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TNA Destination X Review

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I am very eager to see what happens in this pay per view. If you want to know my predictions  and what to look for, just scroll down a couple posts.

The Beautiful People and Madison Rayne vs Roxxi, Taylor Wilde, and The Governor

The Governor and Velvet Sky will be starting the match off.  Thereis a sign at ringside that says “Botchmania = This Match.” I am not entirely convinced that this match is a good show of that so far.  Angelina Love tags in Madison Rayne and The Beautiful People are isolating Roxxi in the corner.  Roxxi hits a sitout powerbomb on Love and tags in Wilde. Taylor Wilde cleans house and only gets a two count on Madison Rayne. The Governor goes over the top rope to take out Love and Sky. Taylor Wilde hits a bridging suplex for the three count. This wasn’t a bad match just too short. 2 out of 5 stars

During an interview with Lauren, the CG guy screwed up and put a Magnus graphic.

Magnus Open Challenge: Brutus Magnus vs Eric Young

Brutus Magnus issues the open challenge again and Eric Young answers the call. A naval officer comes into the ring and is special guest ring announcer.  I always enjoy EY matches so I am expecting nothing different.

Magnus takes control early and EY is getting tossed around like a rag doll. Magnus is calling for a finish and goes for a splash and misses. At least, I think i was a splash. EY hits the Death Valley Driver for the two count. EY hits a top rope elbow for a two count. The two trade pin attempts with no luck. EY gets cut off on the top rope. Magnus hits the Tormentum from the second rope for the pinfall victory.  This was a typical squash match, meant for nothing except to give Magnus a win.  Still, not a terrible match. 3 out of 5 stars.

Sheik Abdul Bashir says that he deserves to be in the ppv tonight. He claims it is a race thing. No surprise here. Jim Cornette comes to ringside and tells Bashir he will answer his questions.  Cornette says he isn’t in the show because no one likes him.  He says Bashir’s mouth is the problem, and tells him to leave the building. Cornette calls Officer Neil into the ring to sing “God Bless America.” Neil can’t sing for his life. Even the members of Milli Vanilli are saying “good god,  make him stop.”

10,000 Thumbtacks Match: “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan vs Abyss

Normally, I would be suprised that this match is so close to the beginning, but with the rest of the card as is, it makes sense. The way you win is if you go directly into the tacks.

Don West, by defending Bashir’s right to speak, is serving as almost the blunt logic side of the broadcast team, which should lend into his heel persona. I got to admit I like it.

Morgan starts the match in complete control. Abyss moves the two thumbtack trays to the ring. Well, I know what the out come will be now. It is just a matter of how we get there now.  Morgan regains control and grabs the bag of thumbtacks. Morgan tries to put Abyss’s face into the tacks. Abyss hits the splash in the corner twice and goes for the second bag of tacks. “We want tacks” chants can be heard in the background. Morgan hits the Carbon Footprint, and goes to get a chair. Abyss sends Morgan into the chair and takes out the second bag of tacks. Abyss is going to try a powerbomb  but Abyss counters Morgan’s clothesline into a black hole slam. The bag Abyss brought contained glass. Matt Morgan is on the edge, but we know whats going to happen. Morgan hits the Carbon Footprint on Abyss, sending him onto the trays of tacks like i thought. A match that could have been good, ended up being extremely predictable. 1 out of 5 stars.

One Night with ODB finals:

I have rooted for Shark Boy since the start. The couple of ODB and Shark Boy would be absolutely hilarious.  ODB looks as gone as ever, but she looks a lot better then if she was wrestling. She looks more like she did when I saw her live. Jeremy Borash is out to do some commentary. This should be hilarious. The three finalists are Cody Deaner (sounds oddly like Tommy Dreamer: coincidence?), Shark Boy, and Bernie Weber.

ODB wants to know why he should win. Deaner says he only needs 60 minutes with her. Shark Boy says he only needs 23 minutes and can do it twice. Weber says he has money, pretty weak.

