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TNA Impact Review 6/11/09

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Mick Foley comes out to the ring to start tonight’s TNA Impact. He says that he knew there would be tough times, and that people would be gunning for the title since he won it. He says that he might have to defend the title one to four times a year. He says Jeff Jarrett has taken his smile away and calls Double J out to talk about it. Foley says he wears Double J’s shirt as a sign of respect, but he lost it since he attacked Earl Hebner. Foley says that as of now he is fined and suspended without pay. Double J says that Mick’s comedy act is over starting now. Foley blows a gasket and says he doesn’t care who he is, but no one touches Hebner. Foley says Jeff has gone too far, and Foley says is going to remove Jeff. Jarrett goes to jump Foley but is cut off by Rocco and Sal. The two continue the beat down until Jarrett hits a double clothesline. Jarrett hits a few shots on both men and then a couple of chair shots too. Foley says that he will single handedly throw Jarrett out of the Impact Zone.

Lauren is with Team 3D and is asked about the save of Beer Money last week. Brother Devon says that they have huge issues with the British Invasion. The other reason is because they have respect for Beer Money and they are the tag team of the future.

Jeremy Borash is with Jeff Jarrett and he says he understands why Mick acted the way he did. Double J says he made a mistake and calls out Mick to remove him from the building.

Team 3D vs Jay Lethal and Alex Shelley Continue reading


TNA Impact Review 5/28/09

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X Division Title Match: Suicide (c) vs Amazing Red

Suicide lands a right hand on Red and Red counters with a few near falls. Suicide counters a near fall with a decapitation clothesline. Suicide hits a rolling fireman’s carry to knock Red out of the ring. Red then is caught in a wheelbarrel and sent into the steel guard rail. Suicide rolls Red back in the ring and earns a near fall from a suplex. Suicide then hits Red with a big dropkick and continues the beat down. Suicide hits a scoop slam and a leg drop. Red then hits a tornado DDT, and a ensiguri for a two count. Red goes for the Code Red, but Suicide counters with a suplex of sorts for a two count. Red goes for the InfraRed, but Suicide pokes the eyes and hits the Suicide Solution for the win. This was a fast paced and fun match up to watch. 4 out of 5 stars.

Sting comes out to the ring with the rest of the Main Event Mafia behind. Sting talks about the changes that he will be bringing to the family. He said that some have forgotten the focus of the MEM and he will guide them to the original goal they had. Sting asks if everyone has stayed the course. He kicks out the women from the MEM because of a  distraction they are. He talks about the Main Event Mafia Security and says they are gone as well. He says if anyone has an issue, they should step forward.

Samoa Joe comes out and says he appreciates that he is trying to bring dignity back, but it won’t matter. Joe has been ordered to take out everyone in the mafia until only Kurt Angle is left and he will be killed. Continue reading

TNA Impact Review 3/19/09

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I like the dynamic between Mike Tenay and Don West. The heel commentator has been missing from wrestling for far too long.

One thing I am curious to see is the Team 3D/ Beer Money Inc storyline.

The Main Event Mafia is heading to the ring. Scott Steiner is with them wearing a mask. Kurt Angle has the mic. He says Sting showed his true colors at Destination X when had his hand held up by Mick Foley. Sting says he owes Kurt nothing. Nash agrees, but he owes the mafia something.

After some garbage from Angle, Jeff Jarrett comes out to say that Angle has no part in making matches. Angle says its just Jarrett and Angle protecting Sting. Angle says Sting has no integrity. Angle goes on and calls Sting a liar. Sting grabs the mic and says he would love to be in the ring with the Foley, Jarrett, and Angle, but it isn’t possible.

Foley comes to the ring and says that he is a wrestler deep down and he is in for a match tonight. Jarrett says it isn’t what Mick wants. Angle thinks it is what Jarrett wants and challenges Jeff. Angle tells Jeff to man up. Jeff says ok and it ends tonight. It will be Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley vs Kurt Angle and Sting.

The Motor City Machine Guns vs Team No Limits w/ Kiyoshi

Sabin and Yujiro will start off. The Guns go to work early, but a blind tag allows Naito, which leads to some very intricate double team moves. Sabin hits a tornado DDT on Yujiro and Shelley is tagged in. After a double team move, Shelley gets a two count. Shelley hits Sabin with a clothesline. Yujiro tags out and Naito hits some interesting moves ending with a two count on Sabin. After a flurry of signature moves, Sabin and Shelley double team Nito. Sabin hits a hurricanrana, but Naito rolls through for the three count. Good Match with a solid finish. 3 out of 5.

