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TNA No Surrender Quick Results

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Hernandez W vs Eric Young L

Falls Count Anywhere: D’Angelo Dinero W vs Suicide L

Bounty vs Legends Title Match: Kevin Nash (c) W vs Abyss L

Knockout Tag Team Title Match: Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky L vs Taylor Wilde and Sarita W

TNA Knockout Title Match: ODB W vs Cody Deaner L

Lethal Lockdown Match: Scott Steiner and Booker T and The British Invasion L vs Team 3D and Beer Money Inc. W

X Division Title Match: Samoa Joe (c) W vs Christopher Daniels L

Bobby Lashley W vs Rhino L

TNA Heavyweight Title Match: Kurt Angle (c) L vs Sting vs Matt Morgan vs AJ Styles W vs Hernandez

My Thoughts: I will admit it. I was shocked at how good this pay per view was. There were dynamic matches and everyone was well done. I am one to say that the matches with just big men are something I have no interest in whatsoever, but Nash/Abyss was a good match. These weren’t the best matches of the year, though some could be argued that they are. This was the best pay per view this year with only Wrestlemania being the competition. It didn’t have a match as awesome and striking as Taker/Michaels, but it was put together better and had more in depth storylines than Wrestlemania.

I would like to stress that this wasn’t the greatest pay per view ever, but it is arguably the best one this year.


The Pope And Suicide

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Falls Count Anywhere: D’Angelo Dinero vs Suicide

Midway through a promo, Suicide and Dinero throw down. The ref runs out from the ring and the match will start outside.  Dinero throws Suicide into a steel wall. Dinero puts Suicide on a box and Dinero hits an elbow drop, which is only good for two. Suicide throws Dinero into a steel pillar and a vice. Dinero kicks Suicide down and puts him in a chair. Dinero throws a ton of right hands and runs into a backdrop into a dumpster. Suicide tries to throw him into a crane and Dinero gets into a golf cart. Dinero goes to hit Suicide with the cart, but Suicide put in a choke as Dinero was driving. Dinero has his pants pulled down as he tried to climb a fence. Suicide throws him onto wooden palates for a two count. Suicide puts Dinero on a cart for a two count. Bothe men are fighting and move towards the ring. Dinero hits Suicide with a water bell and a ring bell. Dinero hits the bell which prompts Taz to sing jingle bells. Suicide hits Dinero with a springboard dropkick for a two coun. Dinero slides to the outside and Suicide hits a big slingshot crossbody. Suicide goes under the ring and grabs a table. Dinero hits a between the rope dropkick to knock Suicide down. Dinero sets up the table next to the entrance ramp and kicks Suicide. Dinero hits a suplex on the ramp for a two count. Dinero drags Suicide over and Suicide throws some right hands. Suicide earns a two count and goes for the Suicide Solution. Suicide hits a huge drop kick and Dinero is favoring his arm. Suicide walks through the tunnel and comes back with yet another table. Suicide picks up Dinero and hits the rolling Samoan drop on the stage. Suicide puts Dinero on the table and Suicide climbs up ontop of the tunnel. Suicide went for a leg drop, but Dinero avoids the move. Dinero rolls on top of Suicide to gain the three count.

WWE Breaking Point Preview and Predictions

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Here is my preview of WWE Breaking Point Tonight:

Singapore Cane Match: The Great Khali vs Kane

This is one of the matches that no one cares about on the card. Kane hasn’t been remotely close to relevent since he took off the mask and Khali is a joke of a wrestler. Kane gets the win in this suckfest.

US Championship Match: Kofi Kingston (c)vs The Miz

The Miz has looked like a legitimate contender for this title, but I think Kofi is too over with the fans for him to lose it to Miz. That being said, I am picking The Miz.

United Tag Titles Match: Chris Jericho and Big Show (c) vs MVP and Mark Henry

I like JeriShow so unless there is a legitimate tag team to come out, I will continue to pick them.

ECW Championship Match: Christian (c) vs William Regal

I pray that they don’t screw this one up. This should end with a Regal DQ and a beatdown.

Submission Falls Count Anywhere: D-Generation X vs Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase

I think Legacy should win this match to keep the rivalry going. I smell a DiBiase sharpshooter on Shawn Michaels.

I Quit Match for the WWE Championship: Randy Orton (c) vs John Cena

I won’t even predict who will win since I really couldn’t care less about this match. You know that this match is stale when ABSOLUTELY NO ONE CARES WHO WINS. We have seen Cena/Orton 100000000 times. Dear WWE, FIND A NEW  TITLE CONTENDER.

World Heavyweight Title Match: CM Punk (c) vs The Undertaker

This is a good example of what the WWE does do and continues to do well. This should be the match of the night and I expect Punk to win the match cleanly.