Next thing they do is dance. We have a dance off folks. JB will call the moves. Weber is first and does the worst dance EVER. Shark Boy is next and apparently ODB got finned. Cody Deaner is up next and he dedicates the dance to Dale Earnhardt. Dale Sr. is turning in his grave here. JB’s commentary is just awesome.

The fans boo Weber out of the ring. Shark Boy gets a huge pop, and Deaner only gets a small cheer. ODB picks Deaner for the night with ODB. The cameras will capture every moment. If you just like a good laugh, one word describes this segment, EPIC. If you are just into the wrestling, well, at least Borash and Shark Boy were funny.

TNA Knockout Championship Match: Awesome Kong (c) vs Sojourner Bolt

I really don’t know how to feel about this match. I really don’t think Sojo deserves a title shot, but then again, that’s just my opinion. Within a minute, it is pretty obvious that Kong will retain. Sojo got a whole 5 moves in that were remotely offensive. This was a hard match to watch and I will admit it, I’m kind of disappointed with the ppv so far. Awesome Kong retains the title because of the Awesome Bomb.  1 out of 5 stars.

Samoa Joe vs. Scott Steiner

Samoa Joe/ Steiner match (if you want to call it that) was disappointing with the ref being knocked out by Joe. Steiner wins by DQ, leading to the two wrestlers brawling. The brawl led backstage. This was a throw away match, but it could have been something great. This was kind of a shame. I was looking forward to the confrontation.

TNA Legends Championship: Booker T (c) vs AJ Styles

AJ shows off some shoot wrestling moves to start off. Booker wrenches on the arm, which leads to a few reversals back and forth. Booker T finally gets some momentum from a clothesline and a couple slaps. AJ reverses a whip into a dropkick and a flying forearm. A few two counts later, Booker drops AJ on the top rope, which is followed by a spin kick. Then a top wrist lock is applied. AJ hits a Samoan drop, but Booker still holds onto the wrist. AJ and Booker trade clotheslines and AJ hits a backdrop on Booker. Booker goes for a sunset flip and AJ reverses into an attempted Styled clash. Booker T reverses with a superkick for a two count. AJ hits a bridging suplex for a two count. AJ tries for a flying forearm but Booker caught him with a calf kick. Booker goes for the Axe Kick which led to the Pele. AJ Styles hits the Styles Clash and pins booker T to win the Legends Championship belt. A great match and in true hero form celebrates with the fans. 4 out of 5 stars.

Joe is backstage and says Lauren should ask Steiner himself what he did. Very, very creepy.

TNA Tag Team Championship Match/ “Off the Wagon” Challenge: Beer Money Inc. (c) vs Team 3D

James Storm comes out with the beer goggles and the cooler cart. I  miss the beer helmet. Robert Roode and Brother Devon will start the action with Brother Ray trying to get the fans involved. In an interesting note, Jacqueline didn’t come out or appear for that matter with Beer Money. Maybe there is a reason for that,

Devon is showing his power early and tags in Brother Ray. Storm is tagged in now and after a slow start, Storm takes control. I also think the Storm taunt of Brother Ray of a walker. The dancing was also very funny. Devon and Ray double team Roode for a two count. Beer Money counters the Wassap into isolating Devon. After the double suplex and Beer Money chant, Devon counters into a double clothesline and tags in Brother Ray. Brother Ray whips both members of Beer Money and Ray hits a splash on both of them. Brother Ray hits a big elbow on James Storm. Roode hits that flip neckbreaker for a two count. Ray takes out Roode and Storm. Momentarily. Storm hits a hurricanrana to Brother Ray followed by a Roode splash from the top rope for a two count. Brother Ray hits the Bubba Bomb on Roode for a two count. Storm spit beer in Roodes face. Team 3D sets up for the 3D and Storm hits Ray with a chair, leading to a DQ.