After the match, Beer Money take Team No Limits out. Robert Roode calls out Team 3D and they come out. Robert Roode says that Storm and he respects Team 3D. Roode lists the accomplishments and says that no one takes Beer Money seriously. At Lockdown, Beer Money Inc. will face Team 3D and beat them to gain the respect they deserve. Brother Ray says that at Lockdown there will be the New Japan Tag Titles on the line as well. There will be a title unification match at Lockdown between Team 3D and Beer Money Inc.

Jeremy Borash is with Mick Foley and Jeff Jarrett and they are arguing about the match tonight. Foley says that he didn’t get involved in TNA not to wrestle. He wants just a little match here and there to be ok. Foley wants to do the match for the right reasons and Jarrett should too.

Recap of One Night with ODB which leads to the Knockout tag team match. Cody Deaner is in attendance, remember what I said in my preview: look for Deaner to get involved.

Raisha Saeed and Awesome Kong vs Taylor Wilde and ODB

ODB and Saeed will start us off. Fairly slow start with ODB getting control of Saeed. Wilde comes in and hits a huricanrana and tags in ODB. Saeed reverses a whip and sends ODB into the corner. Kong is tagged in and she goes to work on ODB. Saeed hits a curb stomp, which is good enough for a two count. ODB and Saeed hit a double clothesline, with both trying to make a tag. Wilde and Kong are tagged in and a missle dropkick from Wide finally knocks Kong down. Kong goes for a press slams and Wilde rolls her up for a three count. Another solid match. 3 out of 5 stars.

After the match,Kong hits the Implant Buster on ODB and goes for an Awesome Bomb. Cody Deaner hits the ring and eventually gets Kong to back off.

JB is with Angle and starts kissing up immediately. JB wants to share some notes with Angle. He goes over his notes of what happened in the match with all involved in the match at Destination X. JB asks if Angle thinks his actions are the reason why he lost.

Sheik Abdul Bashir vs Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe charges the ring and just destroys Bashir. Joe uses the announce table as a weapon and he hauls Bashir out of the Impact Zone. This is a mirror image of what happened at Destination X with Steiner. We may or may not have an entire roster with masks in the near future. The match was thrown out so I won’t give it a rating. The only issue I have is that Joe hasn’t been in a match. Since he’s one of my favorite wrestlers, it is bothersome.

Lauren is with the Beautiful People. Cute Kip has been placed on “probation,” meaning he is done in a wrestling role with TNA. Angelina Love says that they are the most beautiful people to grace the world. The Beautiful People are initiating Madison Rayne into Mi Pi Sexy. This could get very interesting very quickly.

Jim Cornette introduces the new TNA Legends Champion AJ Styles. He is the first grand slam champion. Cornette congratulates AJ as there are “AJ” chants in the crowd. AJ Styles says that this is a huge step for the Frontline. AJ Styles says that he will give anyone who deserves it a chance at the title. Booker T comes out and says he is the true champion…i think. AJ says he has no idea and says Booker T doesn’t deserve it. Sharmell says he will get the title on his own time. I understood Sharmell slightly more than Booker.

Madison Rayne with The Beautiful People vs The Governor

Madison Rayne has control early, but the Governor rolls her up into a sharpshooter. She then hits a cross body block for a two count. The Governor hits a swinging neckbreaker and starts to gain momentum. She is hit with a hip bump, which is good enough for a two count. After more interference from the Beautiful People, Madison Rayne goes for a suplex and the Governor rolls her up into a small package for the three count. Not a terrible match, but so far the worst tonight. 1.5 out of 5 stars.

Angelina Love comes in after the match and hits the Lights Out. Madison Rayne then grabs scissors and cut a chunk of the Governor’s hair off.

Samoa Joe has Bashir rigged upside down and he says no one wants Bashir here. He tells Bashir to go back where he comes from and to tell the others not to interfere with his plan. Joe then uses Bashir as a Pinata, but instead of a bat, he uses a kendo stick. Who knew torture could be this entertaining?

TNA Roughcut with Brother Devon: Another great segment.

Kurt Angle and Sting vs Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley

Jarret and Angle start off the match. Remember, I don’t expect Angle to tag in Sting so look for that. Tenay announces that there will be a 20 man Gaunlet in the Six Sides of Steel to determine the team captains for Lethal Lockdown. Foley is in now and he out wrestled Angle. Foley is attacked by Main Event Mafia security. Team 3D comes out to take care of Rocco and Sal. Angle hits Foley with a chair and an Angle Slam. Jarrett is calling for help as we go to commercial,

Coming out of the commercial, Angle is working on Foley’s right leg. Sting tries to tag in but Angle pulls away. Angle pulls Foley up after two, and Sting gets in his face. Angle takes out Sting, but Jarrett goes after Angle. Jarrett takes out the ref, which allows Angle to grab a chair. Sting takes the guitar out of Jarrett’s hand, but is hit by a chair courtesy of Mick Foley. Great match and a definite show stopper. 4 out of 5 stars. I think the finish will lead to Foley/ Sting at Lockdown.

