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Two TNA Firings

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BG James and Jim Cornette were both released from TNA today. Not too much is known about either release, but if I had to take a guess, it would be to limit Jeff Jarrett’s pull when he returns. BG James has been with the company almost the entire time. Jim Cornette joined as the face of TNA Management in 2006.


WWE, ROH, and TNA News

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Maryse will undergo surgery to repair a dislocated knee cap. She injured the knee cap last winter, but was able to avoid surgery until now.

Chris Masters made his return to RAW this Monday night in the beat the clock challenge against MVP. The two battled to a double count out, but a rivalry might have just started.

The main event at SummerSlam will be John Cena vs Randy Orton for the thousandth time.


Nigel McGuinness was injured Friday night during a match with Jerry Lynn. He was recieving a Cradle Piledriver, but slipped out of the hold. There is no heat on Lynn for the miscue.


AJ Styles suffered a staph infection in his leg earlier this week. Jeremy Borash said on his Twitter page that Styles was ok minus the hole in his leg. He isn’t expected to miss any ring time.

Former WWE star Elijah Burke has signed with TNA.

WrestlingInc has a very interesting article up by Tim Brown on how some of the creative team members will be affected with Jeff Jarrett’s absence. One interesting addition to the article is former TNA and current ECW champion Christian.

TNA Impact’s 200th episode is tonight on Spike TV. My preview will be up later today.

In the latest TNA web match, Lethal Consequences takes on The Motor City Machine Guns. This was another good match for both teams.

Video from TNAwrestling’s Youtube Channel

Jarrett/Angle Controversy

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Credit: PW Insider

Someone who claimed to be an employee of TNA called into the Bubba the Love Sponge radio show. The employee claimed that Jeff Jarrett and Karen Angle (Kurt’s estranged wife) are living together in Jarrett’s home in Nashville. There were rumors of those two to be romantically involved and Dixie Carter, the president of the company, who was so upset at the situation that she removed him from the TV tapings and gave him “time off”.

I can confirm through this report that Jeff Jarrett and Karen Angle are in fact romantically involved and are currently living together. They had been dating since the Jarrett/Angle feud this year. Jarrett is the one who asked for time off because the Angle’s custody battle of their two kids has been heating up. Jarrett and Kurt Angle were able to co-exist before the custody battle got heated.

Another interesting issue that came up from this controversy is that Kurt Angle wanted creative control of the company or he would not sign a new contract. This hasn’t been confirmed by the olympic gold medalist, but TNA has responded by stating that they have no plans to change the creative team right now.

*No Shocker Spoiler: Because of his removal, the Jarrett/Eric Young storyline is off. Also, people inside the company want to know who aired the dirty laundry on the show.

Controversy in TNA

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There is some rumors going around involving TNA, Kurt Angle, Karen Angle and Jeff Jarrett. The full story will be posted tomorrow. This story could be pretty juicy.

TNA Impact Review 7/16/09

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Mick Foley comes out to the ring to start another episode of TNA Impact. He says that he feels naked without the title on his shoulder. Foley says he will do everything possible to get it back there. He says that if Angle gets the title, it will go a certain way and same goes with Foley winning the title. Foley calls out Kurt Angle and he comes out to the ring. Foley says he admits that it hurt losing the title, but he knew Angle was going to play with his mind. Foley says he was wrapped up in barbed wire, but once he put on the ankle lock, Eric Young screwed him. Foley tells Angle that he has only quit once in his career, and that wasn’t real. Foley says he thinks he can be better than he has ever been and that he will not tap out. Foley asks for the match to be one on one with no interference PERIOD.

Angle says that he shows no compassion and that its about survival in this business. He says the Foley worked through pain, and the young stars don’t know how to do that. Sting comes out and says that the same garbage was fed to him to join the MEM. Sting says he will beat Joe and his handler throughout the arena. Sting asks for a match with Angle. Foley goes to talk, but Angle cuts him off and says yes and it will be a cage match.

Samoa Joe is beating up Red backstage and brings him out to the ring. Joe hits a clothesline and turns Red inside out. Red is then rolled into the ring and Joe continues to stomp Red. Red is then hit with the muscle buster and starts eating a ton of right hands. Security comes out and Joe goes to the back.