Cornette restarts the match under no disqualification rules. Team 3D hits the 3D on Storm and Roode pulls the ref which would have lead to a three count. Fans are yelling “Bullshit” to the match as Roode and Storm leave the Impact Zone. Don West gets into it with Team 3D` and they want to hurt him. This was a great match and I can’t wait for the rematch at Lockdown when I see it live. It was just incredible. 4 out of 5 stars.

TNA X Division Title Match/ Ultimate X Match: Alex Shelley (c) vs Chris Sabin vs Consequences Creed vs “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal vs Suicide

The interviews with the wrestlers were a very smart way to lead into the match. The best line was Jay Lethal talking about the x. “Some people think it’s a shape, but I think it’s a letter.” That was sheer comedic gold.

This promises to be an absolutely incredible match, especially considering the participants. If this ultimate X match is the same as most, this will be hard to follow. The Guns focus first on Suicide, then move their attention on Lethal and Creed. Sabin appears to try and block for Shelley. Suicide knocks him down. The fans were chanting “Fallen Angel” for the man under the Suicide mask. This is such a nice touch especially since Christopher Daniels is the most experienced in the Ultimate X match, except for AJ Styles. Suicide and Sabin in the ring and Suicide is in control. Shelley kicks Suicide and tries for a baseball slide on Lethal. Lethal counters, tries a cross body and misses. Suicide tries a dive and catches a boot from Shelley. Suicide hits a rolling slam using creed as a battering ram for the other three. Lethal hits a dropkick as Suicide tries to shimmy across the ropes. Creed takes out the Guns with a double springboard bull dog. This match is too quick for my typing. “That was awesome” chants can be heard throughout the crowd. Creeds hits Suicide, and now there is a tower of doom situation which hits everyone except Suicide since he grabbed onto the ropes above the ring. Lethal catches Suicide and powerbombs him from the ropes. The Guns are hitting some incredible moves as is everyone. I honestly can’t keep up with the match. This is absolutely incredible. Sabin hits a release suplex from the top rope. Shelley hits a top rop Sliced Bread as Sabin hits a powerbomb on Creed. Shelley is climbing up the trust as Suicide is fighting him off. Suicide’s leg is caught in the trust and now Lethal, Creed, Sabin, and Suicide knocks all of them off of the center of the cross section. Suicide grabs the belt and that was an absolutely incredible match. You could tell it was Christopher Daniels from the leap, the same leap he made in the match with him and AJ Styles teaming up against LAX. Two words for this match: absolutely incredible. 5 out of 5 stars.

TNA World Heavyweight Title

Sting (c) vs Kurt Angle with Special Guest Referee: Jeff Jarrett and Special Guest Enforcer: Mick Foley

Angle is moving around trying to avoid any contact early. Angle lands a few right hands and kicks in the corner. Sting counters with a kick of his own and starts to mount an offense. Angle goes after Stings knee to no avail as he is sent out of the ring. Angle is sent over the top rope by Sting via a backdrop over the top rope. Sting and Angle take the match outside the ringside area for just a few minutes. Angle ducks under a clothesline and hits a backdrop to gain control of the match. A suplex earns Angle a two count. Sting gets caught and is on the receiving end of a belly to belly suplex and a back breaker, both resulting in near falls. Angle has a head lock on the champ. Sting and Angle both go for cross body blocks and both hit.

The two wrestlers trade blows, to which Sting gets some momentum, hitting the Stinger Splash. After Stings two count, he reverses the Olympic Slam into an arm drag, following up with a powerbomb. Angle goes for the 3 german suplexes, which only gets him a two count. Angle hits the Olympic Slam and Sting kicks out after two. Angle goes to the top rope and hits the moonsault for another two count. Angle hits another German Suplex. Sting reverses a second one into a Scorpion Death Drop, for a two count. Mick Foley has yet to interfere at this point. Angle clotheslines Jarrett. Sting gets the Scorpion Death Lock, with Angle tapping and no ref. Angle kicks Foley in the Jewels and goes out of the ring for a steel chair. Foley grabs the chair and accidentally hits Sting. Sting kicks out after a two count. This is absolutely crazy. Angle spits in Jarretts face. Jarrett lands a right hand on Kurt Angle and Sting hits the Scorpion Death Drop, giving him the pinfall victory. A great match in its own right, but honestly, it was one of the best match of the night. 4 out of 5 stars.

