Knockout Tag Match

Alissa Flash and Traci Brooks vs Sarita and Taylor Wilde

Wilde and Traci start the match. Wilde starts the match in control by hiting an arm drag and a ton of kicks. Flash is in now and she throws Wilde into the corner. Sarita is in now and she hits a huracanrana on Flash. Sarita hits an arm drag and Sarita hits a cross body off the top rope onto Flash and Brooks. Flash hits a scoop slam and tags in Traci. Traci hits a big chop and a big clothesline, which leads to a two count. Traci chokes Wilde and Flash is in now. Flash hits the curb stomp for a two count. Wilde lands a few forearms and both women go for a cross body.  Wilde kicks Traci off and Sarita is in. Sarita kicks Traci and uses a very unique submission hold. Flash goes for a clothesline, but Sarita uses a small package to get the win over Flash.

After the match, Flash and Traci attack Wilde and Sarita from behind.


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