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TNA Impact Review 8/20/09

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Mike Tenay announces that Taz is the new TNA color commentator. For what seems to be the 800th time, the MEM will start the show. Kurt Angle is immediately interupted by Matt Morgan. Morgan comes out with what appears to be an axe handle. Morgan says that at Hard Justice, Angle asked for his help, but only to screw him over. Angle says that he did say all of that. Morgan asked why he interfered and if he doesn’t answer, he will start swinging. Angle says that he did say all of that and they were working together. Angle claims Morgan went into business for himself when he kicked him. Angle says he heard the ref and thought it was Morgan being pinned. Angle went to get the chair and he says he accidentally hit him instead of Sting. Morgan is absolutely livid. Angle says that they achieved what they set out to do and he will give Morgan another chance. Angle and Morgan will face Team 3D in a tables match tonight.

Morgan says Angle has lost his mind. Morgan picks up the handle and looks puzzled. Morgan says that it was obviously his fault. Morgan says he and Angle can be on the same page and thats the final blueprint for tonight’s show.

Lauren is with AJ Styles and he walks right by her.

The British Invasion vs Beer Money Inc.

Storm starts out with a chair shot on Doug Williams and a few kendo stick shots on Magnus. Storm and Roode use the trapes to beat down and choke the Brits. Roode sends Magnus into the broadcast table and Storm joins him for the Beer Money suplex. Storm chops Williams and Roode throws Magnus into the ring. Roode continues to stomp on Magnus. Williams uses  a rope to tie up Storm by his neck. Williams uses one of the straps and hits Roode in the head. The Brits bust Roode open with a trash can lid and the can itself. Williams uses a kendo stick to choke Roode and Magnus follows up with the lid. Magnus takes a garbage bag, as Storm is cut free. Storm breaks a board on Williams and hits Magnus with a trash can. Storm mounts Magnus in the corner, but Williams throws him out of the ring. Roode hits a spinebuster on Magnus and Williams is hit with a beer bottle. Beer Money hits the DWI on Magnus onto a trash can to gain the victory. Continue reading


TNA Impact Review 7/9/09

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Mick Foley comes out to the ring to start off the show. He says that life is funny, but he would like to propose that one of them step down in a decision- making capacity.

Jeff Jarrett comes out and he asks Foley if he thinks about what he says. Jarrett says that he understands that Foley wanted to revell in the glory, but in the process, he became the TNA Heavyweight Champion. Jarrett says that he put TNA in serious danger by talking to Kurt Angle. Jarrett says he wants Mick to start thinking about the future of TNA. Jarrett says they can fix the situation together. Foley says that he and Foley are even, but he says he needs to prove something to himself. He says he needs to know the win at Lockdown wasn’t a fluke.  Foley says this time he is going to do it right this time. Foley proposes Double J and Angle tonight, and the crowd likes it. Jarrett says he is going to tweak the match a little bit and make it a three- way dance on Foley. Foley then adds a special guest referee for Angle, but it can’t be a member of the MEM or Matt Morgan.

Lauren is with The British Invasion and asks about the challenge tonight for the briefcase. Brutus Magnus continues to blow smoke and that they are in TNA for the money.

Ladder Match for the X Division Briefcase: Homicide vs Doug Williams

Homicide hits a diving elbow and then a clothesline. Homicide continues to work over Williams as he grabs the ladder. Williams knocks Homicide off the ladder and throws Homicide into the same ladder. Doug Williams goes for the briefcase, but he gets knocked off into Magnus and Rob Terry. Homicide scampers up the ladder to get the brief case. Team 3D helped Homicide out, but then got beat down by The British Invasion, Sheik Abdul Bashir, and Kiyoshi. Continue reading

TNA Impact Review 6/4/09

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Lauren catches up with Shane Douglas and says that he has some things to take care of and he plans on leaving his mark.