Overall rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

Best Match: Ultimate X match

Worst Match: Tied between Matt Morgan vs Abyss and Awesome Kong vs Sojo Bolt

My predictions and a final note: I got five out of the eight matches announced. That isn’t too bad for me. I just want everyone to know that I will be attending Lockdown in Philadelphia, PA. If you are going and would like to meet me, send me a comment or email, and I will make arrangements to meet you.


TNA Destination X Match Card

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TNA Destination X is this Sunday on Pay-Per-View and it looks like it will be a good show.

Here are the matches scheduled:

The Beautiful People(Angelina Love and Velvet Sky) and Madison Rayne vs Taylor Wilde, Roxxi, and The Governor

Scott Steiner vs Samoa Joe

10,000 Thumbtacks Match: Matt Morgan vs Abyss

TNA Legends Title Match: Booker T (c) vs AJ Styles

TNA Knockout Title Match: Awesome Kong (c) vs Sojourner Bolt

TNA Tag Team Title Match and “Off The Wagon” Challenge: Beer Money Inc. vs Team 3D

TNA X Division Title Ultimate X Match: Alex Shelley (c) vs Chris Sabin vs Consequences Creed vs “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal vs Suicide

TNA World Heavyweight Title Match: Sting (c) vs Kurt AngleJeff Jarrett is the Special Guest Referee and Mick Foley is the Special Guest Inforcer

My Predictions:

Taylor Wilde,  Roxxi, and The Governor defeat The Beautiful People and Madison Rayne

Samoa Joe defeats Scott Steiner

10,000 Thumbtacks Match: Matt Morgan Defeats Abyss

TNA Knockout Title Match: Sojourner Bolt defeats Awesome Kong

TNA Legends Title Match: AJ Styles defeats Booker T

TNA Tag Team Title Match: Team 3d defeats Beer Money Inc.

TNA X Division Title Ultimate X Match: Chris Sabin defeats Alex Shelly, Consequences Creed, Suicide, and “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal. After the match, Homicide beats Chris Sabin after cashing in his Feast or Fired briefcase.

TNA World Heavyweight Title Match: Sting defeats Kurt Angle

What to look for: The winner of the One Night Out with ODB contest will be announced. The Tenay/ West Saga and what that might lead to and how the X division title match will shake up the tag team division.

As an added bonus, if you haven’t seen an Ultimate X match or just enjoy them, I have below my favorite Ultimate X match to date.  The match is AJ Styles vs Chris Sabin vs Petey Williams from Final Resolution 2005. I apologize the fact it is in three parts, but trust me, it is worth it.

All three videos are from WrestlingPhenom800’s Youtube Channel.

TNA Impact Review 3/12/09

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Look out for my post on the final card for Destination X.

I am interested more in what the rest of the match card will be for Destination X, than the actual show itself. The other really interesting thing is what Kurt Angle and Sting have to say tonight.

Angle comes out first to cut a promo about what happened last night and the title match on Sunday. Mike Tenay lets us know that Don West isn’t at the desk for some reason.

Angle calls Jeff Jarrett out to the ring and Jarrett does just that. Mick Foley comes out with BG James and they try to convince Jarrett to go back to the hotel. Foley asks Angle if he has lost his mind. Foley explains that 6 months ago he put his money into this company because he believed in AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Angle.

