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Update on Andromeda

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For those who don’t know, TNA is set to debut a new wrestler known as Andromeda. The description only reads “A New Era…A Unique Superstar…Coming Soon.”

I have new information about the character. According to, the lucha libre Cassandro will take on the gimmick.

In an interesting twist, the gimmick is a transsexual wrestler. I am not kidding at all. If you need any more proof, look at the photo. This will be interesting to see what title the wrestler will be competing for, and will the fans even buy into it?

My feeling about the gimmick is that this needs to be executed flawlessly otherwise TNA will have wasted a great wrestler. The idea of a transsexual wrestler is interesting, but maybe it should have stayed an idea.

For everyone’s sake, I hope this works because if it doesn’t, people are going to start asking about why they got rid of Petey Williams and Sonjay Dutt.


Another WWE Release and 12 Rounds note

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The WWE has released now former Smackdown! Superstar Kizarny. Kizarny hasn’t been exactly well received in his matches, so I am not surprised this was coming.

Personally, I thought the gimmick was stupid, to be blunt. I mean, who really thought a carny would be a good idea for a gimmick.  Clown is Good, Carny is Bad: so Doink is awesome, Kizarny, not so much.

If the gimmick isn’t whacked out enough, then Kizarny opened up his mouth. I don’t know about anyone else, but I would play the promos over and over to figure out what he was trying to say.  All of my attempts failed absolutely miserably.  The way you get around that is the same way you deal with Muhammed Hassan, use a manager (Daivari aka Sheik Abdul Bashir).

In a separate note, on RAW tonight, in the 15 minutes I actually was able to see, they showed a trailer for the movie 12 Rounds starring John Cena. Honestly, it looks ok but it reminds me of the original Speed movie, which makes sense with it being the same producer.

Video from WWEFanNation’s Youtube Channel

TNA New Wrestler?

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On the TNA website, there is a tease for a new wrestler.

The wrestler is known as Andromeda, and his name can be seen on the second slide.  It appears that this will be a wrestler using an alien gimmick. I am not sure who this wrestler could be although, I am thinking that this gimmick won’t work.  An alien gimmick needs to be done FLAWLESSLY, if not, there is no chance of anyone buying into it.