Sting is up and looking extremely confused. He grabs the mic and tells Foley that he has been hit twice with a chair. The challenge is official from Sting to Foley. JB asks Foley and he accepts the challenge. Foley says Sting inspired him and that Sting said Foley had enough. Foley says he will tear Sting apart.

TNA Destination X Match Card

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TNA Destination X is this Sunday on Pay-Per-View and it looks like it will be a good show.

Here are the matches scheduled:

The Beautiful People(Angelina Love and Velvet Sky) and Madison Rayne vs Taylor Wilde, Roxxi, and The Governor

Scott Steiner vs Samoa Joe

10,000 Thumbtacks Match: Matt Morgan vs Abyss

TNA Legends Title Match: Booker T (c) vs AJ Styles

TNA Knockout Title Match: Awesome Kong (c) vs Sojourner Bolt

TNA Tag Team Title Match and “Off The Wagon” Challenge: Beer Money Inc. vs Team 3D

TNA X Division Title Ultimate X Match: Alex Shelley (c) vs Chris Sabin vs Consequences Creed vs “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal vs Suicide

TNA World Heavyweight Title Match: Sting (c) vs Kurt AngleJeff Jarrett is the Special Guest Referee and Mick Foley is the Special Guest Inforcer

My Predictions:

Taylor Wilde,  Roxxi, and The Governor defeat The Beautiful People and Madison Rayne

Samoa Joe defeats Scott Steiner

10,000 Thumbtacks Match: Matt Morgan Defeats Abyss

TNA Knockout Title Match: Sojourner Bolt defeats Awesome Kong

TNA Legends Title Match: AJ Styles defeats Booker T

TNA Tag Team Title Match: Team 3d defeats Beer Money Inc.

TNA X Division Title Ultimate X Match: Chris Sabin defeats Alex Shelly, Consequences Creed, Suicide, and “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal. After the match, Homicide beats Chris Sabin after cashing in his Feast or Fired briefcase.

TNA World Heavyweight Title Match: Sting defeats Kurt Angle

What to look for: The winner of the One Night Out with ODB contest will be announced. The Tenay/ West Saga and what that might lead to and how the X division title match will shake up the tag team division.

As an added bonus, if you haven’t seen an Ultimate X match or just enjoy them, I have below my favorite Ultimate X match to date.  The match is AJ Styles vs Chris Sabin vs Petey Williams from Final Resolution 2005. I apologize the fact it is in three parts, but trust me, it is worth it.

All three videos are from WrestlingPhenom800’s Youtube Channel.

TNA Impact Preview 3/12/08

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There are some interesting matches tonight on TNA Impact. Here is the match lineup announced for tonight:

Team 3D and Abyss vs Beer Money Inc. and Matt Morgan

Lethal Consequences and two partners TBA vs Booker T, Scott Steiner and two partners TBA

“The War Machine” Rhino vs Sheik Abdul Bashir

My Predictions:

Beer Money Inc. and Matt Morgan defeat Team 3D and Abyss

Lethal Consequences and Shane Sewell and Suicide defeat Scott Steiner, Booker T and The Motor City Machine Guns

“The War Machine” Rhino defeats Sheik Abdul Bashir.

In addition to the matches, the rest of the match card for Destination X will be announced.  This should be a good show.

TNA Impact Review 3/5/09

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I am really looking forward to the continuation of Don West/ Mike Tenay angle. Another thing will be good is how Jeff Jarrett and Foley being beat down.

Jarrett announcement: Kurt Angle is suspended this week so he won’t be here tonight.

Don West and Mike Tenay are together at the broadcast table. West says that things were said and he feels no remorse for any of his comments. I like the West heel turn. It reminds me of the announcers of yester-year. Tenay comments on the turn like watching the plane go into the Hudson River. Maybe a little too soon for that, but I think it worked.

Foley announces Sting, who comes out to the ring in street clothes. They cut a promo about Foley being saved by Sting and being thankful for it. Foley talks about the moment he had with Sting and how it changed his life and his career. Foley says he hopes that after Destination X, Sting will not return to the Main Event Mafia. Sting appreciates the praise and needs to end Angle’s reign in the MEM. The Main Event Mafia comes out minus Kurt Angle. Sting states that the only problem is Angle. Kevin Nash tells Sting that the mafia is on its way to gaining respect. Sting says that he has no issues with any of them. Nash says they can fight with honor, dignity, and respect. Very good opening promo. One of the best promos I have seen in a while.

