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TNA Hard Justice PPV Preview

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Here is the card for TNA Hard Justice tonight:

Bounty Match: Abyss vs Jethro Holiday

World Title Briefcase Match: Hernandez vs Rob Terry

IWGP Tag Title Match: The British Invasion (c) vs Beer Money Inc.

Steel Asylum Match: Amazing Red vs Christopher Daniels vs Suicide vs Chris Sabin vs Alex Shelley vs Jay Lethal vs Consequences Creed (“The Pope” D’ Angelo Dinero will most likely be included in the match.)

TNA Knockout’s Title Match: Angelina Love w/ The Beautiful People (c) vs ODB w/ Cody Deaner

TNA X Division Title Match: Homicide (c) vs Samoa Joe w/ Taz

TNA Tag Team Title Match: Scott Steiner and Booker T (c) vs Team 3D

TNA Legends Title Match: Mick Foley (c) vs Kevin Nash

TNA World Heavyweight Title Match: Kurt Angle (c) vs Sting vs Matt Morgan

My Predictions:

Jethro Holiday will collect the bounty with help from Dr. Stevie.

Hernandez wins his breifcase back.

The British Invasion defeat Beer Money with help from the World Elite.

Christopher Daniels wins the Steel Asylum Match.

Angelina Love defeats ODB

Samoa Joe defeats Homicide

Team 3D defeats Booker T and Scott Steiner

Mick Foley defeats Kevin Nash

Sting defeats Kurt Angle and Matt Morgan


TNA’s 200th Episode of Impact 7/30/09

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The Main Event Mafia start off the show this week and they make their way to the ring. Kurt Angle says that Bobby Lashley tried to make a name for himself at Angle’s expense. He says that when his reputation is tarnished and he will pay. He said that the MEM and Lashley had an agreement, but he kicked dirt on it. He calls out Lashley and Lashley comes out with a baseball bat, oddly much like Sting’s baseball bat.

Lashley says that they did have an agreement and then runs through the roster of the MEM. Lashley says that he is still hungry and he wants titles, but the mafia wants to cheat and steal them from others. Lashley says he can’t be bought. Angle says he can’t be bought because he is young and stupid like the rest of the locker room. Lashley says he has an offer that he can’t refuse.

Mick Foley then comes out to the ring with mic in hand. He thanks Lashley for saving him last week and asks Angle to look in the camera and see the board members. He says that they are waiting for the ratings that the MEM promised. Foley offers a match where Foley and Lashley will go up against Angle and Kevin Nash. He says that both Nash and Angle’s titles will be on the line. The winner will get that title. Angle says that the title match is on and he is upset. So tonight, Foley and Lashley will be taking on Nash and Angle in tag team action. If Nash or Angle loses, they will give up their title.

Hernandez vs Samoa Joe w/ Taz

Both men lock up and Joe lands a flurry of kicks to the legs. Hernandez answers with a few shoulder blocks. Joe hits a couple slaps and goes for a suplex. Hernandez counters into one of his own and earns a two count. Hernandez goes for a splash, but Joe hits the STJoe. Joe hits the kick/slap/senton for a two count. Hernandez lands a couple shots, but is hit with a belly to belly suplex. Joe hits a couple shots, but is then hit by a slingshot shoulder block. A big splash and slam earns a two count for Hernandez. Joe hits a backdrop and an ensiguri on the top turnbuckle. Joe goes for a superplex and Joe is thrown off. Hernandez goes off the top rope and hits a huge splash from the top rope for the win.

Jeremy Borash is with Hernandez and he says he will be the first Latino World Heavyweight Champion in TNA. Continue reading

Tag Title Tables Match

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IWJP Tag Team Title Tables Match: Team 3D (c) vs The British Invasion w/ Eric Young, Sheik Abdul Bashir, and Kiyoshi

After the 7 minute promo, Team 3D is in the ring and The Brits are on the outside as we head to a commercial break.

Coming out of the break, Doug Williams is working over Brother Ray. Devon throws Brutus Magnus into the wall as both teams fight into the crows. Devon lays out Magnus on the top row and is sent into the wall by Devon. Ray and Williams are in the ring and Ray lands the right hand combination and hits a scoop slam on Magnus. Team 3D hits the Wassap headbutt, and sends Devon to get the tables. Rob Terry goes for a clothesline on Devon, but he misses. Magnus and Williams land clotheslines on Team 3D. The Brits hit a double suplex on Ray, but misses the table. Devon accidentally hits the splash on the referee, but he eats a clothesline by Terry. Devon hits a powerbomb and sends Magnus through the table, but EY is able to hit Devon with the title and place him on the table. The ref saw Devon on the table and gave The British Invasion the win.

My thoughts on Victory Road

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Abyss vs Dr. Stevie

This was a typical squash match, but it was fun to watch. The crowd was into Abyss the entire time and that certainly made the match more fun to see. I found myself cringing at some of the shots dealt by the monster.

Matt Morgan vs Christopher Daniels

This match really could have been better, but every action made sense. Daniels has been working with a knee injury so who knows if the injury was actually re-aggravated or kayfabe.

Sharmell vs Jenna Morasca

The saddest excuse for a wrestling match ever. I am 100% positive that this was more of a publicity stunt, and a way to showcase how beautiful Morasca is. The crowd couldn’t have been less into this match if the fans weren’t there.

New Japan Tag Team Championship Match: Team 3D (c) vs The British Invasion

I didn’t care about this match as much as I thought I would. This wasn’t the best Team 3D match, but I feel like only Beer Money can make them look as good as they have. The British Invasion is slowly growing on me and I would imagine a program with LAX once Hernandez comes back is on the horizon.