Suicide and Christopher Daniels vs Kiyoshi and Sheik Abdul Bashir

Bashir and Daniels start of the match as Daniels gets control early. A calf kick gets a two count as Daniels tags in to Suicide. Daniels hits a gutwrench suplex and Suicide hits a top rope leg drop for a two count. Kiyoshi gets tagged in and hits a flap jack for a two count. Bashir is tagged in and the two trade shots. A scoop slam by Bashir gets a one and Kiyoshi is back in. Kiyoshi hits a couple big shots. but Suicide counters with a Tazplex. Suicide tags in Daniels and clears the ring. Bashir and Kiyoshi try a double team move, but Daniels hits a bulldog/ stunner combination. Suicide hits a big springboard crossbody.Suicide is attacked by Lethal Consequences and the Guns, taking him out of the match. Daniels hits a power move, but Shane Douglas comes in and hits Daniels with a chain. Bashir throws the ref in the ring as Kiyoshi gets the pinfall victory. It didn’t have the same pop as the opening match of weeks past, but still an ok match. 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Shane Douglas is in the middle of the ring and he says it isn’t personal, just business. He loves TNA, but he never got a second chance while Daniels did. He wants to know where is his second chance. He tells TNA management and he demands his second chance. He says that he will make Daniels’ life miserable until he gets it. Continue reading

TNA Impact Review 5/14/09

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Mick Foley heads to the ring to talk about the match at Sacrifice. He goes over each competitor is willing to give up and talks about Jeff Jarrett’s DVD. Foley says that Jarrett will not be part of Impact tonight. He says he feels responsible for his absence. He says he has another DVD with footage from Nashville. Foley says his thoughts will be on Double J.

Jeremy Borash is with the Main Event Mafia without Kurt Angle. Scott Steiner apparently is left in charge and put on the mic. They talk about what Kevin Nash did with Jenna Morasca.

JB is with Foley in his office to try and find out what’s on the DVD. Foley takes down Jarrett’s picture. Eric Young comes in and says that his shot was a tag match and he wants an opportunity tonight. EY has a match with Samoa Joe tonight.

Chris Sabin w/ Alex Shelley vs Christopher Daniels

Sabin and Daniels lock up and Sabin powers down Daniels with a shoulder block. A few quick reverses is ended with a back breaker by Daniels. Daniels fight on the top rope and it ends with Daniels getting hit by a hesitation drop kick. Daniels kicks out of two and has Shelley rake his eyes.  Sabin puts a high boot into Daniels face. Daniels counters Sabin’s jump with two knees and a huge back breaker. Daniels hits an inverted curb stomp and follows it up with and STO for a two count. Daniels goes for the Angels Wings and Shelley saves his partner by grabbing the leg. Sabin hits a springboard forearm. The two trade offensive moves as Daniels powers down Sabin and hits the BME for the win. There was a lot of action back and forth.  This was a fun match to watch and could be the best of the night. 4 out of 5 stars. Continue reading

TNA Impact Review 5/7/09

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The Main Event Mafia start off the night by walking out to the ring, as usual. Kurt Angle says that he told Mick Foley that he did everything he wanted to do last week. He says the only reason he didn’t take his job is so Foley can save his dignity. Angle will be in the main event at Sacrifice and puts up his position as the Main Event Mafia Godfather. Angle says that he is going to address a rumor. He asks Foley why would he put that kind of a match free on TV and why not tell the MEM about the match? Kurt Angle says that if the Mafia is in this 10 man tag match tonight, Foley needs to explain why.

Mick Foley comes out with Christopher Daniels. He says there will be the announced match because they need a power show. Foley says there is a difference between what happened two weeks ago and what happened last week. Angle brings up the gold medal and broken neck. Foley says it was the young guys and management that allow them to exist. Mick Foley says that he will be the Godfather of the MEM.

Jeff Jarrett and AJ Styles come out next. Jarrett says that the next decision will be made over his dead body. Foley says anything done is strictly business. Jarrett storms off and Angle asks can’t they all just get along. Continue reading

TNA Impact Review 4/23/09

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Jeff Jarrett starts off Impact with the TNA title. He is out to present the title to Mick Foley. Foley comes out to the ring and says he knows that its a great moment. He shows everyone the camera guy who got hit by Foley drop kicking the cage. He says the moment was bitter sweet. He said Sting was broken and won’t be in the ring for a while. “We want Sting” chants here as Jarrett gives Foley the title. Double J says he never thought that him and Mick would stand in the ring like this. Jarrett praises Foley and says that at Sacrifice he will face three challengers. If Foley is pinned, he loses the title. If his challengers are pinned, the challengers who are sacrificing something important to them. The one who pins the challenger gets that. Foley asks what happened to one on one. Mick Foley says he thinks Jeff is jealous. Foley announces that since he is in a match at Sacrifice, Jarrett will be in a match tonight. He announces a Cactus Jack Smack Attack, a hardcore match where Foley selects some items that you may not normally see. So it will be Scott Steiner going up against Double J and Mick Foley will be doing color commentary.

