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Petey Williams update

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This came in from wrestlinginc:

Former TNA Superstar Petey Williams will be at the Ring of Honor events when the company heads to Detroit and Chicago. It still remains to be seen whether he will be rejoining the company full time or if this is a special appearance.

There is a rumor that he could return to TNA to be Amazing Red‘s partner after former WWE star Paul London no showed a taping. Due to his commitments in Japan, he would not be taking the job. As we know, Suicide has taken London’s spot. Another rumored name was Sonjay Dutt.

This tells me that the company may be looking at both releases (Dutt and Williams) as mistakes, and I think that in the coming months, at least one of them would be back.

Just a quick reminder I will be covering TNA Impact this week live, like the past two weeks.


Sonjay Dutt Update

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This is from wrestlinginc:

“The playa from the Himalaya” Sonjay Dutt has been confirmed to appear with Ring of Honor starting on May 8th.

This will be his first appearance with ROH for three years.

Update on Andromeda

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For those who don’t know, TNA is set to debut a new wrestler known as Andromeda. The description only reads “A New Era…A Unique Superstar…Coming Soon.”

I have new information about the character. According to, the lucha libre Cassandro will take on the gimmick.

In an interesting twist, the gimmick is a transsexual wrestler. I am not kidding at all. If you need any more proof, look at the photo. This will be interesting to see what title the wrestler will be competing for, and will the fans even buy into it?

My feeling about the gimmick is that this needs to be executed flawlessly otherwise TNA will have wasted a great wrestler. The idea of a transsexual wrestler is interesting, but maybe it should have stayed an idea.

For everyone’s sake, I hope this works because if it doesn’t, people are going to start asking about why they got rid of Petey Williams and Sonjay Dutt.

Update on Sonjay Dutt

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Image from daysofthundr46's Photostream

Image from daysofthundr46's Photostream

This is from an interview by World Band Media:

Sonjay Dutt did an interview discussing the way he got into the industry, his parents reactions, among other things.  There was something interesting said when his release from TNA came up.

Dutt said that his contract was coming up in March and they negotiated a new contract on a Thursday.  He was set to sign the Monday.  Te next day, Friday, he said his contract would not be renewed.

Dutt also went on to say he has heard nothing from the WWE…yet.