TNA Knockout Championship Match: Tara (c) vs Angelina Love

At first, I thought the match was just ok, but had an awful ending. I think that with the promo of Madison Rayne messing around with Slick Johnson made the ending, if nothing else, workable.

TNA Tag Team Championship Match: Beer Money Inc. (c) vs Scott Steiner and Booker T

I LOVE the fact that Beer Money is a face and can really work both sides of the fence. These guys are the next big tag team in pro wrestling. Steiner and Booker T are two of the best tag team wrestlers in history and deserve the titles, even if only for a month. This was one of the better matches of the night. My only issue with it was the onslaught of heel moves used by Booker and Steiner. They were just too frequent.

TNA Legends Championship Match: AJ Styles (c) vs Kevin Nash

This was my favorite match of the night. I like how it was a strategic match, as well as one where AJ could fly. Styles made Nash look good, and Nash did the same. In probably the biggest shocker, Nash used more than six moves in match. The finish was awesome. The only way it could have gotten better was if Nash caught AJ in mid air by the throat and chokeslamed him from there.

Samoa Joe vs Sting

The match was good, but it was extremely predictable from beginning to the finish. The only other issue I had was that when Taz came to the ring, Joe like hulked up and nothing affected him.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Kurt Angle (c) vs Mick Foley

This match was surprisingly fun to watch. I didn’t quite now what to expect with the match, but I was happy with how it came about the finish.

Overall, this was a disappointment as far as the ppv is concerned. It had its good moments, but this show could have been a lot better than what was put out. Also, this wreaks of Russo writing.  Let’s have the main faction in the company hold all of the titles. Sound familiar? It is the same storyline he did with the NWO in WCW.

I think this one will end up better because I feel like TNA has more people who can win the titles and not lay down. Also, in WCW, they pushed the older guys so hard that most of the young talents were all in the tag team division and wouldn’t be able to challenge for the WCW title. TNA has a good mix and with AJ not having the Legends title and Bobby Lashley coming we have two people who potentially could win the TNA title.

Victory Road Results

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Abyss W vs Dr. Stevie L

Matt Morgan W vs Christopher Daniels L

Sharmell L vs Jenna Morasca W

New Japan Tag Team Championship Match: Team 3D (c) W vs The British Invasion L

TNA Knockout Championship Match: Tara (c) L vs Angelina Love W

TNA Tag Team Championship Match: Beer Money Inc. (c) L vs Scott Steiner and Booker T W

TNA Legends Championship Match: AJ Styles (c) L vs Kevin Nash W

Samoa Joe W vs Sting L

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Kurt Angle (c) W vs Mick Foley L

The New Revolutionary War

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New Japan Tag Team Championship Match: Team 3D (c) vs The British Invasion

Brother Devon and Doug Williams will start off the match. Both men lock up and trade arm locks and head locks. Doug Williams locks in another arm lock and slaps Devon. Devon lands a couple clotheslines and Brutus Magnus tags in. Devon hits a leg drop, which is good for a two count and Brother Ray is tagged in. Ray lands a couple shots on Magnus and sends both members of the British Invasion out of the ring.  Williams hits a second rope diving european uppercut and Magnus comes in. Magnus continues to work Ray over with a few more shots and Williams comes back in. Ray lands a scoop slam and they go for the Wassup headbutt, but Rob Terry interfered and allows Williams to work over Ray. Magnus is in now and the Brits land a double team move. Magnus uses the second rope to choke Ray and Williams is back in. Williams locks in a heel hook, and now the the Brits use arm locks and leg locks as they move around Ray’s limbs. Magnus is in and the double team works with a back body drop, which is only good for a two count. Ray and Magnus trade shots and Ray hits a spear. Devon and Williams are in and Devon is clearing house. Devon hits a spine buster on Williams which is good enough for the two count. Magnus is sent over the ring and Williams is hit with a spine buster for a two count. Team 3D hits a wassup headbutt on Magnus and they crowd calls for the tables. Terry takes out Devon as Ray sets up the table. Ray throws Magnus to the floor again and send Rob Terry to the floor. Team 3D hits the 3D on Doug Williams to defeat Team 3D. After the match, Sheik Abdul Bashir and Kiyoshi come out to beat down Team 3D. 3D fights them off and Brother Ray sends Bashir through the table.

Victory Road Preview, TNA news

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Here is the line up for Victory Road tonight:

Abyss vs Dr. Stevie

Matt Morgan vs Christopher Daniels

Sharmell vs Jenna Morasca

New Japan Tag Team Championship Match: Team 3D (c) vs The British Invasion

TNA Knockout Championship Match: Tara (c) vs Angelina Love

TNA Tag Team Championship Match: Beer Money Inc. (c) vs Scott Steiner and Booker T

TNA Legends Championship Match: AJ Styles (c) vs Kevin Nash

Samoa Joe vs Sting (Tazz will be there tonight)

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Kurt Angle (c) vs Mick Foley

My Predictions:

Joe defeats Sting

Abyss defeats Dr. Stevie

Morgan defeats Daniels

Morasca defeats Sharmell

Team 3D defeats The British Invasion

Beer Money Inc. defeats Booker T and Scott Steiner

Tara defeats Love

Styles defeats Nash

Foley defeats Angle

In other news, TNA has signed wrestler Ayako Hamada. This move will bolster an already talented Knockout division.

TNA and Team No Limit

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Yujiro and Naito of Team No Limit have had their profiles added to the roster on

Even though, they have played rolls in many matches and want a shot at the Motor City Machine Guns’ IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team titles, there is no information up on either of them.