Lauren is with the Beautiful People who are celebrating Angelina Love’s win. I think my ears were bleeding during the segment.

Don West is with Team 3D and asks Brother Ray about the Tag Team Division. They say that Beer Money is the future of tag team wrestling. Brother Ray announces the Team 3D tag team tournament. Winners get a $1,000 check and a shot at the titles.

Team 3D Invitational Quarterfinal Match: Beer Money Inc. vs Lethal Consequences

Beer Money looks extremely focused. James Storm and Jay Lethal start out the match with Lethal taking control early. Consequences Creed is tagged in and he eats a right hand as Robert Roode is able to to tag in. Creed jumps over the top rope to take out Beer Money. Creed suplexes Roode into the ring. Blind tag by Storm leads to a few quick tag team moves and a couple close falls. Beer Money hits the double suplex and then does the Beer Money chant. Creed and Storm both go for cross body blocks and both struggle to make tags. Lethal comes in and hits a flurry for a two count. Lethal hits the Lethal Combination on Roode for a close two count. Beer Money hits the DWI for the three count to move on in the tournament. A very entertaining match. 4 out fo 5 stars. Continue reading

TNA Impact Review 4/16/09

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AJ Styles comes out to the ring to talk about his match and Jeff Jarret’s mistake that cost him the match. He says he wants to make sure they are on the same page come Lockdown.

Jarrett comes out to the ring. AJ says that he understands Jarrett is under a lot of pressure and he wants to know if he will be fighting on AJ’s side.  Jarrett feels insulted that he asked that question. Jarrett asks where the trust is at and says he has a lot of guts to question his loyalties. Jarrett says that AJ will see where his loyalty lies when the fourth member is revealed.

The Main Event Mafia comes out to the ring. Kurt Angle says that Kevin Nash can’t wrestle tonight because the doctor won’t clear him to wrestle. Angle says he wants Nash’s spot. AJ says they should forfeit and Angle questions Jarrett’s pull in the company. Jarrett says ok  and we have Angle vs Jarrett’s Mystery Man tonight.

Lauren is with Sheik Abdul Bashir, Kiyoshi, and Team No Limit. He just yelled into the mic, but what else is new.

Chris Sabin vs Homicide vs Naito Continue reading

TNA Impact Review 4/9/09

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The Main Event Mafia heads the ring to address TNA management. Sting gets on the mic and says he wants to talk to Jeff Jarrett. Double J is in the ring and asks Sting what he wants. Sting asks who is running the company him or Mick Foley. Sting wants some revenge on Foley for him pulling rank. Sting says that if Mick is running the show then let everyone know. Jarrett says that he runs the company. Sting says it’s only fair if he does the same thing Foley did to Sting last week. Double J asks why he is questioning his authority. Sting says he is the TNA champion and wants to use some pull. Scott Steiner gets the mic and says that he told Jarrett about this last week. Jarrett says that the road Steiner wants him to take isn’t an option.

The Motor City Machine Guns come out and everyone looks confused. Alex Shelley has a mic in his hand and says that he and Chris Sabin were playing video games in the back and their hearts go out to Sting. He also says that Foley is the boss, not Jarrett. Shelley goes on to say that he wants revenge for the humiliation he went through this week on Thanksgiving. He asks Jeff Jarrett what he thinks. Jarrett gives Sabin and Shelley the match.

Jeremy Borash is with Mick Foley to get his reaction. He says that he is in shock, and likes the match he will be in.

JB is with Foley and Jarrett. Foley says that he booked a heck of a main event and wants to “tweak” the match. JB asks Jarrett why he hasn’t been himself lately. Continue reading

TNA Impact Review 4/2/09

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This should be a good episode.