Foley says the only one he can put his trust in is Sting. Foley tells Angle his reign of terror is over. Foley tells Kurt to hit him, Kurt backs off and goes back to the locker room.

Jeremy Borash is with Jim Cornette and Sting. Cornette tells Sting he needs a favor: Tonight pick someone to be in the spotlight and Angle do the same. Sting and Angle will be in the corner of the people they pick.

Lauren is with Mick Foley and Jenna Morasca. Jenna goes to talk about business. Lauren is being harassed by Matt Morgan. Lauren says no, but Morgan tells her that he gets what he wants. Also, the first Captain Caveman reference I have heard in a while.

“The War Machine” Rhino vs Sheik Abdul Bashir

I haven’t seen much of Rhino in recent weeks so we will see what happens. Rhino takes control early, and Don West finally arrives a solid 20 minutes into the show. Bashir goes to work on Rhino’s back. Bashir hits a neck breaker for a two count. Rhino hits a backdrop and keeps some control from there. Bashir gets rolled over into a small package. Rhino gets the victory and then eats a chair shot from Rhino. This was an entertaining match that could have been better or worse. 2 out of 5 stars

JB is with The Beautiful People and Madison Rayne. Velvet Sky says that the sides are even, now that they are Mi Pi Sexy. Not a bad promo but what’s with the Mi Pi Sexy thing? I thought the Beautiful People thing was great, but I am not feeling the Mi Pi Sexy thing.

In the Main Event Mafia locker room, Angle asks every member for help, but the issue is Scott Steiner and Booker r have a match tonight and Kevin Nash still is suffering from a staff infection. Angle gets annoyed and sends his bodyguards to get his pick.

Booker T is in Cornette’s office and makes Booker sign a contract that he won’t call the cops, so he can get his belt. Cornette says Booker is getting too old and will probably lose the belt. This means that AJ Styles will face Booker T for the Legends Title belt.

Sting and Eric Young are backstage talking about who he is going to choose. EY tells Sting that even though Sting doesn’t want him to wrestle, he wants that spot. Sting says that he respects that so Eric Young will be the wrestler that represents Sting.

Lauren is with Lethal Consequences and they discuss who they have chosen as their partners. They make fun of Steiner and Booker T. Jay Lethal says that Homicide and Hernandez will be their partners.

Angle is backstage with Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi only bows at Angle’s questions, which leads to Angle kicking Kiyoshi.

Team 3D and Abyss vs Beer Money Inc. and “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan in an Elimination Match

James Storm comes out to the ring with the cooler cart, and there is a new attachment to the cart. In front of the handlebars, there are longhorns placed. Robert Roode and Brother Devon start the match, with Roode taking control early. Devon hits and elbow drop for a two count. Brother Ray is tagged in, and after a double team move, Ray only gets a two count. James Storm pins Brother Devon after hitting the Last Call, eliminating Devon.

Coming out of commercial, Roode and Brother Ray are in the ring and Brother Ray gains control of the match, but James Storm spits beer in his face. James Storm is out of the running for the match. Brother Ray hits the Bubba Bomb on Roode for the three count. Matt Morgan comes in and Chokeslams on Brother Ray for a pin. This meansAbyss and Morgan are left.

Abyss has control and hits a slide slam, and Morgan kicks out of the pin. Morgan hits a Chokeslam on Abyss, and Abyss returns the favor. Abyss grabs the tacks and sees Lauren. Lauren begs him not to use the tacks. Matt Morgan hits the Carbon Footprint and pins Abyss for the three count. Lauren goes to check on Abyss, and Morgan backs her down into a corner. Abyss saves Lauren and sends Morgan out of the ring. Abyss agrees to the 10,000 tacks match against Matt Morgan at Destination X. The match was very good and I don’t have any complaints about it. 3.5 out of 5 stars

Tenay tells West to leave because he is ignorant. West says he is heading to the bar.

Abyss says Morgan is going to avenge everyone. Lauren begs him not to.

