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TNA Impact Review 8/6/09

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The Main Event Mafia come out once again to start the show. I think this is the 3rd straight week this has happened. Kurt Angle says that last week Mick Foley allegedly won the Legends title last week. Angle says Sting caused a distraction and Bobby Lashley caused all of the damage, even though he wasn’t the legal man. He says the match is null and void. Angle says the board of directors agreed, but the outcome stands only if Foley and Kevin Nash battle at Hard Justice. Kurt Angle says he has struck a deal.

The newly found World Elite come out to join the MEM. Angle says it is an honor and a privilege to work with Eric Young. Young says his men are dedicated to the cause. He says if the fans treated them like stars, this would have never happened and the nation should feel guilty for what is going to happen. I assume this means its the World Elite and MEM vs The Frontline for the riot.

Jeremy Borash is with Foley and he says that this unholy union is all about business. He says that he is going to war because he will never forget it. Sting and Lashley walk in and Sting says “It’s Showtime.”

Lauren is with Christopher Daniels and he says shame on him. Good one dude. He says that he has taken notice of him and tells him to be a man. He says that Kiyoshi and Bashir are in there with him. The Motor City Machine Guns interrupt and talk about the fact they haven’t been on TV in a month. Daniels says if they want to get noticed they should head to the ring with him.

Eric Young vs Christopher Daniels

Daniels gets control early and hits a suicide dive on EY on the outside. Bashir and Kiyoshi take out Daniels, which earns EY a two count. Daniels catches a big boot and a back suplex, which is good for two. EY chokes Daniels on the second rope and picks Daniels up. The Fallen Angel throws a flurry of right hands, but is hit with a swinging neck breaker. After the neck breaker, EY locks in a cross face. EY misses a moonsault and catches a flurry of shots from Daniels. Daniels hits a few power bombs into a few pin attempts. Daniels goes for the BME, and catches himself. Daniels went for the Angel Wings, but Kiyoshi uses the red mist behind the ref’s back. EY hits a pile driver, leading to the pinfall victory.

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TNA Impact Review 6/18/09

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Mick Foley comes out to the ring with Earl Hebner and some clowns. He says he found his smile and the ring is decorated for a party. He calls out AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, and the guest of honor, Jeff Jarrett. Everyone comes out with the same confused look on their faces. Jarrett asks Foley if he has lost his mind and says that he has one more trick up his sleeve. He says that he has booked tonight’s main event and says that AJ Styles will team up with Samoa Joe, Sting will team up with Kurt Angle, and Jarrett will tag with Foley. Foley says that he knows it might get nasty, but he wants everyone to put their hands in and yell “team.” Joe goes to put his hand in and clocks  Angle.

Jeremy Borash is with Raven, Daffney, and Dr. Stevie. Daffney says that her match is one made in hell. She says it is nice and warm there. Raven asks if Jethro Holiday knows what a House of Fun match is. He compares himself to Abyss and says they are both freaks. He tells Abyss that Slammiversary will have his and Abyss’s funeral.

Daniels vs The Amazing Red

The two shake hands and lock up. Daniels applies an arm lock and Red gets out with an arm drag. A drop kick sends Daniels out of the ring and Red hits a corkscrew Plancha. Red lands a couple clotheslines, but Daniels counters with a huge clothesline. Daniels puts in a chin lock and is sent into the corner. Red hits a few kicks and Daniels stays on his feet. Red climbs to the top rope and hits a huracanrana. Red hits a jumping reverse STO for a two count. Daniels catches Red and hits a death valley driver and hits the Best Moonsault Ever (BME) for the three count. After the match, Shane Douglas says that he is level headed and says he deserves a second chance and accepts Daniels’ challenge. Continue reading

TNA Impact Review 6/4/09

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Lauren catches up with Shane Douglas and says that he has some things to take care of and he plans on leaving his mark.

Suicide and Christopher Daniels vs Kiyoshi and Sheik Abdul Bashir

Bashir and Daniels start of the match as Daniels gets control early. A calf kick gets a two count as Daniels tags in to Suicide. Daniels hits a gutwrench suplex and Suicide hits a top rope leg drop for a two count. Kiyoshi gets tagged in and hits a flap jack for a two count. Bashir is tagged in and the two trade shots. A scoop slam by Bashir gets a one and Kiyoshi is back in. Kiyoshi hits a couple big shots. but Suicide counters with a Tazplex. Suicide tags in Daniels and clears the ring. Bashir and Kiyoshi try a double team move, but Daniels hits a bulldog/ stunner combination. Suicide hits a big springboard crossbody.Suicide is attacked by Lethal Consequences and the Guns, taking him out of the match. Daniels hits a power move, but Shane Douglas comes in and hits Daniels with a chain. Bashir throws the ref in the ring as Kiyoshi gets the pinfall victory. It didn’t have the same pop as the opening match of weeks past, but still an ok match. 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Shane Douglas is in the middle of the ring and he says it isn’t personal, just business. He loves TNA, but he never got a second chance while Daniels did. He wants to know where is his second chance. He tells TNA management and he demands his second chance. He says that he will make Daniels’ life miserable until he gets it. Continue reading

TNA Impact Review 5/28/09

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X Division Title Match: Suicide (c) vs Amazing Red

Suicide lands a right hand on Red and Red counters with a few near falls. Suicide counters a near fall with a decapitation clothesline. Suicide hits a rolling fireman’s carry to knock Red out of the ring. Red then is caught in a wheelbarrel and sent into the steel guard rail. Suicide rolls Red back in the ring and earns a near fall from a suplex. Suicide then hits Red with a big dropkick and continues the beat down. Suicide hits a scoop slam and a leg drop. Red then hits a tornado DDT, and a ensiguri for a two count. Red goes for the Code Red, but Suicide counters with a suplex of sorts for a two count. Red goes for the InfraRed, but Suicide pokes the eyes and hits the Suicide Solution for the win. This was a fast paced and fun match up to watch. 4 out of 5 stars.

Sting comes out to the ring with the rest of the Main Event Mafia behind. Sting talks about the changes that he will be bringing to the family. He said that some have forgotten the focus of the MEM and he will guide them to the original goal they had. Sting asks if everyone has stayed the course. He kicks out the women from the MEM because of a  distraction they are. He talks about the Main Event Mafia Security and says they are gone as well. He says if anyone has an issue, they should step forward.

Samoa Joe comes out and says he appreciates that he is trying to bring dignity back, but it won’t matter. Joe has been ordered to take out everyone in the mafia until only Kurt Angle is left and he will be killed. Continue reading

Beautiful People In Full Force

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TNA Knockout Title Match: Angelina Love (c) / Kip James, Madison Rayne, and Velvet Sky vs Sojourner Bolt

Sojo Bolt uses a couple of quick rollups and Love counters with raining punches down in the corner. Love hits a big kick for a two count. Sojo hits a Samoan Drop and the two meet in the ring and Bolt lands a couple right hands. Sojo hits a flapjack, but because of the distraction by Madison Rayne, Love is able to hit the Makeover for the three count. Love grabs a mic and says that this was another outstanding performance. Love asks why Kip is back and fires him again and tells security to take Kip away. Lisa Marie Varon aka Victoria comes out to the ring and takes out Rayne and Sky. She hits love with a couple right hands and a Widow’s Peak. She accepts the challenge.