6 Man Tag

The Motor City Machine Guns and Sheik Abdul Bashir vs Lethal Consequences and Eric Young

Jay Lethal and Chris Sabin will start off and they trade reversals and Lethal ends the streak with an arm drag and a drop kick. EY is tagged in and Sabin gains control. Sabin tags Alex Shelley and he gets caught by EY with and elbow and a splash for a two count. Consequences Creed tags in and the fast paced reversal fest ontinues. Creed hits a step up elbow for a two count. Shelley hits a leg sweep and a kick to the top of the head as he tags in Bashir. Bashir goes for a clothes line and Creed gets his signature punches and clothesline for a two count. Bashir tags in Sabin and Sabin tries a splash in the corner, but Creed moves and tags in Lethal. Lethal hits an elbow on the top off the head for two. Nice double team move from Lethal Consequences earns them a two count. Creed and Sabin trade shots a=and Bashir drags Creed out of the ring. A flying knee from Shelley rocks Creed and earns a two count. After a two count from Bashir, Sabin tags in and puts Creed in a double hammer lock. Creed is fighting off all of the opposition and is finally able to tag in Lethal. Lethal  hits Bashir with a hip toss and a dropkick for two. The Guns pull Lethal’s legs out, but they get caught with a suicide dive and a front flip plancha. Bashir kicks out after Lethal hit a powerslam and Shelley hits Lethal with a Brainbuster. Creed sends Shelley from the top rope into a Lethal Comination for a two count. After some quick moves, EY is hit with a cutter by Sabin. Lethal gets a two count after a Creed DDT on Bashir. Lethal takes Bashir to the top rope, but Shelley knocks him off. Bashir hits the frog splash on EY and both roll out of the ring. Sabin and Shelley hit a very cool double team move for a two count. Bashir goes for the WMD Driver and hits it for a two count. Creed hits a big boot on Bashir. The double kick from the Guns hits EY and Creed. EY hits the Death Valley Driver on Sabin and Shelley and they go out of the ring. Lethal goes for a sunset flip and Bashir holds onto the ropes. Rudy Charles kicks Bashir’s arms and Lethal is able to earn the pinfall victory. This is a MUST SEE!


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