Madison Rayne w/ The Beautiful people vs Taylor Wilde w/ Roxxi and the Governor

Mick Foley is at the announce table with Tenay. Foley says he doesn’t like what West has been doing. Wilde is in control, which is relinquished to Madison Rayne thanks to a missed elbow drop. In the first five minutes, I can already tell there was a ton of mistakes. Taylor Wilde gets the pin as Madison Rayne is pushed by Traci Brooks. 2.5 out of 5 stars

Roxxi and the Governor are hit with the Beauty Mark and Lights Out.

Trash talking with ODB: JB looks so sad right now just asking what it takes for ODB to go all the way with her. Borrash is mounted by ODB. I am still rolling about this one.

The MEM comes out to the ring as they go to commercial. My guess is they cut a promo and then have the 8 man tag match.

The MEM says that Don West needs to be out there not Foley. This leads to a shouting match between Foley and Booker. An unusual amount of tension is in this show. Foley is hit from behind by Scott Steiner with a steel pipe. Foley is bleeding from the back of his head. This was brilliant, especially considering the audiences reaction to the event. I know from experience that when something like that happens and you see the EMTs come out, you start to wonder if the entire segment went as planned.

TNA Rough Cut: The Ultimate X Title Match: The rough cut segments are awesome.

Lethal Consequences and LAX vs Booker T, Scott Steiner, and The Motor City Machine Guns

I honestly can’t say I am surprised.  Homicide and Alex Shelley start it off. Hernandez is tagged in and he turns the offense on.  Black Machismo is tagged in and keeps Shelley occupied. Creed is tagged in and then Shelley takes control of the match.  Booker T is in now as him and Scott Steiner are keeping Creed isolated.  Steiner hits a couple of chops in the corner and follows it with a belly to belly slam. Shelley and Sabin try a double team move, but Creed is able to tag in Lethal. A springboard elbow gets a two count .  The match has broken down and now its Sabin and Hernandez in the ring. Super Mex hits the Border Toss and pins Chris Sabin for the win.  A very fun match to watch.  3.5 out of 5 stars.

JB is with BG James and Mick Folley in the office. Mick Foley says that he has to be at ringside. Mick Foley says that he will be there and things will change. Foley says it wasn’t supposed to change, but he is happy it did. That’s followed by the scariest laugh I have heard in a while.

Angle is with Brutus Magnus in the MEM locker room. Magnus turns him down, so he resorts Rocco from MEM’s security.

Rocco w/ Kurt Angle vs Eric Young w/ Sting

Angle has been shut down up until this point so we will see how good he is.  Rocco is a big dude. Young is connects on a few shots, but the runs into the brick wall known as Rocco.  EY is thrown out of one corner into another one.  Rocco hits a splash and is visibly out of breath. Young tries a cross body and gets caught. The 400 punder went for a splash and missed. EY counters and hits a Death Valley Driver. Eric Young then pins Rocco.  Good match but not a stong finish. 2 out of 5 stars.

EY is hit from behind and Sting is taken out by Angle. Foley charges and takes out everyone. Sting is being beaten down to.  Jeff Jarrett comes in with a chair and he cleans house. Sting blocks Jarrett from hitting Steiner and Nash.  Jarrett says that he will be the referee and Mick Foley will be the Special Guest Enforcer.

Promo Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Best Promo: Jeremy Borash and ODB

Worst Promo: The Beautiful People

Overall Rating: 2.9 out of 5 stars

Best Match: Tie: Team 3D and Abyss vs Beer Money and Matt Morgan/  Lethal Consequences and LAX vs Booker T, Scott Steiner and The Motor City Machine Guns

Worst Match: Tie:  Eric Young vs Rocco/ Sheik Abdul Bashir vs Rhino

I went 2 for 4. I am counting the 8 man tag winners and the partners as two different guesses.

