Morgan/Styles Part 2

Best of Three: AJ Styles vs Matt Morgan (Styles 1-0)

Morgan picks up Styles and throws him across the ring. Styles escapes the ring and lands kicks on Morgan. Morgan kicks Styles off and lands a clothesline. Morgan lands the rapid fire elbows in the corner and hits a splash. Morgan drops Styles from a side walk slam position. Styles goes for a cross body, but Morgan hits a fall away slam on Styles. Morgan chokes Styles on the apron and hits a leg drop for a two count. Morgan goes for a choke slam, but Styles flips out and hits an ensiguri. Styles gets thrown off, but recovers to hit the Pele. Styles goes to the top rope, but Styles avoids contact.  Styles gets caught in a wheel barrow and Morgan throws him onto the top rope. Morgan hits the Hellevator to earn the pin fall victory.


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