X Division Title Match

Suicide (c) vs Christopher Daniels

The two shake hands before the match. Suicide forces Daniels in the corner. The two lock up again and Suicide hits headbutts, clotheslines and a kick for a two count. Suicide is in control early, but Daniels is able to hit a shoulderblock and an arm drag. Daniels continues the headlock with a snapmare and holsd.  Suicide hits a swinging neck breaker and a drop kick to send Daniels out of the ring. Suicide hits a plancha and throws Daniels back on the ring. Suicide hits a few short punches and a hip toss. Suicide’s leg drop earns him a two count. Daniels catched Suicide in an abdominal stretch and keeps the pressure on with puncheds to the kidney. Suicide hip tosses out of the hold and hits knees on Daniels.  Daniels takes the champ down with a calf kick and a few headbutts for a two count. Daniels hits a split legged moonsault for a two count. Daniels hits a snap mare and puts the champ in a chin lock. Daniels hits a huge clothesline for a two count and starts to stomp a mud hole in Suicide. Suicide hits a spring board elbow, clotheslines and a leg sweep. Daniels sends Suicide into the corner and hits a kick for a two count. Daniels hits a bridging suplex for a two count and the two trade slaps, Daniels hits a single arm slam. Daniels went for the BME but misses. Daniels goes for another single legged moonsault to the outside, but catches Suicide’s knees. Daniels hits a backdrop on the entrance ramp, but Suicide picks up Daniels and hits a Rolling slam. Both men get in at 9 and both men trade near falls. Daniels it out of the ring and Sabin comes out to the ring. Shelley hits Suicide with a knee to the chin. Daniels rolls up Suicide for the three count.


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