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TNA No Surrender Quick Results

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Hernandez W vs Eric Young L

Falls Count Anywhere: D’Angelo Dinero W vs Suicide L

Bounty vs Legends Title Match: Kevin Nash (c) W vs Abyss L

Knockout Tag Team Title Match: Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky L vs Taylor Wilde and Sarita W

TNA Knockout Title Match: ODB W vs Cody Deaner L

Lethal Lockdown Match: Scott Steiner and Booker T and The British Invasion L vs Team 3D and Beer Money Inc. W

X Division Title Match: Samoa Joe (c) W vs Christopher Daniels L

Bobby Lashley W vs Rhino L

TNA Heavyweight Title Match: Kurt Angle (c) L vs Sting vs Matt Morgan vs AJ Styles W vs Hernandez

My Thoughts: I will admit it. I was shocked at how good this pay per view was. There were dynamic matches and everyone was well done. I am one to say that the matches with just big men are something I have no interest in whatsoever, but Nash/Abyss was a good match. These weren’t the best matches of the year, though some could be argued that they are. This was the best pay per view this year with only Wrestlemania being the competition. It didn’t have a match as awesome and striking as Taker/Michaels, but it was put together better and had more in depth storylines than Wrestlemania.

I would like to stress that this wasn’t the greatest pay per view ever, but it is arguably the best one this year.


Lethal Lockdown Match

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Scott Steiner and Booker T and The British Invasion vs Team 3D and Beer Money Inc.

I’ll do my best to keep up with this one.

Doug Williams, James Storm come out first and Williams goes right after Williams. Storm throws Williams in the ring and Williams goes to work early. Williams hits the running knee in the corner and, but Storm counters with a big power move for two. Storm picks Williams up  and Williams runs into a clothesline. Williams grabs Storms shirt and tries to choke him after a European uppercut. Williams throws a right hand, but Storm hits a back body drop. Storm hits the eye of the storm anduses the shirt to choke Williams. Williams hit a mule kick and follows it up with a suplex attempt. Strom hits a low kick and follows it up with a clothesline. Williams hits a european uppercut, but Storm pokes the eyes as Brutus Magnus comes out.

Storm continues the beatdown and dropkicks the door into Brutus Magnus. Williams whips Storm into Magnus slamming the gate clothed. Magnus and Williams hit a couple double team moves and throw Storm around like a rag doll. Williams holds him as Magnusthrows a ton of right hands as Robert Roode comes out.

Roode is in now and he takes out both members of the British Invasion. Roode rolls through a sunset flip and slingshots Williams into a DDT. Beer Money usses some more double team moves until Magnus is able to send Magnus into the cage. Roode hit Williams with an atomic drop and Storm hits a back cracker as Scott Steiner comes in.

Steiner hits a couple clotheslines and follows it up with a belly to belly suplex for both members of Beer Money. Steiner hits a Frankensteiner on Roode. Steiner then uses Roode as a battering ram and sends him into the steel cage. James Storm has the same fate meet him as Brother Devon comes out to the ring. Devon cleans house and hits a big shoulder block on Stiener. Devon hits a Theiz Press on Magnus and throws some right hands. Devon is working on Steiner while Beer Money works on the Brits. Roode and Devon hit a doubel clothesline on Steiner as all three champions are down.

Booker T is the next man out and he takes his sweet old time walking out to the ring. Booker T walks in and goes right after Rood e and hihas some kicks for everyone. Steiner is working on Storm, Williams is working on Devon and Steiner is choking Roode with the gate.

