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Another WWE Release and 12 Rounds note

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The WWE has released now former Smackdown! Superstar Kizarny. Kizarny hasn’t been exactly well received in his matches, so I am not surprised this was coming.

Personally, I thought the gimmick was stupid, to be blunt. I mean, who really thought a carny would be a good idea for a gimmick.  Clown is Good, Carny is Bad: so Doink is awesome, Kizarny, not so much.

If the gimmick isn’t whacked out enough, then Kizarny opened up his mouth. I don’t know about anyone else, but I would play the promos over and over to figure out what he was trying to say.  All of my attempts failed absolutely miserably.  The way you get around that is the same way you deal with Muhammed Hassan, use a manager (Daivari aka Sheik Abdul Bashir).

In a separate note, on RAW tonight, in the 15 minutes I actually was able to see, they showed a trailer for the movie 12 Rounds starring John Cena. Honestly, it looks ok but it reminds me of the original Speed movie, which makes sense with it being the same producer.

Video from WWEFanNation’s Youtube Channel


Petey Williams Gone From TNA

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Image from daysofthundr46's photostream

Image from daysofthundr46's photostream

“Maple Leaf Musc” Petey Williams has been released by TNA and it doesn’t appear that he will be back. TNA has released a statement on their website wishing him the best.  As to what Petey Williams will do from here, no one is really sure.

I have an idea for his next move.  I think he will head to either Japan, or more likely, work the indy circuit around the US and Canada.  Eventually, Petey will either be resigned with TNA (extremely unlikiley) or Ring of Honor.  I think he would be best used in ROH, especially with the new HDNet contract and with almost no one on the roster with TV experience.

This means that there will be no chance of him in the WWE. One of the things that Petey is known for is his finisher, the Canadian Destroyer.  This flip piledriver would never fly with Papa Vince.  WWE has banned the use of any piledriver, with the exception of the Tombstone Piledriver.  The reason why that one is in is because it was grandfathered in and really it fits with the Undertaker gimmick.  I think that if Petey got rid of the Canadian Destroyer, he may not have the same fan base.  The move is meant for true fans of wrestling, not 12 year old girls who like watching Cena and think he is a god. Good luck to Petey and all he does in the future. I look forward to covering you in the future.

video by JDCDK’s Youtube Channel

No Way Out Review

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Sorry for the late review post. This shouldn’t happen again, but if it does, everyone will hear about what happened.

Set looks really cool. One of the best sets I have seen in a while.

Smackdown! Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship:Edge(c) vs Undertaker vs Triple H vs Vladomir Koslov vs Jeff Hardy vs Big Show

Wrestlers in the pods: The Undertaker, Big Show, Vladomir Koslov, and Triple H

Starters: Edge and Jeff Hardy

Order of entrants: Edge, Jeff Hardy, Koslov, Big Show, Triple H, Undertaker

Eliminations in order: Edge, Koslov, Big Show, Jeff Hardy, The Undertaker

This is very interesting starting off the match with a major title. I like the idea and its very exciting. The match was good and this is the way you start a pay per view. This really got the crowd excited and interested me in the rest of the show. I felt like I was watching the best match of the night. Triple H wins the title after pinning the Undertaker. 4 out of 5 stars

ECW Championship Match Jack Swagger vs Finlay

This match isn’t entertaining, it’s almost painful. Two minutes into the match and I was bored with it. I like Finlay, but I feel like he deserves better than ECW. I already hate Jack Thwagger. There were “we want Christian” chants heard throughout the match, as there should be. Swagger retains the title by hitting his gutwrench powerbomb. This match came to a merciful end. .5 out of 5 stars

No Holds Barred Match Shane McMahon vs Randy Orton

I always enjoy Shane O’ Mac matches. I have seen everyone and I actually enjoy his role in the matches. Randy Orton is a good wrestler too. This could be a great match. Legacy interference is just unnecessary. I feel like that makes a mochery of how this match could have been. Shane goes coast to coast to dropkick a garbage can to Cody Rhodes. Shane’s top rope miss on Randy Orton made me realize what was going to happen from there. The match is more of a train wreck, but in a good way. I can’t turn away from the match. Orton is a little overzealous in selling the moves, but it works in a strange way. Orton wins after hitting the RKO out of no where. Good match. A show best in another PPV but with two elimination chambers, it is hard for any match to stick out. 3.5 out 5 stars

All or Nothing Match JBL vs Shawn Michaels

This was a good match but just about what I expected. Nothing to out of the ordinary since everyone and their mother knew what was going to happen. Just in case you have no idea, HBK won with a top rope elbow drop. 2.5 out of 5

Raw World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber match

John Cena (c) vs Mike Knox vs Chris Jericho vs Rey Mysterio vs Edge vs Kane

Entrants order: Jericho, Mysterio, Kane, Mike Knox, Edge, John Cena

Elimination order: Kane, Mike Knox, John Cena, Chris Jericho, Mysterio

Kofi Kingston was supposed to be in the spot Edge took, but he attacked Kofi with a chair and took his pod. This took a bit away from the match because Kofi is a fan favorite and I happen to like him a lot. The fans look so confused as to what happened. That and it made the outcome of the Chamber match obvious to me. Kofi gets medical attention and Edge takes his spot. This change made me realize that there will be a Orton/Triple H storyline. It would be terrible if they didn’t and took Kofi’s opportunity away. Edge wins the title and ends No Way Out as a Champion. A match that had a ton of potential, but the change annoyed me and a ton of fans. 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Overall Rating: 2.6 out of 5 stars. The ECW match killed the rating.

Best Match: Smackdown Elimination Chamber match

Worst Match: ECW Title Match

My predictions weren’t completely off, but I have done better.

WWE No Way Out Predictions 2009

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I must say first that I will not be able to watch No Way Out live tonight. I have some prior engagements. However, I plan to watch the show either later tonight or tomorrow and give my review from that.

With that being said, here are my predictions:

All Or Nothing Match:
JBL vs Shawn Michaels
Michaels wins, but is attacked after the match by JBL. Michaels leaves the arena via stretcher.

No Holds Barred Match:
Shane McMahon vs Randy Orton
McMahon will take this match. Orton will destroy McMahon until some interference from Stephanie.

ECW Championship Match:
Jack Swagger (c) vs Finlay
Swagger retains the title. After the match, Christian confronts Swagger and challenges him to a title match at Wrestlemania.

World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber:
John Cena (c) vs Kane vs Rey Mysterio vs Chris Jericho vs Kofi Kingston vs Mike Knox
Cena retains by pinning Jericho after hitting the FU. The reason Cena retains the title….well, Vince has to throw eye candy into Wrestlemania no?

WWE Championship Elimination Chamber:
Edge (c) vs The Undertaker vs Jeff Hardy vs Vladomir Koslov vs Triple H vs Big Show
Edge retains the title by beating Jeff Hardy. Come on, does anyone see anything different here?