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Matt Morgan/TNA Update

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Matt Morgan and TNA have agreed to a 5 year contract. AJ Styles is also in talks with the company, and it seems like he will be signing soon as well.

TNA Impact Preview 10/1/09

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Just as a reminder, I have a show at the Shuman Theater in Philadelphia tonight at 9 so I will not be able to cover tonight’s episode of TNA Impact. I will try to have my roommate tape it but I don’t know if he will remember.

Here are the announced matches for tonight’s episode of Impact:

Battle of the Playboy Models: Christy Hemme vs Traci Brooks

Kurt Angle vs Hernandez

Ladder Match to be the Number One Contender for the X Division Championship: Amazing Red vs Kiyoshi vs Sheik Abdul Bashir vs Consequences Creed vs Jay Lethal

If I am not mistaken, Lacey Von Erich should be making an appearance.

My Predictions:

Hemme defeats Brooks

Hernandez defeats Angle. Matt Morgan will be involved somehow.

Amazing Red climb the ladder to take the win. I think this could have the potential for Impact match of the year.


Lilian Garcia Update

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Former WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia announced on her Twitter account that she got married. Congratulations to her and good luck in her future endeavors.

I will be posting the latest TNA web match later.

450 Splash Update

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Unfortunately, I will not be able to cover this thursday’s episode of TNA Impact. I am in a sketch/improv comedy troop and we have a show in Philadelphia that night. I will be posting a preview and results, but due to Spike not replaying the show next week, I will not be reviewing it. For anyone in the area who is free that night, I strongly urge them to come out to the show and come see me in action.

If anyone is curious as to where to go and how to meet me, send me an email at saying you would like info on the show. We are known as of right now as The Uncensored Maniacs (though the name is subject to change). To give you a little preview about what you might see at the show, I have attached 2 videoes of us playing the improv game “World’s Worst” and a Pokemon sketch that yours truely wrote.

I MUST stress that this video is uncensored and may be offensive to some. So, only mature audiences should view the video. I will put it on you to be able to decide if you should watch. BTW, I am in the Italia shirt.

TNA/Von Erich and Colt Cabana, Bret Hart/WWE News

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TNA has signed 23 year old Lacey Von Erich. The daughter of the late Kerry Von Erich will debut as the new member of The Beautiful People. She will be debuting in the upcomming weeks of Impact.

Former TNA and WWE superstar Colt Cabana (Scotty Goldman) had a tryout match recently as a dark match before an Impact taping. Cabana wrestled Puma in the dark match and it appears that both wrestlers are looking to get back into TNA. No word has been given on how management felt about the match.

In WWE news, Bret “The Hitman” Hart has stated that he is no longer against the idea of returning to the company. This would be his first appearance in the WWF/E since the Montreal Screwjob in 1997. The Montreal Screwjob finish at Breaking Point could have been a way to introduce Hart back into the company.

Two TNA Firings

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BG James and Jim Cornette were both released from TNA today. Not too much is known about either release, but if I had to take a guess, it would be to limit Jeff Jarrett’s pull when he returns. BG James has been with the company almost the entire time. Jim Cornette joined as the face of TNA Management in 2006.

Kurt Angle/Court Update

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This is came in from wrestlinginc:

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle was found not guilty of all charges including sexual harassment and driving with a suspended license, coming from a stalking allegation involving TNA Knockout and ex-girlfriend Trenesha Biggers (Rhaka Khan).

Jeff Hardy Arrested

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Former WWE and TNA superstar Jeff Hardy was arrested on drug traffiking charges earlier today. His residence was searched and anabolic steroids, prescription pills and a “residual amount”of cocaine.

This could turn into a bigger story. Keep it here and I’ll keep everyone posted on the developments.

Kennedy Update

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Former WWE superstar Ken Kennedy is a free agent and able to sign with whomever he wants.

New TNA Webmatch

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Shark Boy takes on Consequences Creed in the latest TNA web match. This wasn’t the cleanest match I have seen, but minus a botch, it certainly isn’t the worst. I have been high on Creed and Sharky for a while now and I really would like to see them on some kind of team to take on World Elite.

Video from TNAWrestling’s Youtube Channel.

In other news, AJ Styles will be on MTV’s Made tonight to mentor a girl who wants to be a pro wrestler. That is definitely something to check out.