Brother Ray comes out and not a minute too soon. Rob Terry runs out and takes out Brother Ray. Terry hits Roode with a chair and he is still completely useless. Rob grabs the man in charge of the roof and the roof is being lowered. Steiner hits the Steiner liner on Storm. Brother Ray is out cold as Doug Williams and Scott Steiner grab weapons. Magnus uses a crutch to try and crush Devon’s head. Brother Ray hits Rob Terry with a chair and he comes in having a chair shot for evryone.  Devon hits Williams with a trashcan lid. Ray sets a trash can on Booker T and hits him with a crutch. Magnus and Storm are on the toof anf they begin to fight. Roode is behind Magnus and he hits him with a crutsh. Beer Money hits the Beer Money suplex on the roof. Team 3D hits the 3D on Scott Steiner. Booker T hits the Book End on Brother Ray for a two count. Booker T hits Williams with a trash can and Storm hits Booker with one. Beer Money hits the DWI on Doug Williams to gain the victory.

TNA No Surrender Preview

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Here is the match card for TNA No Surrender tonight:

Hernandez vs Eric Young

Bounty vs Legends Title Match: Kevin Nash (c) vs Abyss

Knockout Tag Team Title Match: Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky vs Taylor Wilde and Sarita

TNA Knockout Title Match: ODB vs Cody Deaner

Lethal Lockdown Match: Scott Steiner and Booker T vs Team 3D vs The British Invasion vs Beer Money Inc.

X Division Title Match: Samoa Joe (c) vs Christopher Daniels

Bobby Lashley vs Rhino

TNA Heavyweight Title Match: Kurt Angle (c) vs Sting vs Matt Morgan vs AJ Styles

My Predictions:

Hernandez DESTROYS Eric Young. The only way EY wins is if Hernandez is interfered with, which is a possibility.

Nash collects the bounty and defeats Abyss.

Wilde and Sarita become the first ever TNA Knockout Tag Team champions.

ODB defeats the Deaner.

The British Invasion win after pinning Booker T.

Joe defeats Daniels

Lashley defeats Rhino because Neal distracts The War Machine.

AJ Styles will become the new TNA Heavyweight champion. I think this will set up a title vs retirement match between Sting and Styles at Bound for Glory.

Lethal Lockdown Advantage Match

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Scott Steiner and Brutus Magnus vs Brother Ray and Robert Roode

Steiner and Roode start off the match with Steiner getting control early. Roode hits an elbow and a knee drop for a two count.Magnus is in now and he runs right into a clothesline. Ray tags inTay lands a ton of chops leading to a uranage for a two count. Magnus hits a suplex for a two count. Steiner tags in and chokes Brother Ray on the second rope. Steiner hits the Steiner Liner and tags in Magnus. Magnus tags in Steiner after no move and Steiner hits a huge T-bone suplex for a two count. Brother Ray counters a clothesline into the Bubba Bomb and both men tag in their partners. Roode hits a huge backdrop on Magnus and hits a clothesline on Steiner. Roode hits a spine buster on Magnus leading to Steiner breaking up the pin. Steiner and Ray fight on the outside, leaving Roode and Magnus in the ring. Roode hits the fisherman’s suplex on Magnus, but a shot from Doug Williams with a title belt knocks Roode out. Magnus is able to cover him for the three count.

TNA Impact Review 6/4/09

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Lauren catches up with Shane Douglas and says that he has some things to take care of and he plans on leaving his mark.

Suicide and Christopher Daniels vs Kiyoshi and Sheik Abdul Bashir

Bashir and Daniels start of the match as Daniels gets control early. A calf kick gets a two count as Daniels tags in to Suicide. Daniels hits a gutwrench suplex and Suicide hits a top rope leg drop for a two count. Kiyoshi gets tagged in and hits a flap jack for a two count. Bashir is tagged in and the two trade shots. A scoop slam by Bashir gets a one and Kiyoshi is back in. Kiyoshi hits a couple big shots. but Suicide counters with a Tazplex. Suicide tags in Daniels and clears the ring. Bashir and Kiyoshi try a double team move, but Daniels hits a bulldog/ stunner combination. Suicide hits a big springboard crossbody.Suicide is attacked by Lethal Consequences and the Guns, taking him out of the match. Daniels hits a power move, but Shane Douglas comes in and hits Daniels with a chain. Bashir throws the ref in the ring as Kiyoshi gets the pinfall victory. It didn’t have the same pop as the opening match of weeks past, but still an ok match. 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Shane Douglas is in the middle of the ring and he says it isn’t personal, just business. He loves TNA, but he never got a second chance while Daniels did. He wants to know where is his second chance. He tells TNA management and he demands his second chance. He says that he will make Daniels’ life miserable until he gets it. Continue reading

