Lethal Lockdown Match

Scott Steiner and Booker T and The British Invasion vs Team 3D and Beer Money Inc.

I’ll do my best to keep up with this one.

Doug Williams, James Storm come out first and Williams goes right after Williams. Storm throws Williams in the ring and Williams goes to work early. Williams hits the running knee in the corner and, but Storm counters with a big power move for two. Storm picks Williams up  and Williams runs into a clothesline. Williams grabs Storms shirt and tries to choke him after a European uppercut. Williams throws a right hand, but Storm hits a back body drop. Storm hits the eye of the storm anduses the shirt to choke Williams. Williams hit a mule kick and follows it up with a suplex attempt. Strom hits a low kick and follows it up with a clothesline. Williams hits a european uppercut, but Storm pokes the eyes as Brutus Magnus comes out.

Storm continues the beatdown and dropkicks the door into Brutus Magnus. Williams whips Storm into Magnus slamming the gate clothed. Magnus and Williams hit a couple double team moves and throw Storm around like a rag doll. Williams holds him as Magnusthrows a ton of right hands as Robert Roode comes out.

Roode is in now and he takes out both members of the British Invasion. Roode rolls through a sunset flip and slingshots Williams into a DDT. Beer Money usses some more double team moves until Magnus is able to send Magnus into the cage. Roode hit Williams with an atomic drop and Storm hits a back cracker as Scott Steiner comes in.

Steiner hits a couple clotheslines and follows it up with a belly to belly suplex for both members of Beer Money. Steiner hits a Frankensteiner on Roode. Steiner then uses Roode as a battering ram and sends him into the steel cage. James Storm has the same fate meet him as Brother Devon comes out to the ring. Devon cleans house and hits a big shoulder block on Stiener. Devon hits a Theiz Press on Magnus and throws some right hands. Devon is working on Steiner while Beer Money works on the Brits. Roode and Devon hit a doubel clothesline on Steiner as all three champions are down.

Booker T is the next man out and he takes his sweet old time walking out to the ring. Booker T walks in and goes right after Rood e and hihas some kicks for everyone. Steiner is working on Storm, Williams is working on Devon and Steiner is choking Roode with the gate.

Brother Ray comes out and not a minute too soon. Rob Terry runs out and takes out Brother Ray. Terry hits Roode with a chair and he is still completely useless. Rob grabs the man in charge of the roof and the roof is being lowered. Steiner hits the Steiner liner on Storm. Brother Ray is out cold as Doug Williams and Scott Steiner grab weapons. Magnus uses a crutch to try and crush Devon’s head. Brother Ray hits Rob Terry with a chair and he comes in having a chair shot for evryone.  Devon hits Williams with a trashcan lid. Ray sets a trash can on Booker T and hits him with a crutch. Magnus and Storm are on the toof anf they begin to fight. Roode is behind Magnus and he hits him with a crutsh. Beer Money hits the Beer Money suplex on the roof. Team 3D hits the 3D on Scott Steiner. Booker T hits the Book End on Brother Ray for a two count. Booker T hits Williams with a trash can and Storm hits Booker with one. Beer Money hits the DWI on Doug Williams to gain the victory.


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