Lauren is with the new Knockout Sarita and she says that she hasn’t faced Alyssa Flash, but will do her best tonight.

Jeremy Borash is with Kurt Angle and he asks what he was thinking about agreeing to a match tonight. Angle says he wants to prove to the world that he is the real icon. Angle says the future of TNA relies on what happens at Victory Road.

Suicide vs Chris Sabin w/ Alex Shelley

Both men trade arm drags and Suicide locks in an arm lock. Sabin tries to drag Suicide out of the lock, but Suicide holds on to maintain control. Suicide gets a kick in the gut and a drop kick is hit. Sabin then gets caught on the second rope to take off the mask. Shelley kicks Suicide, but kicks out at two. Suicide lands a few shots and hits a side Russian leg sweep then hits a slingshot cutter for a two count. Sabin counters the Suicide Solution with an ensiguri, but is hit with a tumbling Samoan Drop.  Shelley hits a top rope assisted swinging neck breaker. Sabin puts Suicide in the tree of woe for the hesitation drop kick, but its countered into the Suicide solution for the win.

After the match, the Guns use a chair to take out Suicide with a springboard leg drop. Homicide comes out and chases the Guns out of the ring. Homicide cashes in his title shot and covers for a two count.  Homicide hits the Gringo Killa and pins Suicide to win the X Division Title. Continue reading

TNA Impact Review 7/9/09

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Mick Foley comes out to the ring to start off the show. He says that life is funny, but he would like to propose that one of them step down in a decision- making capacity.

Jeff Jarrett comes out and he asks Foley if he thinks about what he says. Jarrett says that he understands that Foley wanted to revell in the glory, but in the process, he became the TNA Heavyweight Champion. Jarrett says that he put TNA in serious danger by talking to Kurt Angle. Jarrett says he wants Mick to start thinking about the future of TNA. Jarrett says they can fix the situation together. Foley says that he and Foley are even, but he says he needs to prove something to himself. He says he needs to know the win at Lockdown wasn’t a fluke.  Foley says this time he is going to do it right this time. Foley proposes Double J and Angle tonight, and the crowd likes it. Jarrett says he is going to tweak the match a little bit and make it a three- way dance on Foley. Foley then adds a special guest referee for Angle, but it can’t be a member of the MEM or Matt Morgan.

Lauren is with The British Invasion and asks about the challenge tonight for the briefcase. Brutus Magnus continues to blow smoke and that they are in TNA for the money.

Ladder Match for the X Division Briefcase: Homicide vs Doug Williams

Homicide hits a diving elbow and then a clothesline. Homicide continues to work over Williams as he grabs the ladder. Williams knocks Homicide off the ladder and throws Homicide into the same ladder. Doug Williams goes for the briefcase, but he gets knocked off into Magnus and Rob Terry. Homicide scampers up the ladder to get the brief case. Team 3D helped Homicide out, but then got beat down by The British Invasion, Sheik Abdul Bashir, and Kiyoshi. Continue reading

Three Way Match

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Kurt Angle vs Mick Foley vs Jeff Jarrett (Special Guest Referee: Eric Young)

Jarrett and Foley slowly move in on Angle and start to land shots on the former Olympian. Jarrett hits a suplex and Angle is dragged across the ropes by Foley. Jarrett lands some right hands and EY pulls him down from the corner. Foley hits Angle with a clothesline and  send Angle into the rail. Foley throws Angle into the rail again, and Jarrett hits the Stroke on Foley, sending him into the steel steps.

Coming out of the commercial, Angle is working over Jarrett as Foley is attacked outside the ring by Scott Steiner. Jarrett lands a couple  of clotheslines and a DDT for a two count. Angle goes for the Angle Slam, but it is reversed into the Stroke, but its broken up by two in the slowest count ever. Jarrett grabs the guitar and goes to hit EY with it but he bails. Angle hits the Angle Slam for two, but Jarrett uses the Figure Four. Kurt Angle locked in the ankle lock and even though Foley never tapped out, EY calls for the bell.