KOTM Lethal Lockdown Match

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King of the Mountain Qualifying Match under Lethal Lockdown rules: Samoa Joe vs Kevin Nash

Joe talks to the mystery advisor and then goes to the ring. Joe grabs a kendo stick and Nash grabs a kendo stick and a trash can lid. The two trade kendo stick shots until Nash backs Joe into a corner where he lands a few knees and hands. Nash drives the kendo stick into the Stomach and hits a shot to the back. Samoa Joe counters by sending Nash into the cage.

Coming out of commercial, Joe is in control with Nash in the corner as Joe lands a flurry of right hands. Nash hits a low blow and Nash grabs a trash can lid. Nash hits joe with the lid three times and only earns a two count. Joe hits Nash with a trash can lid and puts his thumbs into Nash’s eyes. Nash hits Joe with the trash can lid again and then goes for a kendo stick. Joe hits with a drop kick, senton, and a knee drop for a two count. Joe applies a rear naked choke  and drops Nash. Joe grabs a hockey stick and breaks it over Nash’s back for a three count.

TNA Impact Preview

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Here are the announced matches for TNA Impact tonight:

King of the Mountain Qualifying Match under Lethal Lockdown rules: Samoa Joe vs Kevin Nash

Suicide and Christopher Daniels vs Kiyoshi and Sheik Abdul Bashir

Beer Money Inc. vs Consequences Creed and Chris Sabin

Jesse Neal vs ???

Also, Tara (formerly Victoria) and Shane Douglas are set to appear tonight.

My Predicitions:

Samoa Joe qualifies for King of the Mountain by defeating Kevin Nash

Kiyoshi and Bashir defeat Daniels and Suicide

Beer Money Inc. defeats Creed and Sabin

No matter who he faces, Jesse Neal gets destroyed

Lockdown Poll

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TNA Lockdown Results and Review

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I was at TNA Lockdown in Philadelphia so I don’t have the play by play of what happened. The results as well as special moments and interesting news are below.

Dark Match: Eric Young vs Danny Bonaduce

This was a publicity stunt for both organizations. Bonaduce didn’t look terrible, but not that good either. Eric Young won via roll up.

Xscape Match: Suicide (c) vs “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal vs Consequences Creed vs Sheik Abdul Bashir vs Kiyoshi

This was a ton of fun to watch. The action was fast and furious. The match came down to Bashir and Sucide. As Suicide made it to the other side of the cage, Kiyoshi tried to grab him. TNA security pulled Kiyoshi away as Suicide climbed to the top of the cage. Suicide jumped off the cage onto security and Kiyoshi giving him the title and the win.

Queen of the Cage: ODB vs Madison Rayne vs Sojourner Bolt vs Daffney

Nothing truly interesting about this match. There were four wrestlers in the ring and Cody Deaner outside the ring was the most entertaining part of the match. ODB wins by pinning Sojo Bolt.

IWGP Jr. Tag Team Championships Match: The Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs. No Limit vs. LAX

This was an extremely entertaining match. All of the teams looked on top of their game for the show. This match moved at break neck speed and never stopped. The Guns would win the match by a Sliced Bread/ Powerbomb combination (Made in Detroit) on Naito of No Limit for the victory.

Chamber of Blood Match: Matt Morgan vs Abyss

Abyss and Matt Morgan heard everything from “We Want Blood” to “Boring” chants. All in all, it was a typical big man match. Dr. Stevie distracted Abyss long enough for Morgan to slam him on thumbtacks to get the win.

TNA Knockout Title Match: Awesome Kong (c) vs Taylor Wilde vs Angelina Love

This was probably one of the best Knockout matches I can remember. The one moment that will stick out in this match was Awesome Kong doing a front flip off of the top rope. It was absolutely incredible. Angelina Love picked up the victory after pinning Taylor Wilde.