Before the break, Angle is seen entering the Impact Zone

TNA Rough Cut: Ultimate X moments. I love these segments. Another good edition.

Lethal Consequences Interview: Interview is really funny. Not powerful but definitely amusing.

X Division Championship Match:
Kiyoshi w/ Team No Limit vs Alex Shelley (c) w/ Chris Sabin

This should be a very interesting match up since not much is known about Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi starts off with a bang with a kick in the chest, and the two competitors trade blows. Kiyoshi is in control of Shelley, putting him on his heels. After a Dragon Screw leg roll and a jaw breaker, Shelley gets control. He goes for a DDT and Kiyoshi counters into a kick combination. Kiyoshi climbs to the top rope and misses the headbutt from the top rope. Shelley hits a brain buster and tacks on a frog splash leading to the pin.

Suicide comes in to confront the Motor City Machine Guns. Suicide takes out Sabin and sets up Alex Shelley with a powerful move. Suicide sends a clear message to Shelley saying he wants a shot at the match. Great match followed by a good run in. I would say I was surprised about how good Shelley is but I am not. 4 out of 5 stars.

Main Event Mafia Promo: In the MEM locker room, the members of the mafia confront Angle and tells him to go back home. Kurt says since the suits were from his salary, it is his property and he will collect it. Not a great promo, but it serves its purpose.

“Off the Wagon” montage and Interview with Beer Money Inc.: Robert Roode says that Petey and Lance Hoyt knew what they were getting into when they got into the match. They preview the match against LAX tonight. Just an ok promo.

LAX comes out with their briefcases and a mic in hand, so we will see what they have to say. They say LAX will be tag champions by the end of the night.

Booker T promo: Book is on the phone about AJ Styles and hatches a plan for him tonight. Booker T tries on his “Black Snow” announcer thing he has going. I got to admit he is absolutely hilarious.

One night with ODB contest montage: Shark Boy part was really funny.

Consequences Creed is laid out by Angle backstage.

Four Corner Knockout Tag Team Match:

The Beautiful People w/ Cute Kip vs Sojo Bolt and Rhaka Khan vs Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed vs Taylor Wilde and Roxxi w/ The Governor (Daffney)

Saeed starts of with Wilde. I am going to just say that this action is very quick and way too quick for my fingers. Madison Rayne comes down the ring to get a look at the match as they go to a commercial break. So far, I like what I see.

Coming out of the commercial, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky are working on Taylor Wilde. Sky and Wilde are knocked down in the middle of the ring as Roxxi is tagged in and she takes out everyone except Awesome Kong. The match has broken down to the Beautiful people and Wilde and Roxxi. Madison Rayne hits a dropkick on Roxxi and Angelina Love hits the Lights Out on Roxxi for the three count. Very good match. I really like the intricacies of the match and it was relatively easy to follow, while still being fast paced. 4 out of 5 stars.

Booker T comes out to the ring and says that everyone heard him talk about AJ Styles and his roots. Booker says that he was wrong and AJ taught him how to be humble. He won’t press charges and just give the title back. Styles comes through the crowd as Steiner and Booker gang up on him. My question is now where is Joe. Booker slaps AJ and is able to escape the ring with the title. He is arrested by the police. One of the cops is Samoa Joe and threatens Scott Steiner with a knife. One word describes the entire ordeal…wow.

West leaves again and Tenay is alone to call the rest of the show. Just as West leaves, Jay Lethal is on the receiving end of a beat down courtesy of Kurt Angle. Jarrett says that he is going after Angle.

Abyss’s therapy session with Dr. Stevie: I have come to expect good and funny things from this promo series. Abyss says he will not use weapons anymore. A sad ending to another good promo.

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan vs Shane Sewell

Morgan is handling Sewell like he is a joke. Sewell hits a dropkick to knock him down. Sewell is just being man handled. Interesting note, Jim Cornette has taken the Legends Championship from Booker T hopefully more will be announced. Back to the match as it is the same old song and dance from Morgan. After Sewell gets pumped up, he gives a low blow. Morgan hits the Hellevator on Sewell for the three count. Morgan grabs a bag of thumbtacks and a mic. He says Abyss’s tacks are the only reason he is popular and he can’t compete with Morgan. Morgan challenges Abyss to a 10,000 tacks match for Destination X. Just an ok match with an interesting promo. 1.5 out of 5 stars.

Eric Young does an interview and Angle attacks saying he wants Jarrett. Standard for the storyline tonight.

Jarrett, Cornette and Foley have a meeting in his office. Sting confronts Jarrett and tells him that this is his fight. Jarrett replies that he will leave a piece for Sting. Good promo that served its purpose.

