.

TNA Sacrifice Preview

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I have my brother with me again to give you the card and predictions for TNA Sacrifice tonight on pay per view. The event will be covered here live tonight.I will be in the green and he will be in the blue.

Free Pre-show: Amazing Red vs Kiyoshi

Pete: I think the Amazing Red has this match in the bag. With him signing a new contract, TNA will want to put him over.

Ant: Agreed

The Motor City Machine Guns and Sheik Abdul Bashir vs Lethal Consequences and Eric Young

I think that Shelley will pin Eric Young after the Made in Detroit. After the match, he blames Lethal Consequences for the loss and EY turns heel.

EY pins Bashir in a very fast paced match.

Team 3D Tag Team Invitational Final Match: Beer Money Inc. vs The British Invasion

The British Invasion defeat Beer Money. It would be a shame to see Beer Money lose, but I feel like LAX, Beer Money, and the rest of the tag teams will go after the British Invasion.

It would be messed up if the British Invasion jumped Team 3D and didn’t win the tournament

Kevin Nash vs Samoa Joe

Joe is gonna kill Nash at sacrifice

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Knockouts Monster’s Ball: Daffney vs Taylor Wilde

I think Daffney wins and kisses Abyss. Abyss will be involved in the match outcome.

Wilde has more experience so I’ll give her the nod.

TNA Knockout Championship Match: Angelina Love (c) vs Awesome Kong

I think Love will manage to steal this one with Kip, Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky opportunity.

Awesome Bomb plus Implant Buster equals destruction and automatic death for Love.

X Division Title Match: Suicide (c) vs Daniels

I think Suicide will continue his reign as X Division Champ. I think the Guns will run out to try and rip the mask off. Once its almost off, the lights are killed and Suicide escapes.

The Motor City Machine Guns come in and attack Suicide and screw Daniels.

‘I Quit’ Legends Title Match: AJ Styles (c) vs Booker T

I see Styles winning this one. I don’t know why but I think he will win.

Booker  T’s wife tries to interfere and Jenna Morasca will try to fight Sharmell and distract Booker for a Styles win.

Ultimate Sacrifice Match for the TNA Heavyweight Title: Mick Foley (c) vs Jeff Jarrett vs Sting vs Kurt Angle
If Mick Foley gets pinned, he loses the TNA Heavyweight Title
If Kurt Angle gets pinned, he gives up leadership of The Main Event Mafia
If Sting gets pinned, he has vowed to never wrestle again
If Jeff Jarrett gets pinned, he gives up his power in TNA

I think Kurt Angle will pin Sting. This would basically end the Main Event Mafia. With Nash and Booker going at it, the only two left would be Angle and Scott Steiner.

As much as I hate to say it I think Mick Foley will pin Sting by to retain his championship.  The only way I see Sting winning this match is if he pins Mick.  I feel Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett will be come non factors when it comes down to the pin or submission.

TNA Impact Review 5/21/09

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Sorry about the non-live review. I had some issues with my TV earlier.   There should be no issues for live blogs on upcoming Impacts and Sacrifice this Sunday.

Jeff Jarrett comes out to the ring, mic in hand and heads to the ring. He says that he was reacting and he will be putting up his share of TNA management. Jarrett said he was backed in a corner and he will be the fourth man. He says that after Sunday, Mick Foley won’t have the title.

Foley comes out at the ring and says Jarrett sounded like a woman in Lethal Lockdown. He says he hates Jarrett and his father. He talks about the match and agrees to the terms. Foley says that Eric Young will face Sting, Matt Morgan will face Kurt Angle, and Jeff Jarrett vs Samoa Joe.

Jeremy Borash is with Kurt Angle and he is looking for Sting.

Lauren is with Christopher Daniels and Suicide and he says that he wants to overcome the challenges in front of him.

Lethal Consequences vs The Motor City Machine Guns vs Christopher Daniels and Suicide

Jay Lethal and Daniels start out and they trade reversals with Daniels getting the best of it. Alex Shelley tags in for Lethal and the two trade kicks. Daniels hits Blue Thunder fora two count and Shelley goes to work. Shelley tags in Chris Sabin and they use a few big double team moves and Daniels is in bad shape. Sabin hits a back breaker and a knee drop for two. Creed is in and he is taken out by Daniels. Sabin tags in Shelley and Suicide is tagged in and cleaning house. Very fast paced action ending a Lethal Combination. Shelley goes for sliced bread and Suicide counters with with a sliding head slam and hits a devastating Lung Blower for the win. This was an awesome match. Look up this one on Youtube if you can find it. 4 out of 5 stars. Continue reading