Joe’s Mystery Advisor Revealed

Samoa Joe vs Sting

Joe lands shots on Sting early and stays on top of him. Joe sends Sting into the steel steps and the apron. Joe throws Sting over the guard rail and into the wall. Joe tries a fore arm dhot and hits the wall. Sting throws Joe into the wall a few times and Sting throws Joe into a fan’s sign. Sting sends Joe over the rail, but Joe lands a right hand on Sting. Joe hits a suplex on the entrance ramp, only for him to go into the steel steps. Sting rolls Joe into the ring and he lands a few kicks on Joe. Sting locks in a headlock, but Joe is able to get to the ropes. Joe throws Sting out of the ring and he hits a suicide dive. Joe earns a two count from the dive and lands some more right hands. Joe hits the back  splash and corner ensiguri. He continues the pressure by landing another right hand shot and a shoulder block. Joe lands a head butt and a few chops.  Joe uses a snap mare and a face lock to continue to wear down Sting. Joe hits a snap slam, which is good enough for a two count. Joe slaps Sting, but Sting is getting angry. Joe locks in a sleeper, but Sting hits a back suplex, leaving both men on the mat. Sting hits a clothesline, which leads to a two count. Sting hits an ensiguri and hits the Stinger Splash. Sting locks in the Scorpion Death Lock, and the advisor’s music hits. Tazz comes out and Joe lands a couple shots. Sting hits a clothesline from the top rope for the three count. Sting gets caught on the top rope and Sting fights off the muscle buster. Joe locks in the Cochina Clutch, and Sting taps out.


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