Tag Team Unification Title Match: Beer Money Inc. vs Team 3D

This may have been the loudest match I ever saw. This was the first match I was on my feet for its entirety. Both teams fought in the my section so it was nice seeing that whole thing. Team 3D got the win, and as I said before, they won’t lose in Philly.

Lethal Lockdown: Team Jarrett (AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, and Jeff Jarrett) vs Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Scott Steiner, Booker T, and Kevin Nash)

The word awesome doesn’t even begin to describe the match. This match had everything you could ever want. Almost everyone hit their finishing move or did something amazing. Two moments that I will remember about the match are AJ Styles jumping through the cage and taking out everyone, and Bobby Lashley making his TNA debut. The place erupted when Lashley walked out. Angle had a smile on his face, so maybe he will be in the MEM. Team Jarrett got the win as Double J hits Booker T with the guitar.

TNA World Title Match: Sting vs Mick Foley

Competitively speaking, this match wasn’t that great. It was a good match, but it needed to be a little faster. Foley showed no regard for himself or anyone else and Sting didn’t want to fight him originally. Foley gained the victory by escaping the cage.

All in all, TNA Lockdown was incredible. I never expected to see Styles go through the cage or Lashley. This is one of of the best pay per view events I have seen and I recommend everyone see it.

I got six out of nine correct, while my brother got four out of nine. Let me know what you all think of him and his predictions. I would like to get someone else in on predictions for ppvs.

TNA Lockdown Preview and Predictions

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TNA Lockdown is tonight in just a few hours and I will be going to the event at Temple University with my brother, Anthony.  Below is the match line up and what we think will happen.

Dark Match: Danny Bonaduce vs. Eric Young

Pete: This is just a publicity stunt. Eric Young will try to make Bonaduce look presentable but EY comes out on top.

Ant: There is no way TNA lets Eric Young lose this match.

X-Division Title Xcape Match: Suicide © vs. Kiyoshi vs. Jay Lethal vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. Consequences Creed

Pete: I think Suicide takes this one because Kiyoshi and Bashir take each other out.

Ant: I agree with Suicide winning however I think either member of Lethal Consequences can take the belt.

TNA Knockouts Queen of the Cage Match: ODB vs. Madison Rayne vs. Daffney vs. Sojo Bolt

Pete: I like Madison Rayne.

Ant: I think ODB will continue to impress.

IWGP Jr. Tag Team Title Match: The Motor City Machine Guns © vs. No Limit vs. LAX

Pete: The Guns have this one in the bag. I don’t see either team giving them much issue for a different reason.

Ant: I think LAX wins. They have the chance to now take control of almost every title in the company.

Doomsday Chamber of Blood Match: Abyss vs. Matt Morgan

Pete: I like Matt Morgan. Dr. Stevie will be involved.

Ant: I think Abyss finally gets the win he wants over Morgan.

TNA Knockouts Title Match: Awesome Kong © vs. Angelina Love vs. Taylor Wilde

Pete and Ant: KONG. There is no reason why anyone would win the belt.

Winner Takes All – TNA World Tag Team Titles vs. IWGP Tag Team Titles Philadelphia Street Fight: Beer Money © vs. Team 3D ©

Pete: Team 3D. They won’t lose in Philly.

Ant: Agreed.

Lethal Lockdown: Team Jarrett (Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Jeff Jarrett and Christopher Daniels) vs. Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Scott Steiner, Booker T and Kevin Nash)

Pete: I like Team Jarrett. They smell blood and the reversal of the decision on Impact left them with a bad taste in their mouth.

Ant: Team Angle will take this one. Jarrett is the deciding factor.

TNA World Title Match: Sting © vs. Mick Foley

Pete: I think Sting wins this match.

Ant: Foley won’t win the title because he is management.

Pete: I think though Hernandez will cash in and take the TNA title.