Knockout 6 Women Tag

Angelina Love, Madison Rayne, and Velvet Sky vs Tara, Awesome Kong, and ODB

Love and Tara will start us off. Tara has right hands for each member of the Beautiful People. Tara and Love are in the ring as Kong and ODB work on Sky and Rayne on the outside. Tara eats a right hand, but sends Rayne down to the ring with a drop toe hold. ODB tags in and she hits a splash on Rayne. ODB hits the fall away slam and kicks up as we go to a commercial break.

After the break, Tara tags in Kong and she hits a Rayne. Kong and Tara trade shots. The Motor City Machine Guns are shown in the audience holding up signs. ODB is alone and now Velvet Sky lands a couple elbow drops and tags in Love. Love hits a drop kick for two. Love chokes ODB on the second rope and Sky chokes her with the ref’s back turned. Love earns a two count and she starts to taunt Cody Deaner. Deaner turns the hat around and kisses Love, this allows ODB to roll up Love for the win.


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