After the match,Jarrett goes off on EY and starts to beat him down. Foley goes for the Mandible Claw on Angle, but the MEM come out to take out Foley. Foley is put into a barbed wire straight jacket as Foley’s security comes out, only to suffer a similar fate.

New Spin Cycle

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For those of you who don’t know, Spin Cycle is a web show from TNA staring Jeremy Borash. JB has some TNA superstars on and they discuss topics from wrestling to pop culture and more. It is a pretty interesting show and it gives you an inside look into various TNA superstars thoughts. I liked this episode so much that I thought I would share it.

Video from TNAwrestling’s Youtube Channel.

TNA Impact Review 7/2/09

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The Main Event Mafia come out to start the show. Kurt Angle says that Mick Foley can’t run or hide, so he needs to face him in the ring. Foley tries to explain himself, but Angle cuts him off. Kurt Angle asks why Foley went against his word? Angle says he is the most dominant man in TNA and says that its time to pay the price. Foley says to leave him alone, but Angle says he can’t do that. Foley sends Rocco and Sal to protect him, but Scott Steiner takes care of them quickly. Foley asks out of respect for him to leave enough for him to be able to recover for Victory Road. Angle gives him a choice as to who will beat him down tonight. Foley picks and then throws a right hand at Angle. The MEM continues to beat down Foley until Double J comes out and scares them off.  Jarrett then hits Foley with the guitar in a shocking turn of events.

Jeremy Borash is with Jeff Jarrett and he says that there is no chance that they can resolve their differences.

Mike Tenay is with Kevin Nash and they talk about him and Scott Hall’s jump to WCW, and from there it changed from fun to all about the money and the business.

Abyss is shown backstage looking for Dr. Stevie. He says that he would never hurt Lauren, but he is sick. Lauren pleads with him to know avail and she is visible shaken.

Cody Deaner w/ ODB vs The Amazing Red

Red starts off landing a few kicks and then puts in an arm lock.  Deaner reverses the arm lock, only to be hit with a few arm drags and a huracanrana. Red hits a corkscrew plancha onto Deaner and then throws him into the ring. Red uses a role up for a two count and  then lands a few more kicks. Deaner knocks Red down and earns a two count. Deaner puts Red in the corner and starts throwing right hands. Deaner hits a scoop slam and a fist drop for a two count. Deaner slams Red’s head into the top turnbuckle, only for Red to counter a whip and hit a kick for two. Red gets caught on the top rope and Dean climbs to the top rope. Deaner goes for a diving head butt, and Red hits the Red Eye for the three count. Continue reading

TNA Heavyweight Title Tag Match

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Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles and Jeff Jarrett (If Styles or Jarrett win the match, that person will be the TNA Heavyweight Champion.)

Jarrett and Angle start the match and both men struggle for momentum early on. Angle lands a European uppercut and goes for a hip toss, only to have on hit on him. Double J lands a clothesline and tags in AJ Styles. Angle tags in Joe and Joe takes out Styles legs, and then gets hit with a drop kick. Angle is sent out of the ring after trying to interfere, and Joe gets taken out by both Styles and Jarrett as they go to commercial break.

Coming out of the break, Styles is down and Angle is in. Angle stomps on Styles legs and lands an elbow drop.  Angle then picks up AJ and throws right hands. Styles lands a few right hands and hits an ensiguri, sending both men to the mat. Joe knocks Jarrett off the apron, which doesn’t allow Styles to tag out. AJ hits a springboard reverse DDT/ DDT combo on Joe and Angle. Styles hits the Pele as Joe went for the Cochina clutch.  Jarrett is tagged in and he hits a double arm DDT on Angle. Angle goes for the Angle Slam and hits a tornado DDT for two.  Double J goes for the Stroke, but Joe catches him. Joe goes for the Muscle Buster, but is hit with the flying fore arm from Styles taking out the ref too. Angle locks in the ankle lock on Jarrett and goes for the tag on Styles, only to have Joe knock Styles off the apron. Jarrett is in the middle of the ring and is out cold from the ankle lock. That gives Angle the win and the Mafia comes out to celebrate.