“Off the Wagon” Challenge:

Beer Money Inc. (c) vs LAX

Storm is still using the beer goggles and the cooler cart. What happened to the beer helmet? This will be huge for LAX with the tag titles on the line and the their briefcases on the line.

Homicide takes control of James Storm as we get started. Hernandez and Robert Roode then go in and Roode starts to control the match. Hernandez sends Beer Money out of the ring. Hernandez then grabs Homicide and Border Tosses his partner onto Roode and Storm.

Coming out of the commercial break, Storm hits a Lung Blower on Homicide. Roode is tagged in and they take control of the match. Double teaming by Beer Money is isolating Homicide in the opposite corner. Hernandez tags him self in and hits Clotheslines left and right. Storm is hit with a Back Breaker and Roode is hit with a Powerbomb for a two count. Roode and Hernandez trade blows. Hernandez flies and catches both members of Beer Money. As Hernandez goes for a Border Toss, Roode hits Hernandez with a chair for an automatic disqualification. Team 3D comes in for the save and they say that they want the shot for the tag titles at Destination X. Oh boy now I am really excited. Good match with a very good announcement. 3 out of 5 stars.

Angle grabs the mic and calls Jarrett out to the ring. Jarrett gets in the ring and the two start throwing punches. Jarrett gets the best of Angle to start as he takes the Olympic Gold Medalist through the crowd. Angle takes control in the stands, splitting the wickets on a steel rail. They two fight through the crowd and eventually backstage. Jarrett throws Angle out the door of the Impact Zone…literally. Impact ends with Double J, Foley, and Team 3D in the ring.

Promo Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Best Promo: Tie: Booker T/ Styles/ Steiner/ Joe and Foley/ Sting promos

Worst Promo: LAX promo

Overall Reting: 3.2 out of 5 Stars

Best Match: Tie: Four Corners Knockout match and X Title match

Worst Match: Morgan vs Sewell

Predictions result: I had two out of four matches right.  Not too shabby for a first time.

TNA Impact Preview

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Here are the matches announced for tonight’s  TNA Impact:

X Division Championship: Alex Shelley (c) vs Kiyoshi

“Off the Wagon” Challenge: Beer Money Inc (c) vs LAX

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan vs Shane Sewell

Four Corner Knockout Tag Team Match: The Beautiful People vs Rhaka Khan and Sojo Bolt vs Taylor Wilde and Roxxi vs Awesome Kong (c) and Raisha Saeed

My Predictions:

Shelley defeats Kiyoshi and Suicide attacks after the match.

Matt Morgan defeats Shane Sewell.  Also, what happened to the Booker T/Shane Sewell angle?

“Off the Wagon” Challenge: LAX wins the titles and have to put them up against Beer Money Inc. at Destination X

Four Corner Knockout Tag Match: Sojo Bolt pins Taylor Wilde as she is interfered with by Madison Rayne. After the match, Kong attacks. Pretty standard.

Fan Protest and a TNA note

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This came in from wrestlinginc:

Fans at a Florida Championship Wrestling event erupted with a “Colt Cabana” chant during a ringside segment.  The chant was a result of Cabana, or as the WWE named him, Scotty Goldman, being released.  The chants angered “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes as he turned to the fans and told them “he’s gone.”

Well, I do know one thing. Colt Cabana is back and the wrestling world is better for it.

In TNA news, the website is showing the next challengers for Beer Money Inc.’s “Off the Wagon” challenge.  The challenger’s will be LAX.  I know this won’t happen, but wouldn’t it be interesting if LAX held every title (minus the Knockout Title) in the company?  Remember, they do have title shots for the X Division and Heavywieght Championship belts from Feast or Fired.

If LAX controlled the titles in the company, this could prove very interesting for the Frontline/ Main Event Mafia angle. Homicide and Hernandez have the credentials to be in both factions, and both factions will be selling themselves for them.  We will have to wait until Thursday to see what happens, but it sure is an interesting proposition.

TNA Impact Review 2/19/09

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This should be a good show. A street fight and the possible splitting of a faction will make this interesting. Also, a new promo evaluation will be factored in so take a look at that too.

Kurt Angle Promo: Tells Jeff Jarrett that the Main Event Mafia is being brought down from the inside, as Sting has done. Angle wants arena cleared so there is no distractions.

Motor City Machine Guns Interview:The Guns talk about the Street Fight, and it turns into a backstage brawl with Lethal Consequences.

