The Boss’s PPV Debut

Bobby Lashley vs Rhino

Rhino tries to get in the first shot as Lashley is killing him. Lashleyu hit a snap suplex for a two count. Rhino hits back elbow, and Lashley clotheslines Rhino sending him out to the ring. Lashley comes to the outside of the ring and he is reigning shots down. Rhino has the upper hand now and rolls back into the ring. Rhino hits a spinebuster for a two count. Rhino puts Lashley in the corner and drops a knee in the corner. Rhino chokes Lashley and throws a forearm to the lower back. Rhino keeps throwing the forearms to the back and drops another knee in the corner. Rhino locks in a chin lock to ground Lashley. Lashley gets up and eats a clothesline, but is able to kick out after two. Rhino locks in another chin lock. Lashley hits a spinning elbow and both men are down. Both men are up at 8 and Lashley hits a huge clothesline. Lashley hits a splash into the corner and hits shoulder blocks ing the corner. Lashley drops Rhino on his shoulder and Lashley accidentally spears the ref. Another ref comes in as Rhino hits the gore, but Lashley kicks out after two. Rhino goes for another gore and Lashley throws a right hand to gain the pinfall victory.


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