Jeff Jarrett comes to the ring to address the Lethal Lockdown match. He talks about what happened last week with Samoa Joe not wanting to be the captain of the team. He names AJ Styles to be the captain of Team TNA. Styles says thanks but no thanks. He wants on the team, but doesn’t want to be captain. Styles says that he thinks Jarrett to be the captain, and they will win. Jarrett agrees and Scott Steiner comes out. Steiner tells Jarrett that AJ is right and takes a shot at the locker room. Steiner says that Jeff Jarrett and the MEM are the same.  Steiner brings up Jill (Jarrett’s wife who recently passed away) to protect his kids. He asked Jarrett who could he trust with his girls. Styles says that Jeff can trust the rest of the roster and his heart.  AJ challenges Steiner to the Lethal Lockdown Advantage Challenge match.This leads me to believe the “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels will be the final man at Lethal Lockdown.  You heard it here first.

Jeremy Borash is with the Main Event Mafia and asks about Steiner asking Jarrett into the mafia. He says it was the plan all along. Kurt Angle says that he will apologize to Sting tonight. He says that the last thing TNA needs is another person to invest their money in the company.

Lauren is with Sheik Abdul Bashir and he says that TNA management needs to worry because the USA will fall.

Lethal Consequences and LAX vs Sheik Abdul Bashir, Kiyoshi, and Team No Limit

Bashir and Homicide will start of the match. Homicide tags in Hernandez and Super Mex goes to work. Super Mex tags in “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal and Bashir drags Lethal into his corner. Yujiro tagges in and poses to the crowd. Kiyoshi is tagged in and hits a cross body block for a two count.  Lethal tags in Consequences Creed and he has right hands for Kiyoshi. Suicide dives from Jay Lethal and Homicide. Hernandez joins them outside levaing Bashir and Creed in the ring.  Sheik Abdul Bashir hits the DDT and pins Creed. A great match that needed to go longer. 3.5 out of 5 stars.

JB is with Jarrett and Mick Foley. Jarrett says that he regrets Foley buying into TNA. He says Foley is ridiculous. Foley is off his rocker.  Jarrett says he doesn’t understand that why Foley hit Sting.  Foley says that he has a big decision.

JB is with Jim Cornette and Team 3D.  Team 3D asks Jim Cornette if he will keep his promise. Rocco and Sal tell Cornette that they want Team 3D in the ring tonight.

The Beautiful People come out and talk to Mike Tenay and Don West at the announce table. They say that Taylor Wilde will be recieving a hair cut.

Mike Tenay is sitting with Foley for an exclusive interview and asks about what happened between him and Sting. He says that something snapped inside him and he may be selling himself short. He is talking about a huge elbow from high heights. Foley says that he never thought about the championship, but the action in the Impact Zone is infectious. Foley says that why not win the title?  Foley seems out of his mind.

Abyss’ therapy session with Dr. Stevie: This is another good episode. Dr. Stevie says that he shouldn’t have used weapon. The Doomsday Chamber of Blood  match will be Abyss and Matt Morgan at Lockdown. Dr. Stevie then physically abuses Abyss. This is an interesting twist in the storyline.

TNA Roughcut with Team 3D: Another great insight into the world of Team 3D.

Rocco and Sal vs Team 3D

James Storm and Robert Roode are at the announcers table.  I smell a Beer Money Inc. face turn. Rocco and Brother Ray start off. Ray and Sal go at it and it isn’t looking good. Big Rocco goes airborne and hits a splash on Brother Ray. Rocco and Sal are taking it to Brother Ray. Brother Ray hits a Book End on Sal. Devon is tagged in and Devon is clearing house. Devon gets a two count as Rocco hits a scoop slam. Rocco goes up to the top rope, but is met by Team 3D. Sal is hit with the 3D for the three count. Roode gives them the thumbs up. Beer Money comes in and hits Rocco and Sal as they beat up on Team 3D.  Beer Money hands the IWGP tage titles to Team 3D and leave the ring. The match wasn’t that good. 2 out of 5 stars.

JB is with Foley and he sees Samoa Joe. Joe says Mick can give him the MEM.

