TNA Impact Review 10/8/09

About half way through my review, I lost all of the things  for my review so I’ll put up the matches and the need to know things from tonight’s episode of Impact:

The Matches:

Kurt Angle and Mick Foley vs Matt Morgan and Abyss

Abyss was worked on through most of the match. This was an ok main event. It didn’t have a ton of spots until the end. The finish saw Abyss fake a shot at Foley with the barbed wire bat, sending Foley into the Carbon Footprint.

TNA X Division Title Match: Samoa Joe (c) vs Amazing Red

This wasn’t a bad match, but it did make Red look weak. Red is a great wrestler and did some phenomenal things during the match, but if Bobby Lashley hadn’t come out, Red couldn’t have pulled the upset. Red got the win with a standing shooting star press.

TNA Legends Title Match: Kevin Nash (c) vs Hernandez

This was ruled a no contest after Eric Young interfered. No shocker here. Before that, the match was ok at best.

TNA Knockout Title Match: ODB (c) vs Tara

This was a quick one since there was only 20 minutes left in the show and the main event still to come. The crowd was not really into this match as much as the others. As expected, Awesome Kong came out and she is bringing a sledge hammer. ODB pins Tara after hitting the TKO.

Daniels and Suicide vs D’Angelo Dinero and Homicide

With Daniels, Suicide, and Dinero, you would think this would be a great match. This one left a lot to be suspected. During the match, Homicide attacks Willie Urbina and Hector Guerrero. The finish came when Dinero hit the Express on Daniels, when he went for the BME.

Knockout Tag Elimination Match: Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky, Alissa Flash, and Traci Brooks vs Hamada, Sarita, Taylor Wilde and Christy Hemme

The match was a good knockout match, with some fairly good wrestling. This wasn’t anything to write home to mom about, but the main issue was trying to squeeze an elimination match in a less than 10 minute spanm it doesn’t work. Rayne gains the victory after Lacey Von Erich hit a chokeslam on Sarita with the ref’s back turned.

What you need to know:

Abyss will face Mick Foley in a Monster’s Ball match at Bound For Glory. Foley tweaked the match so Dr. Stevie could be the special guest referee and Abyss can’t use thumbtacks.

Team 3D, Booker T and Scott Steiner, Beer Money Inc., and The British Invasion sign a contract for a ladder match between the four teams. The IWGP Tag Titles and the TNA Tag Titles will be on the line.

Kevin Nash will take on Eric Young and Hernandez at BFG for the Legend’s title.


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