450 Questions and Answers

Let your voice be heard!

If you have any questions about companies, wrestlers, or anything wrestling period, just leave a comment and I’ll answer within a couple of days.

Also, I will be posting the best questions every week or couple of weeks with my answers.  So include your name, and make sure that you come out firing.  Thanks everybody.


2 Responses to “450 Questions and Answers”

  1. I’m curious. Assuming the Benoit tragedy of yesteryear hadn’t happened, and the ‘Vince is Dead’ angle went through as planned. What do you think would have happened?

    • biggman621 Says:

      Honestly, I don’t really see anything changing minus maybe Benoit being on Smackdown. In the land of WWE, people return from the dead as if it is completely the same. It would have ended up being the memorial, and eventually, he would have come back to screw Triple H or Orton of the Heavyweight Title. In my opinion, the WWE would have ended up in the same place the only issue is how would they reintroduce him. My guess would be through Shane or Stephanie. If it was Shane, Shane supports his dad and tries to take Orton on alone. If Steph, I could see Vince stalking her and costing Triple H the title.

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