Lauren is with Beer Money and asks what happened there. Roode says that Beer Money is serious and that at Lockdown they want Team 3D at their best. From now until Lockdown, Beer Money has Team 3D’s backs.

Kurt Angle comes out to the ring with the rest of the Main Event Mafia to apologize to Sting.  Angle says he questioned everything about Sting and spit in his face. He says that he was wrong and apologizes. Angle extends his hand and Sting says that a simple handshake isn’t going to cut it.  Sting says the Angle is the biggest spoiled rotten brat in TNA. Sting says he isn’t buying into the apology. Sting walks out of the ring as Kevin Nash grabs the mic. Nash asks him what happened to turning the other cheek. Nash says that Angle needs him and he is the only one that can make it right.

Foley’s music hits as he appears up in the rafters. He says he has been getting acquainted with an old friend. By old friend, he means a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. He says that to make sure Sting is ready for Lockdown, Sting will have to face Samoa Joe.

Dr. Stevie is now with the Governor: This was slightly odd with the Governor becoming Daffney again.  This is going to be interesting with Daffney returning to her old self.

Madison Rayne w/ Angelina Love and Velvet Sky vs Taylor Wilde

The Beautiful People push Wilde in the ring and Rayne drops her across the rope. Wilde hits a calf kick for a two count. Madison Rayne counters with a few knee strikes and a swinging neck breaker. Bridging suplex by Wilde gets a two count.  Wilde with an interesting roll up and gets the pin.  The Beautiful People try to cut Wilde’s hair but she escapes.  The Beautiful People then tell Rayne to go after her. A very good Knockout match. 3 out of 5 stars.

We come out of commercial with The Beautiful People cutting Wilde’s hair. AJ Styles and Scott Steiner are on their way to the ring.

Lauren is with Jenna Morasca and asks about what Kurt said. Nash comes out and says that Angle said she was the hotest thing he’s ever seen and they walk out.

Lethal Lockdown Advantage Challenge match: AJ Styles vs Scott Steiner

Steiner uses the power game and knocks Styles with a shoulder block. AJ counters a whip into the corner with a reverse atomic drop and a clothesline. After a slew of hay makers, Steiner hits a scoop slam.  Stiener goes for a scoop slam, but as AJ is countering, Stiener hits him with a low blow.

We come out of commercial with AJ and Steiner down. Styles and Steinergoe shot for shot, leading to a bridging suplex for a two count. Styles went for a huracanrana, but Steiner countered into a powerbomb for a two count. AJ hits a back breaker and goes for the flying forearm, but the ref was in the way. Angle slides in a chair and Steiner swings at him, but AJ Styles hits the Pele. Jarrett goes after Angle, Jarret grabs the chair from Styles. Stiener plants AJ’s face on the chair and earns the three count. The MEM have a 1-0 advantage. A very good match that had me guessing. 4 out of 5 stars.

JB is with Sting and asks about his match with Samoa Joe tonight. Sting says the win, lose, or draw, he will survive and next week Foley will pay.

Sting vs Samoa Joe

Joe runs into the ring and goes right after Sting. A lot of back and forth action but Joe gets the better of it and throws the ref. Joe hits the Muscle Buster on Sting and then uses the choke. Booker T comes in, and Joe drills him.  Joe goes for the chair and slides it into the ring. Sharmell is begging Joe to stop, but he takes Sharmell out of the Impact Zone. A great spot but not a match.

Overall Promo Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

Best Match: AJ Styles vs Scott Steiner

Worst Match: Team 3D vs MEM Security (Rocco and Sal)

Overall Rating:3.3 out of 5 stars.

TNA Impact Review 3/26/09

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I am so excited for this 20 man Gauntlet match. The only issue I can see is that there is so much action I won’t be able to type as fast as the action is going. I will do my best though.

Jim Cornette is in the ring and says that Sting will take on Mick Foley will be for the TNA World Heavyweight Title. The rules of Lethal Lockdown are explained with the first two combatants having 5 minutes in the cage. Each wrestler will then come in every two minutes, alternating teams.

The Main Event Mafia come in on their own showing the disrespect to the rest of the locker room. Cornette says he assumes Kurt Angle has a question. Kurt asks why do they think everyone will get the same opportunity in the match. He says he has been elected team captain and the MEM will be a team. Kurt goes on to say that no one can stop the Main Event Mafia and there is nothing anyone can do to stop them.