Motor City Machine Guns vs Lethal Consequences Street Fight

This started during the interview and continued through the break. The Guns are in control and are isolating Jay Lethal. As Chris Sabin goes for a suicide dive, Consequences Creed hits him with a chair. Alex Shelley hits a reverse STO on Jay Lethal for a 2 count. A lot of action going on at once, very fun to watch. Sabin tries a Cradle Shock on Creed and Lethal counters into a Lethal Combination onto a chair. Creed gets with an over the shoulder belly to back piledriver from Shelley for a 2 count. Alex Shelley goes to hit Creed with the X Division Belt and ends up hitting Sabin. When Lethal Consequences tries to double team Shelley, Shelley counters Lethal’s clothesline and sends him over the top rope onto a ladder. Creed goes for the TKO and gets hit with Shelley’s X Division Title Belt which gets the guns the 3 count. The match was a ton of fun to watch. A great match to start off the show. 4 out of 5 stars.

Management Promo: Angle and Sting will get the match they want.

Main Event Mafia Promo: Angle calls out Booker T and he leaves because he is upset. AJ Styles attacks Booker and is setting up a Title Match. Promo is pretty good, but I don’t know if they are trying to have AJ as a heel.

Beer Money Inc. issues the Off The Wagon Challenge: Loser Leaves TNA

“Palin”, Taylor Wilde, and Roxxi Interview: Beautiful people annoy everyone. Not a good promo.

Therapy Session with Abyss: I already told everyone about my suspicion with Dr. Stevie being former WWE star Steven Richards. This segment provides an odd look from inside Abyss’s mind.

6 Man Tag Match: Brutus Magnus, Sheik Abdul Bashir, and Matt Morgan
vs LAX and Shane Sewell

I don’t know what to expect from this match. I understand the connection between Sewell and Bashir, but there isn’t one as of right now between LAX and Morgan and Magnus. The match started with Bashir and Homicide, with quick tags to everyone except Hernandez. Sewell is being isolated in the corner as Morgan, Magnus, and Bashir hammering away at him. Sewell finally gets a tag to Hernandez and he cleans house. Hernandez hits the border toss on Bashir and tags in Shane Sewell, who hits a top rope elbow for the 3 count. This was another good match, although I had couple issues. First, Magnus came off as a chump. He looked extremely weak in everything he did, which is a problem if you run a strong and powerful offense. I felt like LAX wasn’t as big a part of the match as they needed to be. It was a shame because they are a GREAT tag team and they deserve a bigger push. 2.5 out of 5 Stars.

Hardcore History with Mick Foley: This segment is one of my favorite things with TNA. It really provides some perspective in the industry.

Scott Steiner Interview: Samoa Joe doesn’t threaten him, and he will beat him. Joe comes in and holds the bar against his sternum, and says my favorite Joe line, “Joe’s gonna kill you.

Sojourner Bolt Interview: Bolt says she earned her shot and takes it seriously. Raisha Saeed interrupts, and it makes things awkward.

Angelina Love w. Velvet Sky and Cute Kip vs Taylor Wilde w. Roxxi and “Palin”

Love doesn’t waste any time as she goes after Wilde immediately. Taylor Wilde gains control and gets tripped by Cute Kip. Kip gets thrown out of ringside, which may give Taylor Wilde the edge. Love has control and keeps pounding away at Wilde, which is good enough for a few 2 counts. Wilde hits the Lights Out but the ref is out of the ring. As Love argues with the ref, Wilde rolls her up in a small package for the pinfall victory. Not a terrible match, but not the best of the night. 2 out of 5 Stars.

Interview with Sting: Sting says that he wanted to be champion and Angle is jealous. Angle can do whatever he wants.

Rough Cut: This Rough Cut is about the Ultimate X match. Everyone says that the match is extreme and defines the X Division. I personally love that match

Beer Money Inc. (c) vs Eric Young and Petey Williams (reuniting of 1/2 of Team Canada)

The challengers come out to the Team Canada music and with their Team Canada jackets. Beer Money Inc. comes out with the same props as last week, the beer goggles and the cooler cart. I would like to take this time to remind everyone that if the challengers lose, the person pinned must leave the company forever. Petey Williams and James Storm start the match. Williams is in control early and tags in Young. The really interesting thing about the match is that the only two members of Team Canada in the match are Coach Scott D’Amore and A-1. I have to admit I really hate when Jacqueline interferes. It is just a cheap transition that I think would be better if it came from Robert Roode.

Coming out of the commercial break, Storm and Roode are isolating Young in the corner. Eric Young tries to fight out of it, but to no avail. Roode is tagged in but Young fights back and tries to tag in Williams, but Beer Money interferes again. Williams finally gets a tag in and only gets a two count after all of the beatings. Williams and Young tried to Superplex Storm but Roode powerbombs both of them. Williams goes for a Canadian Destroyer on Jacqueline, which allows Storm to hit Williams with the Last Call and to get a 3 count. This loss means Petey Williams is gone from TNA. Williams is tearing up and the whole moment is touching. Petey Williams is a great wrestler and it is such a shame that he won’t be a part of TNA anymore. Great match with a sad ending. Good luck to Petey Williams and all of his future endeavors.
4 out of 5 stars.

