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Edge Injury

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WWE superstar Edge was injured at a house show a couple nights ago. The injury came in a match with Jeff Hardy when he tried to float over Hardy after being whipped into the corner. At first, the injury was only thought to be a twisted ankle or possibly a broken ankle, making Edge only miss a couple of weeks at the most. Unfortunately, after some additional tests, it was discovered that Edge suffered a torn Achilles Tendon and will be likely out until early 2010.

This is upsetting news since He and Chris Jericho had appeared to be slated to lose the tag titles in another team (my guess is Legacy at Summerslam or Night of Champions) . So, that plan will have to be reworked. Edge has proven himself to be a valuable asset to not only Smackdown, but to the entire WWE itself. I would like to wish him the best of luck in his recovery, which I hope is a quick one.


New Wrestler for the FCW

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Former contestant on season 2 of the VH1 show I Love New York, David Otunga (aka Punk) made his debut in Florida Championship Wrestling. He wrestles under the name Dawson Jackson and seemed tentative in his first match.

For those who don’t know, FCW is a farm system of the WWE.

Hernandez Update

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This came in from Jeremy Borash’s twitter page:

TNA superstar Hernandez had neck surgery done a couple weeks ago. He should be out about 3 months. Good luck in your recovery.

You can follow the 450 Splash on twitter.

Undertaker News

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This came in from wrestlinginc:

WWE Superstar The Undertaker will have surgery done on his knees. There is some concern over what they might find wrong with his knees when he goes under the knife, and will result in time away from the ring (although no one knows how long).

The Undertaker has had knee and hip issues before, but this is one of a handful of times that he has had surgery done.

TNA Knockout Released

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Roxxi has been released by TNA. The hardcore knockout made the release known on her twitter account.

Roxxi was a great wrestler, but I feel with the Knockout division being as good as it is with the talent there now, Roxxi may have just run out of storylines. It is a shame, but she will no doubt bounce back.

Good luck to Roxxi and all her future endeavors.

A New Faction in TNA

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The British Invasion (Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams) w/ Rob Terry vs LAX (Homicide and Hernandez)

Hernandez is out cold and Brutus Magnus has Hernandez’s case. This went from a  tag match to a handicap match. Homicide hits a Suicide dive to take out Magnus and Williams. Williams is in as Homicide hits a spinning neck breaker. Magnus is tagged in and he eats a spinning shoulder block. Homicide  goes to the top rope and hits a double missile drop kick.  Magnus takes down Homicide as the numbers game may be catching up to him. Williams tags in and hits a few European uppercuts and follows it up with a high knee and a suplex. After the near fall, Magnus and Williams use a neck tie and slams Homicide down. Magnus hits a power slam and  goes to the top rope. Magnus went for a splash and tags in Williams. Williams is hit by the Gringo Cutter as Homicide goes to the top rope. Magnus holds Homicide up as Williams hit a top rope spinning European Uppercut, which leads to a three count.

Taz/TNA Update

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This came in from wrestlinginc:

Former WWE wrestler Taz will be going to TNA.  He will be joining the company as Samoa Joe’s mentor, and eventually, will be appearing once his non-competition clause expires. This could lead to Taz also taking Don West’s spot as a color commentator in the not so near future.

I will admit that I suspected something when Samoa Joe came out with the black towel. Also, since both wrestlers are great submission wrestlers, it is no surprise on my end.  Boy am I excited for his debut.

Foley’s Climb

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Mick Foley has been an interesting character in the wrestling industry since he got into it. Foley has won many championships, as well as the first Hardcore Championship. He developed the meaning of hardcore wrestling and is still alive and kicking today. Now, as TNA Champion, he has to deal with even more people coming after the belt. I decided to take a trip down memory lane from the time he came to TNA to Lockdown. Join me in the trip as we pay tribute to one of the best in the game.

John Bradshaw Layfield/WWE

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Image from Erdnuckel_86's Photostream

Image from Erdnuckel_86's Photostream

According to, John Bradshaw Layfield is done with the WWE, a company he served for 13 years.   This is an interesting twist since he probably would have been the front runner to the empty seat on Smackdown’s announce team. With this change, there is no doubt in my mind the WWE is scrambing as I type this to get a replacement for Tazz.

JBL was a great wrestler. He will be missed by all who have watched him.  Good luck in all your future endeavors.

Sonjay Dutt Update

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This is from wrestlinginc:

“The playa from the Himalaya” Sonjay Dutt has been confirmed to appear with Ring of Honor starting on May 8th.

This will be his first appearance with ROH for three years.