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Knockout Tag Title Match Part 3

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Taylor Wilde and Sarita vs Daffney and Alissa Flash

Flash shoves Wilde down to stars off the match. Wilde goes for an armbar, but Flash counters into a powerbomb. Taylor Wilde hits an armdrag as Sarita comes in. Sarita hits an assisted cross body for two. Flash avoids a dropkick and tags in Daffney. Sarita hits another armdrag and a senton for a two count.Wilde tags in and  Daffney hits a clothesline on Wilde, and Flash is in. Flash hits a powerslam and stomps on Wilde’s head. Daffney tags in and she hits a shining wizard for a two count. Daffney locks in a modified octopus lock, and Sarita and Flash come in. Sarita hits a tornado DDT on Daffney and throws Wilde onto Flash for a two count. Sarita hits a forearm clutch exploder on Flash to gain the victory.


TNA Impact Review 9/3/09

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Before we get started with tonight’s episode of TNA Impact, Jenna Morasca has officially been release by the company.

Sting vs Rhino

Rhino lands a kick and a few right hands to start off the match. Sting counters with a couple Stinger splashes and then locks in the Scorpion Deathdrop. Rhino gets to the bottom rope to break the hold. Rhino drives his shoulder into the mid section and stomps on him. Rhino hits a few more right hands into Sting’s mid section and moves him into the corner. Rhino goes for a choke in the corner and uses a body scissors to work on the mid section. Sting lands a few left hands and gets out of the hold. Sting missed a Stinger splash and Rhino hits a belly to belly suplex. Rhino misses a gore and Sting counters into a Scorpion Death Drop for the win. After the match, Rhino gores Sting and keeps working on the mid section. Rhino hits another gore and Sting is in pain. I like Rhino as the heel.

Sting and AJ Styles are with the trainer.

Lauren is with Booker T and he is yelling at Kurt Angle and how he was going to kill Matt Morgan. Kip James makes an appearance and he gets dismissed. Scott Steiner moves in with Booker T and they try putting.

AJ Styles vs Chris Sabin

Both Men trade holds andarm drags with AJ getting the best of the exchange. Sabin has Styles in a head lock and Styles hits a huge drop kick. Sabin hits a headscissors take down to the outside and drops Styles onto the guard rail. Sabin rolls him into the ring and sends Styles into the corner. Sabin lifts the knee into the mid section and locks in a head lock. Styles catches Sabin’s leg and converts it into a face plant. Styles hits the flying forearm for a two count. Sabin rolls Styles up for a two count. Styles counters a tornado DDT and hits a buster of some sort. Styles gets caught in the corner and eats a running kick. Styles hits the Pele and hits the Styles Clash for the win.

Lauren is with Hernandez and he says the match is a little more than coincidence and that both men will go after each other. Eric Young come out and he says that he and Super Mex are of the same cloth. EY says that they aren’t on an even playing field and he will show him that they are family.

Christopher Daniels comes out to the ring with a mic in his hand. He talks about how he will walk in to No Surrender as a challenger, but wants to say something to Samoa Joe, who comes out. Daniels says that he didn’t think they would wrestle for the title under these circumstances. He says when they talked about the X Division, there would be him, Joe, and Styles known for it. He says that they were like family, and it all paid off at Unbreakable 2005. That night AJ and Joe challenged Daniels in the main event for the X Division title match. Personal note: it may be the best match I have ever seen. Joe says that he has things he needs to do, but Daniels turns him around. Daniels says the MEM are scared of Samoa Joe and they can’t handle it. Daniels says that he took the bribe and it took away his friends and his integrity. Daniels says how can his family respect him knowing Joe is a sellout. Joe hits a big belly to back suplex on Daniels. This should be a very good match.

Lauren is with Matt Morgan and he says he isn’t playing mind games. Morgan says this is another learning experience and that everything is fine between him and Kurt Angle. He says they have each other’s back and he is counting down the days until No Surrender.

Doug Williams vs Suicide

Both men lock up and trade arm locks. Williams hits a high boot, but he gets caught as Suicide hits a rolling powerslam for a two count. Williams hits a spinning back suplex and hits a running knee.  Williams hes a snapmare and locks in a head lock. A knee drop earns Williams a two count. Suicide lands a few chops and Williams answers with a spinning European uppercut. Williams uses the second rope to choke Suicide and Williams uses a suplex for a two count. Williams hits another running knee and goes to the top rope. Suicide hits an ensiguri and both men are down. Suicide hits a flurry of right hands into a springboard drop kick. Suicide hits a side Russian leg sweep as D’Angelo Dinero. Suicide leaps and takes Dinero out as the ref counts. Williams rolls through his own rollup into a german suplex for the win.

Jeremy Borash says that Sting has a few cracked ribs and he says that he isn’t in his prime any more. Sting says he won’t get many more chances at the title.

