8 Man Tag Team Match

Scott Steiner, Booker T and The British Invasion vs Beer Money Inc. and Team 3D

Brother Ray and Scott Steiner start the match off and Steiner lands a ton of shots on Brother ray. Steiner hits a scoop slam, but then runs into a sidewalk slam and a big splash for a two count. Devon is in and Doug Williams is in now and Devon hits the spinning shoulder block. Devon lands some big right hands and tags in James Storm. Williams hits and elbow shot and Williams earns a two count. Storm hits a gut buster/rock bottom combo for a two count. Storm hits a neck breaker and then Beer Money hits the Beer Money suplex. Rob Terry comes in and takes out both members of Beer Money. Terry hits a big scoop slam and goes for an Oklahoma slam. Roode lands a couple shots and hits the block buster for a two count. All of the men are in action now, leaving Doug Williams and Brother Ray in the ring. Team 3D hits the Wassap headbutt and the rest of the World Elite come out. Daniels and the Guns come out to take out the World Elite. Kevin Nash now is out and takes out Chris Sabin. Foley and Angle come right out, but Angle is sent into the ring post. Sting comes out and attacks Joe. Lashley is slugging it out with Joe, Sting is with Angle fighting. Rob Terry hits a chokeslam on Robert Roode to get the win.(Sorry for the back and forth, but this how it happened.)


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