TNA Impact Review 3/5/09

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I am really looking forward to the continuation of Don West/ Mike Tenay angle. Another thing will be good is how Jeff Jarrett and Foley being beat down.

Jarrett announcement: Kurt Angle is suspended this week so he won’t be here tonight.

Don West and Mike Tenay are together at the broadcast table. West says that things were said and he feels no remorse for any of his comments. I like the West heel turn. It reminds me of the announcers of yester-year. Tenay comments on the turn like watching the plane go into the Hudson River. Maybe a little too soon for that, but I think it worked.

Foley announces Sting, who comes out to the ring in street clothes. They cut a promo about Foley being saved by Sting and being thankful for it. Foley talks about the moment he had with Sting and how it changed his life and his career. Foley says he hopes that after Destination X, Sting will not return to the Main Event Mafia. Sting appreciates the praise and needs to end Angle’s reign in the MEM. The Main Event Mafia comes out minus Kurt Angle. Sting states that the only problem is Angle. Kevin Nash tells Sting that the mafia is on its way to gaining respect. Sting says that he has no issues with any of them. Nash says they can fight with honor, dignity, and respect. Very good opening promo. One of the best promos I have seen in a while.

Before the break, Angle is seen entering the Impact Zone

TNA Rough Cut: Ultimate X moments. I love these segments. Another good edition.

Lethal Consequences Interview: Interview is really funny. Not powerful but definitely amusing.

X Division Championship Match:
Kiyoshi w/ Team No Limit vs Alex Shelley (c) w/ Chris Sabin

This should be a very interesting match up since not much is known about Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi starts off with a bang with a kick in the chest, and the two competitors trade blows. Kiyoshi is in control of Shelley, putting him on his heels. After a Dragon Screw leg roll and a jaw breaker, Shelley gets control. He goes for a DDT and Kiyoshi counters into a kick combination. Kiyoshi climbs to the top rope and misses the headbutt from the top rope. Shelley hits a brain buster and tacks on a frog splash leading to the pin.

Suicide comes in to confront the Motor City Machine Guns. Suicide takes out Sabin and sets up Alex Shelley with a powerful move. Suicide sends a clear message to Shelley saying he wants a shot at the match. Great match followed by a good run in. I would say I was surprised about how good Shelley is but I am not. 4 out of 5 stars.

Main Event Mafia Promo: In the MEM locker room, the members of the mafia confront Angle and tells him to go back home. Kurt says since the suits were from his salary, it is his property and he will collect it. Not a great promo, but it serves its purpose.

“Off the Wagon” montage and Interview with Beer Money Inc.: Robert Roode says that Petey and Lance Hoyt knew what they were getting into when they got into the match. They preview the match against LAX tonight. Just an ok promo.

LAX comes out with their briefcases and a mic in hand, so we will see what they have to say. They say LAX will be tag champions by the end of the night.

Booker T promo: Book is on the phone about AJ Styles and hatches a plan for him tonight. Booker T tries on his “Black Snow” announcer thing he has going. I got to admit he is absolutely hilarious.

One night with ODB contest montage: Shark Boy part was really funny.

Consequences Creed is laid out by Angle backstage.

Four Corner Knockout Tag Team Match:

The Beautiful People w/ Cute Kip vs Sojo Bolt and Rhaka Khan vs Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed vs Taylor Wilde and Roxxi w/ The Governor (Daffney)

Saeed starts of with Wilde. I am going to just say that this action is very quick and way too quick for my fingers. Madison Rayne comes down the ring to get a look at the match as they go to a commercial break. So far, I like what I see.

Coming out of the commercial, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky are working on Taylor Wilde. Sky and Wilde are knocked down in the middle of the ring as Roxxi is tagged in and she takes out everyone except Awesome Kong. The match has broken down to the Beautiful people and Wilde and Roxxi. Madison Rayne hits a dropkick on Roxxi and Angelina Love hits the Lights Out on Roxxi for the three count. Very good match. I really like the intricacies of the match and it was relatively easy to follow, while still being fast paced. 4 out of 5 stars.