Team 3D and Rhino Interview: Rhino and Team 3D talk about the fight between Sting and Angle. Then, the conversation goes into a possible strip club visit. Well I never said wrestling was classy, did I?

Kurt Angle vs Sting in a Empty Arena Fight- No Ref, No Rules, No one except cameras and commentators

This whole idea is interesting because of the eerie atmosphere with no one else there. The match will be more like a fight shot as a documentary. Sting and Angle throw punches early and take the fight all over the Impact Zone. Sting seems to have an answer for every attack that Angle has. The fight goes towards the top of the Impact Zone, and Angle is thrown off the top. Angle just keeps coming and just as Kurt gets momentum, Sting cuts him off. Angle begs for mercy and he apologizes, but it isn’t good enough. Nash and Steiner break it up with Nash freaking out and telling the two to shake hands. Sting reiterates Nash’s speech and Angle shakes his hand. This action leads to Angle spitting in Sting’s face and a commercial break. This terrible commercial break timing goes up with everyone that ever happened on Deal or No Deal. 3 out of 5 stars.

Coming out of the break, they show a highlight package of the fight. Sting takes the mic and says that no one spits in his face. Kurt Angle is talking to Nash saying he wants Stings title at Destination X.

Overall Promo Rating: 2.5 out of 5
Best Promo: Team 3D and Rhino
Worst Promo: Sojourner Bolt

Overall Rating: 3.1 out of 5 stars
Best Match: Tie: Beer Money Inc (c) vs Eric Young and Petey Williams/ Motor City Machine Guns vs Lethal Consequences Street Fight
Worst Match: Angelina Love vs Taylor Wilde

TNA Impact Review 2/12/09

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TNA Impact Review 2/12/09

Kurt Angle and Sting vs Team 3D in a tag team match

Started out as the same old song and dance from the tag team match last week. Angle ignoring Sting for a tag, and as a consequence, Team 3D takes control. Angle, with no options left, is forced to tag out. Sting confronts Angle about what is going on and they get into a shoving match as the rest of the Main Event Mafia come to break it up.

Coming back from commercial, Sting is in control and isolating Brother Ray in the corner. Sting tries to tag in Kurt Angle numerous times, but Angle drops off the apron so he can’t be tagged in. Brother Devon is tagged in and tries to fend team 3D off, easier said than done. Sting, frustrated, forceably tags in Angle. Team 3D wins from Brother Devon’s roll up of Kurt Angle after he is slingshot into the ring. Not a bad match but WAY too much like last week. 2 out of 5 stars

Promo: Angle cuts a promo where Kurt is going off at Sting for not being a good family member. He tells Sting to lay down in at the end of the night, which get a ton of boos. Jeff Jarret comes out and says that Kurt lost and that is that. Jarret says there will be a close to the feud. I smell a part three. Sting says he has under control and will see Kurt later tonight.

AJ Styles attacks Booker T in Booker’s locker room and leaves him in a heap on the floor.

During the break, Scott Steiner is talking trash about Samoa Joe.

Scott Steiner vs Petey Williams in a head dress on a pole match

One thing to keep in mind is that this match is a no disqualification match. I got to admit it I’m not that happy with these matches that have the same dynamic as the Against All Odds pay per view. Steiner wants to make sure that Petey will not get up. Steiner hits another move that I haven’t seen in a long time. as he hits a Frankensteiner. Petey Williams tries a Canadian Destroyer twice but both times were countered into a backdrop. Petey gets the upper hand from a steel pipe shot to the legs, and goes for the head dress. Steiner counters with a Samoan Drop off the top turnbuckle and grab the head dress. Joe issues another message to Scott Steiner ending with Joe’s signature chant, “Joe’s gonna kill you.”
Match was not that good. Vince Russo needs to be a bit more creative. I know Williams contract ends soon, so maybe that had something to do with it. 1 out of 5 stars.

Promo: Mick Foley does an interview about how he feels about Kurt’s statements. Nothing special here.

