TNA Impact Preview 9/24/09

I would like to apologize for the issues with posting. I go to college at Rowan University and they have been having issues, amounting to rolling blackouts. I will be posting some news and notes later on today probably around 6 tonight eastern standard time.

Here are the announced matched for tonight’s episode of TNA Impact:

Bobby Lashley makes his Impact wrestling debut in singles action.

TNA Tag Team Title Match: Scott Steiner and Booker T (c) vs Abyss and Mick Foley

TNA Knockout Tag Team Title Match: Taylor Wilde and Sarita (c) vs ODB and Tara

Street Fight: D’Angelo Dinero vs Suicide

My Predictions:

Steiner and Booker retain the titles.

Bobby Lashley defeats Jethro Holiday

Taylor Wilde and Sarita retain the titles

D’Angelo Dinero defeats Suicide


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