450 Splash Update

Unfortunately, I will not be able to cover this thursday’s episode of TNA Impact. I am in a sketch/improv comedy troop and we have a show in Philadelphia that night. I will be posting a preview and results, but due to Spike not replaying the show next week, I will not be reviewing it. For anyone in the area who is free that night, I strongly urge them to come out to the show and come see me in action.

If anyone is curious as to where to go and how to meet me, send me an email at giglio44@gmail.com saying you would like info on the show. We are known as of right now as The Uncensored Maniacs (though the name is subject to change). To give you a little preview about what you might see at the show, I have attached 2 videoes of us playing the improv game “World’s Worst” and a Pokemon sketch that yours truely wrote.

I MUST stress that this video is uncensored and may be offensive to some. So, only mature audiences should view the video. I will put it on you to be able to decide if you should watch. BTW, I am in the Italia shirt.


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