MEM Sweep?

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Kurt Angle (c) vs Mick Foley

Both men lock up and Foley pushes Angle against the ropes. Angle locks in a head lock, but Foley counters with a whip and shoulder block. Foley lands a few shots and Foley locks in a head lock. Angle gets to the ropes and slides to the outside. Angle comes back in and Foley lands some right hands after trading arm locks. Foley locks in an arm bar and Angle gets the bottom rope. Foley follows Angle out of the ring and lands a few right hands. Angle is sent into the guard rail as both men head to the ring. Foley continues to work the neck with a leg drop and a neck breaker on the top rope. Foley suplexes Angle back into the ring and earns a two count. Angle lands a few right hands and uses the second rope to choke Foley. Angle locks in a side head lock, but Foley lands a few right hands. Foley uses a slingshot to send Angle out of the ring. Outside, Foley attempts a piledriver, but Angle counters into a back drop, with Foley’s leg hitting the steel steps. Angle sends Foley into the steps a couple times and sends him back into the ring. Angle continues working on the injured leg using kicks, and lands a few punches. Angle goes for a german suplex, but Foley counters into an arm bar. Angle reverses the hold into the ankle lock, but Foley kicks out. Angle goes for a moonsault from the top rope, but Foley moves out of the way and hits the double arm DDT for a near fall. Foley goes for the sock, but Angle shoves Foley into the ref. Angle hits the Angle Slam for a two count, and Angle goes for a steel chair. Foley locks in the mandible claw and throws Angle out of the ring. Foley runs off the apron and hits an elbow drop. Angle is rolled underneath the bottom rope and kicks out after two. Foley locks in a madible claw/ leg scissors combination and Angle is able to hold off submitting. Angle rolls over into the ankle lock, but Foley is able to get to the rope. Angle locks in the ankle lock again and scissors the leg. Foley has no choice but to tap out. The Main Event Mafia has all of the TNA Titles.


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