Lauren is with the Beautiful People and they go against Madison Rayne and a mystery partner. They don’t care who her partner is.

Christy Hemme and Tara vs Sojo Bolt and Hamada

Tara and Hamada start off the match. Both women lock up and Tara rolls up Hamada for a two count. Both women trade pin attempts. Tara bows as a sign of respect and Hamada kicks her. Hamada hits a springboard moonsault for two and Sojo and Hemme tag in.  Sojo lands a few shots and Hamada tags back in. Hemme gets taken out by Hamada and lands a head butt as we go to commercial.

Coming out of the break, Tara and Sojo are in. Tara hits a huge clothes line and hits a super kick for a two count. Hemme hits a reverse DDT on Hamada and Tara hits the Widow’s Peak to gain the victory. After the match, Hamada hits the Hamada Driver on Sojo Bolt.

JB is with Kurt Angle and he says that he and Morgan are going to work together at No Surrender. Morgan cuts another very sarcastic promo and says messing with Angle is career suicide.

Homicide vs Hernandez

Both men hug before the match and Hernandez throws Homicide down. Homicide locks in a head lock and lands a few right hands,  Hernandez throws Homicide across the ring and picks him up for the Border Toss, but Homicide hits a basement dropkick and bulldog for a two count. Homicide hits a few right hands and Hernandez replies with the same thing. Homicide is working on the leg of Hernandez as he cannonballs onto the waiting leg. Homicide hits a few shoulder blocks and kicks to take Super Mex down. Homicide went for a tornado DDT, but Hernandez hits a big German suplex. Hernandez powers him down to the mat for the three count. He will face Sting tonight for a spot in the main event of No Surrender. After the match, Hernandez raises Homicide’s hand.

Lauren is with Doug Williams and he says that he is a huge fan of AJ Styles, but in order to be the best he needs to beat the best.

JB is with AJ Styles and he says his confidence is back and that he hit rock bottom a few weeks ago. He said he will beat Doug Williams tonight.

Kurt Angle will do commentary for this match.

AJ Styles vs Doug Williams

Personal Note: This is a match I have been waiting to see for a long time.

Both men lock up with neither men gaining a true advantage. Styles rolls up Williams for a two count. Williams goes for a surfboard move and AJ counters into another pin attempt. Both men trade right hands and Williams locks in a head lock. Styles hits a scoop slam and a knee drop for a two count. Styles locks in a side figure four and sends Williams into the corner. Williams catches a springboarding Styles into a European uppercut. Williams locks in a head scissors and drives Styles’ head into the matt for a two count. Styles hits a few right hands and both men hit their heads together. Both men are up to their feet and they trade shots, as Styles hits a drop kick. Williams rolls to the outside and eats a Styles plancha, which was good for a two count. Styles hits the torture rack bomb for a two count.  Stykes puts Williams on the top rope and Williams shoves him off. Williams hits the top rope uppercut for a two count. Styles hits a discus clothesline and Styles hits the springboard inverted DDT for the win. AJ Styles has a spot in the main event at No Surrender.

JB is with AJ Styles at ringside and Styles says he isn’t done and no one will stop him from getting the title.

Lauren is with Team 3D and Jesse Neal. Brother Ray says that Rhino was supposed to help and train Neal. Ray says that Rhino treated him awful and they will train him and that Neal will be a war machine. Brother Devon says they haven’t forgot about the British Invasion and Team 3D will go after them and then the tag team champs at No Surrender.

Sting vs Hernandez

Hernandez goes right after the ribs early and asks the ref to make sure Sting is ok. Sting hits a reverse atomic drop and a dropkick on Hernandez as Sting stays down. Hernandez drives the shoulder into Sting’s mid section. Hernandez uses the truck stick and knocks Sting across the ring. Eric Young is dressed as Homicide and beats down Sting outside the ring. Hernandez gets disqualified because of the interference and Sting moves to the main event at No Surrender. I can see Hernandez cashing in at No Surrender since this opportunity was taken from him.

Hernandez tells EY to come out to the ring to settle this. As EY heads to the ring, the rest of the World Elite come in and attack Hernandez as the 6 on 1 beatdown continues. AJ Styles comes in to aid Hernandez to no avail as both men are down. Beer Money come out to the ring and clean house as the throw out The World Elite. Team 3D comes down the ring and The World Rlite have no where to go. James Storm throws Kiyoshi into the announce table and Hernandez chases EY out of the Impact Zone. Brother Ray hits a huge back drop on Kiyoshi and Team 3D hits the Wassup headbutt. Devon goes to get the table and the crowd is loving it. Booker T and Scott Steiner come out to the ring and Booker T hits the Book End as now Beer Moner get in the ring as the MEM and Briths split up Beer Money. Steiner and Booker T hit a double chokeslam on James Storm and put him through a table as the MEM and World Elite pose in the ring.