Jeff Jarrett comes out and says he will be in the match tonight. He promises that Angle won’t be a captain. Jarrett throws a right hand at Angle and then all of the wrestlers break up the brawl.

Jeremy Borash is with the Main Event Mafia. Jenna Morasca was being escorted out by Kevin Nash. Angle says that Jarrett won’t make it to the match tonight and is going to go after him with a lead pipe.

TNA X Division Title Match: Suicide (c) vs Kiyoshi w/ Team No Limit

Kiyoshi hits a spinning kick and follows it up with a swinging neck breaker. Kiyoshi follows up with a fore arm strike and continues the offense. Kiyoshi throws Suicide out of the ring and Team No Limit takes him out. Suicide is being outsmarted and outpowered thus far in the match. Kiyoshi tries to hit the splash from the top rope and misses. Suicide connects on a couple kicks and a DDT for a two count. Suicide hits some knees and sends him into Yujiro. Suicide hits his finisher, the Suicide Solution, for the three count. A very good match and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kiyoshi at Lockdown. 3 out of 5 stars.

Angle is in the hall heading to Jarrett’s office as we go to commercial.

Angle gets to the door where he is met by the rest of the locker room to make sure that Angle didn’t get through.

Lauren is with The Beautiful People and Madison Rayne. Angelina Love is happy heard the comment about Awesome Kong and they want the title. Velvet Sky said she passed the test last week, but now she has to rip Kong’s braids. I would like to see her try.

TNA Rough Cut with Brother Ray: He goes through his journey about how he got into the business.

Beer Money Inc. and Team 3D montage is pretty cool.

Mike Tenay is with both teams. Team 3D says how they love Philadelphia and they will walk out the champs. James Storm says that they will be the biggest team ever after the beat Team 3D. Robert Roode says that this is the most important match they have ever had. That will be an awesome match.

Lauren is with Sting and asks about the match and the face to face with him tonight. Sting says he has no idea what to say to him and he hasn’t done much that is logical. He says that if he decides to come armed, then Sting will too.

Lauren is with Mick Foley for his response to Sting. Foley will apologize to Sting. He seems relatively sincere….but it is Mick Foley so who knows.

Awesome Kong (c) and Raisha Saeed vs The Beautiful People w/ Madison Rayne

Velvet Sky and Raisha Saeed are in and Sky is in control early. Velvet Sky tags in Angelina Love and she calls out Awesome Kong. Can anyone say death wish? Kong just starts beating down Love. Velvet Sky receives a choke slam and Kong tags in Saeed. I will admit it I am pleasantly surprised by The Beautiful People and their wrestling skills. Raisha Saeed tries to gain some momentum. Angelina Love hits the Lights Out on Raisha Saeed for the three count. Kong takes out The Beautiful People and Madison Rayne before the hair cut can begin. I was very impressed by The Beautiful People and Awesome Kong. Raisha Saeed hurt this match because she didn’t look too good this week. 2 out of 5 stars. This would have been higher but Saeed killed the match for the other three.

Sting comes out to the ring for the confrontation with bat in hand. Sting calls Foley out to the ring and explain what is going on if he can. Foley comes out to the ring and he says that he doesn’t blame him for being angry. Foley says that it was a misunderstanding. He said that he was under the impression that he was saving Jarrett. This gets a ton of boos from the fans. Sting says it isn’t funny and that he was trying to protect him. Sting says he has left everything in the ring for the wrestlers and for the fans. Sting says that he did what he did out of respect and he is starting to lose it. Foley says that he doesn’t need pity and that the second he hit Sting the tables have turned. He says they aren’t talking about the other show (Wrestlemania for those not sure), the fans are talking about Lockdown. Foley says that they will be making history and he still has something in him. The crowd was noticeably split between Sting and Foley.

Abyss and AJ Styles are heading to the ring and will be the first two in the Gauntlet match.

20 Man Six Sides of Steel Gauntlet Match

I will do my best to keep up.

