TNA Impact Review 4/9/09

The Main Event Mafia heads the ring to address TNA management. Sting gets on the mic and says he wants to talk to Jeff Jarrett. Double J is in the ring and asks Sting what he wants. Sting asks who is running the company him or Mick Foley. Sting wants some revenge on Foley for him pulling rank. Sting says that if Mick is running the show then let everyone know. Jarrett says that he runs the company. Sting says it’s only fair if he does the same thing Foley did to Sting last week. Double J asks why he is questioning his authority. Sting says he is the TNA champion and wants to use some pull. Scott Steiner gets the mic and says that he told Jarrett about this last week. Jarrett says that the road Steiner wants him to take isn’t an option.

The Motor City Machine Guns come out and everyone looks confused. Alex Shelley has a mic in his hand and says that he and Chris Sabin were playing video games in the back and their hearts go out to Sting. He also says that Foley is the boss, not Jarrett. Shelley goes on to say that he wants revenge for the humiliation he went through this week on Thanksgiving. He asks Jeff Jarrett what he thinks. Jarrett gives Sabin and Shelley the match.

Jeremy Borash is with Mick Foley to get his reaction. He says that he is in shock, and likes the match he will be in.

JB is with Foley and Jarrett. Foley says that he booked a heck of a main event and wants to “tweak” the match. JB asks Jarrett why he hasn’t been himself lately.

Suicide vs Sheik Abdul Bashir w/ Kiyoshi and Team No Limit

The two lock up as Suicide starts off in control. “Fallen Angel” chants are heard throughout the arena. Suicide is really taking it to Bashir as he hits a big leg drop. Bashir pushes Suicide out of the ring where Team No Limit beats the masked man down. Bashir hits a few moves which leads to a near fall. Bashir hits a back drop and heads to the top rope. Suicide catches him and takes control. Bashir hits a Jig n’ Tonic for a two count. Sheik Abdul Bashir gets the win after hitting the WMD on the X Division Title with some help from Kiyoshi. This was a pretty good match. I am staring to warm up to the Sheik. 3 out of 5.

The Beautiful People are walking around the arena and have the scissors in hand.

Lauren is with Rhino and Jesse Neal, the officer from Destination X. Rhino says Neal has a story that he wants to tell the world. He tells his story about his time in the Navy and his other officers. He says he lost his best friend and part of him died. Rhino says that it would be his honor to train Petty Officer Neal as a pro wrestler. This was a really touching story.

Raisha Saeed was attacked by the Beautiful People. Saeed’s hair was cut. It will be interesting to see how Awesome Kong will react.

Rough Cut with Team 3D: This is a great look into their wrestling school.

Mike Tenay interviews Sting and asks about the chair shot. Sting says they have a history and he was confused about the chair shot. He says he has no idea what goes on in Foley’s head. Tenay asks about Sting’s potential retirement and his health. Sting goes over a few injuries and he is genuinely worried about this match at Lockdown ending his career.

Mike Tenay and Don West discuss the unpredictability of the match as well as Foley himself.

Lauren confronted Abyss about Dr. Stevie’s abuse.

Mick Foley comes out to the ring. He comes out to talk about tweaking the match tonight. He talks about his son and his son’s sense of style. He says that Dewey wanted to look like Alex Shelley. Foley wants it to be a first blood match and Sting will be the enforcer for the match. Also, Jarrett can be art ringside too. Mick promises that no child will ever want to look like Alex Shelley again.

JB is with Booker T. He asks Booker about Sharmell. Booker T says that he is an entertainer and what happened last week was not entertainment. Booker T vows revenge on Samoa Joe. Kurt Angle says that he will be at ringside with Joe to make sure that the man slaughter ends here.

AJ Styles tries to help Joe tonight by being in his corner, but Joe says that his nation of violence is a nation of one.

Lethal Lockdown Advantage Challenge: Booker T w/ Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe

Joe storms the ring and goes right after Booker T and not letting up. Booker T tries a few knees to stop Joe’s momentum, but only interference from Kurt Angle gave Booker T the advantage. Booker tries for an axe kick, but Joe hits a snap slam and gets the pin. This match was short and sweet. This was a nice preview of Lethal Lockdown. AJ Styles goes to talk to Joe, but Joe seems to tune him out. 3 out of 5 stars.

ODB and Cody Deaner’s date at Universal Studios: This is like a train wreck. Hilarious from far away and you can’t look away from it. They seem to enjoy themselves and this is the start of something beautiful. Hopefully, they don’t have winged babies.

Rough Cut with Team 3D: They have a great legacy and I can’t wait to see more of them.

Lauren is with the Motor City Machine Guns. Shelley feels like Foley can’t beat them. They say that they are a couple of the best wrestlers of their time, and they will make a name for themselves.

Scott Steiner w/ Kevin Nash vs James Storm w/ Robert Roode

Team 3D is at ringside. Look for them to get involved after the match. Steiner starts off overpowering Storm with everything from a scoop slam to a big clothesline. Storm gets some momentum, but runs into a belly to belly suplex. Steiner hits the Steiner liner, which is followed up by the push ups. Storm starts throwing right hands but Steiner hits a reverse STO. Steiner puts in a chin lock as Storm fights to get to his feet. Storm is up and hits a lung blower for a two count. Storm hits a suplex and the “Beer Money” chant is sounded. Nash hits Storm with a lead pipe. Team 3D jumps in and saves Beer Money like Beer Money had done last week. This was a good match and had the ending I expected. 3.5 out of 5 stars

JB is with the Beautiful People. Angelina Love says she wants the title and she will be getting a make over.

The Beautiful People w/ Angelina Love vs Awesome Kong

Awesome Kong is just being beat down by both Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne. Kong regains her composure and gets the victory. After the match, they go to cut Kong’s hair, but Taylor Wilde comes in for the save. This was a quick match that had nothing to write home about. 2 out of 5 stars.

JB is with Jeff Jarrett. He asks Double J about what Steiner talked to him about. Jarrett says that the fourth person will take on Kevin Nash next week

First Blood Match: Mick Foley vs The Motor City Machine Guns

Foley and Alex Shelley will start off the action and Shelley shows off the speed. Foley hits a few elbows and follows it up with a choke. Sabin uses a blind tag and hits a drop kick as Foley hit concrete. Foley is knocked into the guard rails by a double suicide dive.

Coming out of the commercial, Foley goes for a spear in the turnbuckle but misses Sabin. Foley still hasn’t been busted open yet. Sabin mocks Sting and he hits the Scorpion Death Drop. Foley hits the double underhook ddt and follows it up with a mandible claw.  Foley isn’t satisfied with the amount of blood from Shelley. He tells Shelley he will suffer and grabs the barbed wire baseball bat. Sting hits Foley with a steel chair and busts Foley open. This was a great match. Foley and Sting are trading blows back and forth as security tries to separate them. 4 out of 5 stars.

Overall Promos: 3 out of 5 stars

Best Match: Mick Foley vs The Motor City Machine Guns

Worst Match: Awesome Kong vs The Beautiful People

Overall Show rating: 3.1 out of 5 stars

How I fared: I got 3 out of the four matches announced. Also, I GUARANTEE that the fourth member of Team Jarrett is Christopher Daniels.


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