First Ever TNA Knockout’s Monster’s Ball

Daffney w/ Abyss and Dr. Stevie vs Taylor Wilde

Wilde starts off the match with a calf kick and a couple elbows. Wilde goes outside the ring and grabs a couple weapons. Daffney picks up a detour sign and hits her with it. Daffney hits a scoop slam and a few slaps to continue the punishment. Daffney hits a clothesline in the corner, but Wilde is able to regain her composure and hits her with a detour sign. She follows it up with a trash can and a hockey stick.Daffney rakes the eyes and gets caught with an FU onto the trash can for the win. Dr. Stevie isn’t happy as he gets in Wilde’s face. Daffney hits that swinging neckbreaker to take out Wilde. Stevie grabs the tacks and Daffney is holding Abyss. Stevie tells Abyss to put Wilde into the tacks. Stevie slaps Abyss twice and takes off the belt. Abyss picks up Wilde and puts her down when Lauren comes out. Stevie strikes Lauren and Abyss choke slams Stevie onto the thumbtack.


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