Entrants: Abyss, AJ Styles, Alex Shelley, “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal, Chris Sabin, Matt Morgan, Homicide, Scott Steiner, Consequences Creed, Rhino, Jeff Jarrett, Naito, Kurt Angle, Shane Sewell, Sheik Abdul Bashir, Booker T, Yujiro, “Showtime” Eric Young, Hernandez, Jeff Jarret (since he didn’t truely enter the match before), Samoa Joe

Eliminations: Matt Morgan, Homicide, Alex Shelley, Consequences Creed, Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal, Naito, Shane Sewell, AJ Styles, Booker T, Sheik Abdul Bashir, Abyss, Eric Young, Yujiro, Rhino, Hernandez, Steiner, Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle,

Abyss and AJ Styles are the first two entrants and they do have history. Styles goes after Abyss legs but Abyss is just too powerful. Abyss is in control as Styles’ punches aren’t doing much to the monster. Abyss hits Shock Treatment on AJ as Shelley comes out. Abyss powers down Shelley and Styles hits the forearm shot on Abyss. AJ starts to try to go after Alex Shelley. AJ regains control as Jay Lethal comes in. Jay Lethal is now going after Shelley and they trade shots going back and forth in opposite corners as we go to commercial.

Coming back out of commercial, We are told that Sabin came out and then Matt Morgan came out and he cleans house. Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam on Matt Morgan for the three count. Homicide then comes in and hits a series of suplexes and is in control. Everyone is fighting and exhausted as Scott Steiner comes out and takes out everyone as we go to commercial.

Coming out of commercial number 2, Consequences Creed enters as Homicide is eliminated. Lethal Consequences is working together as Rhino comes out. Rhino goes right after Scott Steiner, but no surprise there. Jeff Jarrett comes out, but Angle cuts him off to take him out. Angle grabs a chair and hits Jarrett’s arm. Naito of Team No limit comes into the cage next and hits a beautiful drop kick on Creed. Jarrett appears to have broken his arm. Naito is up on the top rope and misses the twisting Moonsault. Lethal hits the Lethal Combination on Alex Shelley and eliminates him. Angle comes in and makes Creed tap out and the follows with an Olympic slam on Chris Sabin and Jay Lethal, eliminating all three.

Coming out of the third commercial break, Naito was eliminated and Shane Sewell is in. Kurt Angle hits an Olympic slam on Sewell and eliminates him as Sheik Abdul Bashir comes out. AJ rolls Angle up for a two count. Sheki Abdul Bashir earns a two count as well.  Booker T is the next competitor to come out. Booker comes in and goes right after AJ Styles. Booker T hits the Book End on AJ Styles for the three count. Rhino then follows up with a Gore and a three count on Booker T. The next entrant is Yujiro of Team No Limit. Angle hits another Olympic Slam on Bashir and eliminates him just as “Showtime” Eric Young comes in.  Abyss is pinned by Kurt Angle and Scott Steiner to eliminate him. EY takes an Olympic slam and pins Eric Young for the three count. Rhino eliminates the Yujiro and Angle eliminates Rhino.  Hernandez comes out and now has to deal with Angle and Steiner. Super Mex is taking out Angle and Steiner. Hernandez is hit with another Olympic slam and eliminates him. Jarrett gets back into the ring since he didn’t get into the match intially. Jarrett rolls up Angle for a two count. Jarrett hits Steiner with The Stroke and pins him for a three count. Jarrett hits the stroke but the count is broken up by Steiner. Kurt Angle elminates Jeff Jarrett as Samoa Joe gets into the ring. Joe is hit with an Olympic slam but it doesn’t phase Joe. Samoa Joe hits the Muscle Buster and gets the pinfall. Joe and Angle will be the two captains at Lockdown. Incredible match period. The best match I have ever seen on Impact. 5 out of 5 stars.

JB is with Angle and he is obviously upset. He says Jeff Jarrett was eliminated multiple times.  He says that the MEM made a mistake and didn’t end Joe’s career.

Jim Cornette is being harassed by Don West about the whole Jarrett thing.

Samoa Joe says he is only interested in torturing the Main Event Mafia, and he will be bringing his knife to Lethal Lockdown.

Overall Promo: 4 out of 5. This was the best promo Impact I have seen in a while.

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Best Match: 20 Man Gauntlet

Worst Match: Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed vs The Beautiful People