TNA Impact Review 5/21/09

Sorry about the non-live review. I had some issues with my TV earlier.   There should be no issues for live blogs on upcoming Impacts and Sacrifice this Sunday.

Jeff Jarrett comes out to the ring, mic in hand and heads to the ring. He says that he was reacting and he will be putting up his share of TNA management. Jarrett said he was backed in a corner and he will be the fourth man. He says that after Sunday, Mick Foley won’t have the title.

Foley comes out at the ring and says Jarrett sounded like a woman in Lethal Lockdown. He says he hates Jarrett and his father. He talks about the match and agrees to the terms. Foley says that Eric Young will face Sting, Matt Morgan will face Kurt Angle, and Jeff Jarrett vs Samoa Joe.

Jeremy Borash is with Kurt Angle and he is looking for Sting.

Lauren is with Christopher Daniels and Suicide and he says that he wants to overcome the challenges in front of him.

Lethal Consequences vs The Motor City Machine Guns vs Christopher Daniels and Suicide

Jay Lethal and Daniels start out and they trade reversals with Daniels getting the best of it. Alex Shelley tags in for Lethal and the two trade kicks. Daniels hits Blue Thunder fora two count and Shelley goes to work. Shelley tags in Chris Sabin and they use a few big double team moves and Daniels is in bad shape. Sabin hits a back breaker and a knee drop for two. Creed is in and he is taken out by Daniels. Sabin tags in Shelley and Suicide is tagged in and cleaning house. Very fast paced action ending a Lethal Combination. Shelley goes for sliced bread and Suicide counters with with a sliding head slam and hits a devastating Lung Blower for the win. This was an awesome match. Look up this one on Youtube if you can find it. 4 out of 5 stars.

JB is with Angle and Scott Steiner and they are still looking for Sting.

Team 3D comes out and talk about the tournament and how they wanted to give back to tag team wrestling. Brother Ray says that the day they retire, they want to leave a legacy of great tag team wrestling. He says that the British Invasion is trying to make a name for themselves by going after the wrong team. The British Invasion comes out with Brutus Magnus holding a mic. Magnus says that he managed to get Rob Terry as insurance. Team 3D go after The British Invasion, but The British Invasion takes control.  Terry slides in the table and Beer Money Inc. comes out and they clear the ring. Beer Money helps them up and says they are going to take their titles back.

Lauren is with Jeff Jarrett and EY. EY is complaining and says it isn’t fair. Jarrett tells him to suck it up.

JB is with Angle and Sting. Sting says that Foley has used every rule to his advantage, and he is sick of it.

Eric Young vs Sting

The two shake hands and Sting backs EY into the corner and they trade shots. Stinger Splash misses but EY can’t capitalize. EY slides back in the ring and Sting earns a two count. Sting whips EY into the ropes and he crashes to the floor. Eric Young throws a shoulder block and hits an atomic drop and a crossbody block for a two count. EY tries a missile dropkick and gets put in the Scorpion Deathlock. EY has to tap out. This was a good match as well. 3 out of 5 stars.

JB is with Mick Foley to find out about his match tonight and who this former world heavyweight champion Foley is facing. They go on about about who they think it might be and I’m extremely lost, but that seems to be the point. Whoever it is, Foley wants a steel chair for him.

Jim Cornette is with out in the ring for the contract. Angelina Love to sign the contract for the  TNA Knockout Title Match between her and Awesome  Kong. Love has her body guards sent to the back. Kong comes out with Love’s picture still in hand. Angelina Love signs the contract first and Raisha Saeed signs for Awesome Kong to make it official. Angelina tells Kong that they should put everything behind them and she is sorry about it. She says that they should have an awesome match. I think she is giving me diabetes. She says that she will be one of the Beautiful People after the match, if Love wins. Kong sqeezes he hand and lifts her up to choke her. Rudy Charles got in Kong’s face and got powerbombed through a table.

Lauren is with AJ Styles and they talk about the “I Quit” match between him and Booker T. He says that he never quits and will never say it. Lauren asks about Joe and there is apparently nothing between AJ and Joe.

Lauren is with Matt Morgan and he talks about how awesome he is. He says that Kurt shouldn’t take the loss personally.

Matt Morgan vs Kurt Angle

This might be one of the first all heel matches I have seen in TNA. The two lock up and Morgan throws Angle away. Morgan hits a big shoulder block and a huge splash in the corner. Morgan punches  Angle and sends him into the guard rails as they go to commercial.

Coming out of the break, Angle is in control, but that ends after a back breaker by Morgan, earning him a two count. Angle fights out of Morgan’s headlock but catches a knee. Angle then hits three german suplexes. Angle gets hit with a big boot after an Angle slam attempt. Morgan goes for the Hellevator and Angle counters into an ankle lock. Morgan kicks Angle off and then hits a fall away slam. Angle counters a second Hellevator attempt into a small package, which gets him the pin. This was a good match. 3 out of 5 stars. Kurt Angle shakes hands with Matt Morgan after the match.

Lauren is with Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett says that he won’t let Mick win. Lauren says that Joe might hurt him further. Double J reassures her that someone other than Mick Foley will walk out champion and business will be back to normal.

Lauren is with Jenna Morasca and the contract between her and the Main Event Mafia. She demanded an apology from Sharmell at Sacrifice.

Samoa Joe vs Jeff Jarrett

Joe throws Jarrett over the rail and the fight in the audience. Joe is beating Jarrett down and Jarret fights back and throws Joe into the wall. Joe returns the favor and continues the fight as they head towards the ring. Samoa Joe starts kicking Jarrett’s hamstring and will not let up. Slick Johnson is sent into the rail and Joe continues the assault on Jarrett. Joe takes a chair and slams it on Double J’s hamstring. AJ Styles comes out for the save and Styles and Joe go after each other. The two continue to go after each other. Jarrett is awarded the match by disqualification. This was a good match to set up the main event Sunday. 2 out of 5 stars.

Foley comes out and tells his opponent to come out to the ring. He calls out Rocky Balboa.  A Rocky cardboard cut out is brought out to the ring. This cut out is complete with a living impersonator of Balboa’s trainer Mickey. The fans are chanting Rocky. This is absolutely hilarious. The word absurd doesn’t begin to describe this. Foley pins Rocky for the win.  Foley gets on the mic and says that he wants to thank Rocky for the fight, TNA and the fans for the opportunity. Foley says to Collette, his wife, he did it.

Double J comes out to the ring and says that this is the last time he will make a mockery of TNA. Jarrett starts to beat down Foley. Angle hits the Angle Slam on Jarrett and an ankle lock to follow. Sting comes out and gets hit by a chair. Angle is hit with the stroke and Mick Foley hits Jarrett with a chair. The three challengers are down in the ring and this ends this weeks Impact.

Overall Promo Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Best Match: Lethal Consequences vs The Motor City Machine Guns vs Christopher Daniels and Suicide

Worst Match: Samoa Joe vs Jeff Jarrett

Overall Rating: 3.2 out of 5 stars


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