Styles vs Morgan Part 1

Best of Three: AJ Styles vs Matt Morgan

Morgan goes to lock up, but Styles ducks under a few times. Styles locks in a headlock and covers Morgan for two after a dropkick. Styles locks in a sleeper, but Morgan backs him into a corner. Styles lands a couple shots, but Styles is sent over the top rope to the floor via catapult.  Morgan throws Styles back into the ring and hits the rapid fire elbows in the corner. Morgan hits a splash and a side walk drop for a one count. Styles lands a couple shots, but Morgan picks up Styles and throws Morgan into the corner turnbuckle. Morgan goes for the top rope choke, but Styles moves out of the way. Styles lands a few shots, leading to a couple drop kicks. Styles hits a clothesline and a flying forearm for a two count.  Morgan lifts a knee into the mid section of Styles, but Styles hits the Pele. Styles hits a springboard 450 Splash to get the win. Styles 1, Morgan 0.


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