Booker T comes out to the ring and says that everyone heard him talk about AJ Styles and his roots. Booker says that he was wrong and AJ taught him how to be humble. He won’t press charges and just give the title back. Styles comes through the crowd as Steiner and Booker gang up on him. My question is now where is Joe. Booker slaps AJ and is able to escape the ring with the title. He is arrested by the police. One of the cops is Samoa Joe and threatens Scott Steiner with a knife. One word describes the entire ordeal…wow.

West leaves again and Tenay is alone to call the rest of the show. Just as West leaves, Jay Lethal is on the receiving end of a beat down courtesy of Kurt Angle. Jarrett says that he is going after Angle.

Abyss’s therapy session with Dr. Stevie: I have come to expect good and funny things from this promo series. Abyss says he will not use weapons anymore. A sad ending to another good promo.

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan vs Shane Sewell

Morgan is handling Sewell like he is a joke. Sewell hits a dropkick to knock him down. Sewell is just being man handled. Interesting note, Jim Cornette has taken the Legends Championship from Booker T hopefully more will be announced. Back to the match as it is the same old song and dance from Morgan. After Sewell gets pumped up, he gives a low blow. Morgan hits the Hellevator on Sewell for the three count. Morgan grabs a bag of thumbtacks and a mic. He says Abyss’s tacks are the only reason he is popular and he can’t compete with Morgan. Morgan challenges Abyss to a 10,000 tacks match for Destination X. Just an ok match with an interesting promo. 1.5 out of 5 stars.

Eric Young does an interview and Angle attacks saying he wants Jarrett. Standard for the storyline tonight.

Jarrett, Cornette and Foley have a meeting in his office. Sting confronts Jarrett and tells him that this is his fight. Jarrett replies that he will leave a piece for Sting. Good promo that served its purpose.

“Off the Wagon” Challenge:

Beer Money Inc. (c) vs LAX

Storm is still using the beer goggles and the cooler cart. What happened to the beer helmet? This will be huge for LAX with the tag titles on the line and the their briefcases on the line.

Homicide takes control of James Storm as we get started. Hernandez and Robert Roode then go in and Roode starts to control the match. Hernandez sends Beer Money out of the ring. Hernandez then grabs Homicide and Border Tosses his partner onto Roode and Storm.

Coming out of the commercial break, Storm hits a Lung Blower on Homicide. Roode is tagged in and they take control of the match. Double teaming by Beer Money is isolating Homicide in the opposite corner. Hernandez tags him self in and hits Clotheslines left and right. Storm is hit with a Back Breaker and Roode is hit with a Powerbomb for a two count. Roode and Hernandez trade blows. Hernandez flies and catches both members of Beer Money. As Hernandez goes for a Border Toss, Roode hits Hernandez with a chair for an automatic disqualification. Team 3D comes in for the save and they say that they want the shot for the tag titles at Destination X. Oh boy now I am really excited. Good match with a very good announcement. 3 out of 5 stars.

Angle grabs the mic and calls Jarrett out to the ring. Jarrett gets in the ring and the two start throwing punches. Jarrett gets the best of Angle to start as he takes the Olympic Gold Medalist through the crowd. Angle takes control in the stands, splitting the wickets on a steel rail. They two fight through the crowd and eventually backstage. Jarrett throws Angle out the door of the Impact Zone…literally. Impact ends with Double J, Foley, and Team 3D in the ring.

Promo Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Best Promo: Tie: Booker T/ Styles/ Steiner/ Joe and Foley/ Sting promos

Worst Promo: LAX promo

Overall Reting: 3.2 out of 5 Stars

Best Match: Tie: Four Corners Knockout match and X Title match

Worst Match: Morgan vs Sewell

Predictions result: I had two out of four matches right.  Not too shabby for a first time.