TNA Knockout Gauntlet match

Entrants in order: Angelina Love, Taylor Wilde, Velvet Sky, Sojourner Bolt, Roxxi, Madison Ray, Raisha Saeed, Rhaka Kahn, ODB
Eliminations:Rhaka Kahn (ODB), Raisha Saeed (ODB), Taylor Wilde and Angelina Love eliminate each other, Velvet Ski (Sojo), Roxxi (Sojo), ODB (Sojo)

Lot of rolling around, not much wrestling. Once Sky and Love, are in together they double team other participants. Bolt comes in like a bolt of lightning. Roxxi had the first actual wrestling move in a gorilla press slam. Kahn is in and no one has been eliminated and I am slowly losing interest. The final two left are Madison Rayne and Sojourner Bolt. Sojourner Bolt defeats Madison Rayne for a shot at Awesome Kong for the women’s title. This is a terrible match. To put it another way, there is a reason why this is a short review. The only good I see coming out of this is that a new knockout talent is getting her shot at the women’s title. I am not trying to be cruel. The issue is that with a match like a gauntlet match, it will either look really good or really bad, and this was bad. If it was X division stars, your guaranteed a fast paced match, which works incredibly well in a gauntlet match. 0 out of 5 stars.

TNA Rough Cut: Ultimate X match : The Ultimate X is one of my favorite matches so I enjoyed this rough cut, but then again, I like seeing the more human side of wrestlers.

Motor City Machine Guns vs Lethal Consequences in a tag match

I am actually really excited about this match because I enjoy these two teams and the quick pace. Starts off very back and forth but Lethal Consequences take control of Alex Shelley. Consequences Creed saw the blind tag from Chris Sabin and hit Sabin with a dropkick. Creed tags to Jay Lethal, and Lethal catches fire, unleashing the fury on Sabin. Creed breaks up the 2 count and hits a DDT on Shelley. After hitting the Lethal Combination, Jay Lethal follows up by countering Shelley’s sliced bread. The Guns and Lethal Consequences exchange a hand shake, but Shelley and Sabin split the uprights as a sign of disrespect. Honestly, this was a good match. It is matches like this that are the reason why I like the X division and the Tag Team division so much. 4 out of 5.

ODB’s Angle with Brutus Magnus: Two thoughts came to mind when I watched this. First, this could be an interesting couple. Second, this segment was comedic gold. This segment and the match might save the show.

Abyss’s therapy session: This is mildly creepy to say the least. I recognized the voice, but I didn’t know who it was until I did a little bit of research. Abyss’s therapist “Stevey” is none other than former WWE wrestler, Steven Richards. This could be very interesting with him as Abyss’s therapist, since he was a psychopath in the latter part of his WWE career. Based on his voice, I am now 100% convinced it is him.

Abyss and Rhino vs Beer Money Inc. for the Tag Team Titles

I like of this match as well. One of my favorite things about Beer Money is seeing what gadget James Storm comes out with. Today’s props of choice: Beer Goggles and the Cooler Cart that we have seen more of recently. Abyss and Robert Roode start of the match. Abyss is sent into the ropes by Storm and Roode, and Abyss hits a double clothesline. Rhino is tagged in and has a back and for with Roode. Storm is tagged in and sends Rhino over the top rope.
Coming back from commercial, Beer Money still has control of Rhino, but he hits a double clothesline and tags in Abyss. Abyss powers down Storm and Roode, eventually ending with a Shock Treatment on Storm. Storm spits beer into Abyss’s face. Just as Abyss gets a beer bottle to hit with James Storm, “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan hit Abyss with a chair. Another good match for a show that needed it. Post-match attack on Abyss by Matt Morgan occurs because Beer Money Inc. is keeping Rhino at bay outside of the ring. This wasn’t the best match of the night, but it is a good one. 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Mick Foley’s Hardcore History: A new segment that I will be looking forward to every time it comes on. Mick reminisces about matches that he had when he was younger.

Kurt Angle vs Sting ?

This is the conclusion of what happened in the first match of the night. I am interested to see what is going to go on with this “match.” Angle explains the Main Event Mafia’s code of conduct and says Sting must be punished. Angle says Sting gave him no other choice. Sting says he will lay down, but asks what happened to Angle’s integrity. Sting says he earned the belt and Angle is trying to steal it. Sting gets on one knee and says that the loss at Against All Odds, is the least significant you lost. Sting using harsh words to describe Angle’s ego and says that his medal is tarnished. Sting lays down and begs him to steal his title. Angle looks hesitant, but won’t do it. Angle wants the title, but wants to beat him for it. Angle officially declares war against Sting, and threatens to end his career next week. This seems like the turn of Sting to a face. An interesting turn for hopefully a good show.

Overall, a normal show for a the first after a ppv event. I wish I could have gotten a few better matches, but it wasn’t overly terrible. I would genuinely not be surprised if the ratings come out and the second hour is better than the first. The promos were really the only consistently good thing throughout the show.

OVERALL RATING: 1.9 out of 5 stars

Best Match: Motor City Machine Guns vs Lethal Consequences

Worst Match: TNA Knockout Gauntlet