TNA Impact Review 4/23/09

Jeff Jarrett starts off Impact with the TNA title. He is out to present the title to Mick Foley. Foley comes out to the ring and says he knows that its a great moment. He shows everyone the camera guy who got hit by Foley drop kicking the cage. He says the moment was bitter sweet. He said Sting was broken and won’t be in the ring for a while. “We want Sting” chants here as Jarrett gives Foley the title. Double J says he never thought that him and Mick would stand in the ring like this. Jarrett praises Foley and says that at Sacrifice he will face three challengers. If Foley is pinned, he loses the title. If his challengers are pinned, the challengers who are sacrificing something important to them. The one who pins the challenger gets that. Foley asks what happened to one on one. Mick Foley says he thinks Jeff is jealous. Foley announces that since he is in a match at Sacrifice, Jarrett will be in a match tonight. He announces a Cactus Jack Smack Attack, a hardcore match where Foley selects some items that you may not normally see. So it will be Scott Steiner going up against Double J and Mick Foley will be doing color commentary.

Lauren is with the Beautiful People who are celebrating Angelina Love’s win. I think my ears were bleeding during the segment.

Don West is with Team 3D and asks Brother Ray about the Tag Team Division. They say that Beer Money is the future of tag team wrestling. Brother Ray announces the Team 3D tag team tournament. Winners get a $1,000 check and a shot at the titles.

Team 3D Invitational Quarterfinal Match: Beer Money Inc. vs Lethal Consequences

Beer Money looks extremely focused. James Storm and Jay Lethal start out the match with Lethal taking control early. Consequences Creed is tagged in and he eats a right hand as Robert Roode is able to to tag in. Creed jumps over the top rope to take out Beer Money. Creed suplexes Roode into the ring. Blind tag by Storm leads to a few quick tag team moves and a couple close falls. Beer Money hits the double suplex and then does the Beer Money chant. Creed and Storm both go for cross body blocks and both struggle to make tags. Lethal comes in and hits a flurry for a two count. Lethal hits the Lethal Combination on Roode for a close two count. Beer Money hits the DWI for the three count to move on in the tournament. A very entertaining match. 4 out fo 5 stars.

Jeremy Borash is with the Main Event Mafia. Kurt Angle says they beat themselves at Lockdown. Steiner says it is his fault and he will treat Jarrett like a punk tonight. Angle says he doesn’t want to be Jarrett at this point.

JB is with Jarrett and asks him about his comments on Scott Steiner. He said it was a business decision. Eric Young runs in and says he wants a shot at a title match. Jarrett says that there is a lunatic as TNA champ. EY wants a shot and says that Jethro Holiday’s tag partner won’t make it. So he will be with Holiday in the tournament.

A video is shown with Foley returning home from Philadelphia.

Lauren is with Kevin Nash and asks about AJ Styles. The women go off at each other. Booker backs Sharmell and Jenna backs Nash. Sharmell is insane

Another video of Foley walking around with the Title.

JB is with Jarrett again and gets interrupted by Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles thanking him for Lockdown.

Knockout Ladder Match: Taylor Wilde vs Sojourner Bolt

Both women climb the ladder and trade shots with Taylor Wilde getting the upper hand early. Sojo sets up the ladder in the corner. Wilde reverses the whip and then starts climbing. Sojo hits a backdrop off the ladder. Wilde hits an electric chair drop as Sojo takes out brass knuckles as both go to the contract. Sojo grabbed the contract after hitting Wilde with brass knuckles. This wasn’t a great match. I wanted to like the match, but the ending left a lot to be desired. 1.5 out of 5 stars.

JB is interrupted again with Slick Johnson. Double J is pulled away because one of his kids called.

Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne are in the ring. Angelina Love comes to the ring as the new TNA Knockout champion. She poses and Sky says congrats as Love grabs the mic and thanks all of her fans for her support. Love takes a couple of cheap shots at the fans. They bring out some dancing men and they start stripping. Awesome Kong comes out and interrupts the celebration…Thank God. Kong comes to the ring and scares the Beautiful People off. She grabs one of the guys and hits an Awesome bomb on him.

Video number three of Foley.

TNA Legends Title Match: AJ Styles (c) vs Kevin Nash

Nash starts off in control using the power game he is known for. AJ hits a basement drop kick and follows it up with a few shots on Nash’s knee. Nash hits an elbow and knocks AJ off the top rope. Nash follows it up throwing him into the apron and hits a side slam for a near fall. Short arm clothesline earns Nash another two count. AJ starts fighting back but runs into a knee. AJ hits Big Sexy with a flying forearm and a drop kick for a two count. Nash went for a chokeslam but AJ counters into a Pele for another two count. AJ goes for a springboard 450 splash but misses as Booker T goes to the ring. Booker T hits AJ with an axe kick and Nash goes for a Jack Knife Powerbomb. Referee Rudy Charles grabs AJ and disqualifies Nash because of the interference. This was very good match. Honestly, Nash looked really good. 4 out of 5 stars.

Kurt Angle is trying to play peace maker in the MEM.

Team 3D Invitational Quarterfinal Match: Team No Limit w/ Sheik Abdul Bashir and Kiyoshi vs Jethro Holiday and Eric Young

Eric Young and Yujiro start off the match and trade shots. EY tags in Holiday and he goes to work. Holiday earns a two count. Another two count for Holiday after a full nelson slam. Team No Limit hits some double team moves, and then leave Holiday in with Naito. Naito puts in a reverse chin lock and follows it up with an elbow. Yujiro tags in and slams Holiday. Yujiro gets a boot to the face and EY is tagged in. After some clotheslines, EY hits a spining slam for a two count. Yujiro takes out Bashir and EY takes out Kiyoshi. Eric Young uses a crucifix pin on Yujiro to gain the victory. This was a very good match as well. 3 out of 5.

Lauren is with AJ and they talk about the match. AJ sees Samoa Joe and says that he hasn’t made any contact and that he and AJ aren’t friends. There is only Joe’s nation of violence.

Lauren and Abyss with Dr. Stevie: Lauren is going off on Stevie Richards. He gets up to her and asks about compassion for him. This is mildly creepy and Abyss looks like a baby right now and it was just interesting.

Mike Tenay is with Christopher Daniels asking about everything from his relationship with AJ and being in TNA in the beginning. This was a great in depth interview and eye opening.

Mick Foley joins Mike Tenay and Don West at ringside to do commentary for the main event.

Mick Foley is with some fans interacting at an airport. This was actually kind of funny.

Cactus Jack Smack Attack Match: Scott Steiner vs Jeff Jarrett

Jarrett starts off with a reverse atomic drop then follows up with a few kendo stick shots. He uses a walker, a dead end sign, and crutch. Scott Steiner counters with a Santa Clause and a suplex onto a trash can.

Coming out of commercial, Jarrett gets control and sends Steiner into the chair and a trash can lid. He hits a double arm DDT on a trash can for a two count. Scott Steiner grabs a trash can lid. Trash can shot to Steiner, but he sends Double J into the chair head first. Steiner Recliner attempted but its countered into the Stroke for a two count. Double J is hit with a trash can and then is hit with a Samoan Drop off the top rope for a two count. Steiner Recliner is in and Double J gets to the ropes. Jarrett hits Steiner with the guitar and followed it up with a stroke for the three count. Angle slides into the ring, hits an Angle slam on Jarrett and then uses an Ankle Lock. Foley hits Angle with a chair shot and then hits Jarrett with a chair shot of his own. Good Match with a ton of spots. 3 out of 5 stars. I enjoyed the use of Santa the best.

Daniels and Styles are in the ring checking on Jarrett. Jarrett tells Foley that he has made decisions and says he knew Foley is a nut job. Bobby Lashley’s music hit and Angle is all smiles.

Overall Promo Rating: 3 out of 5

Best Match: Tie: Beer Money vs Lethal Consequences and AJ Styles vs Kevin Nash

Worst Match: Knockout Ladder Match: Taylor Wilde vs Sojo Bolt

Overall Rating: 3.1 out of 5 stars


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