Five Way Match For The World Title

Kurt Angle (c) vs Sting vs Matt Morgan vs AJ Styles vs Hernandez

Angle slaps Hernandez and he takes him out with a hug shoulder block Hernandez grabs Angle and hits a suplex that was held for roughly 30 seconds. Angle is sent to the outside and AJ tries to roll up Morgan and Sting does the same. Morgan throws Sting to the ground and AJ into the corner. Morgan hits a splash and Super Mex hits a suplex on the stage. Morgan hits a scoop slam on Sting for a two count. Hernandezgoes for a border toss, but EY comes out and takes the bat to the knee. EY then hits a piledriver, as Sting and Styles hit Morgan with a double suplex. Styles hits a huge drop kick on Sting and takes out Angle and Morgan with a somersault from the apron. Morgan sends Sting into the steel. Morgan picks up Angle and now they team up. Sting sends Morgan into  the guard rail as AJ rolls through the ankle lock into a pin attempt. Styles hits a couple hurricanranas on Angle as they are on the outside. Morgan backs Sting into the corner as he hits rapid fire elbows. morgan hits a splash in the corner into the side walk drop as Angle hits a tilt a whirl back breaker. Angle and Morgan trade shots on Sting.  Angle starts throwing right hands with Matt Morgan holding Stingand then they trade spots. AJ hits a springboard move on Angle, but then runs into a fall away slam by Moatt Morgan. Sting kicks Morgan’s knees and clotheslines Angle out of the ring. Morgan hits a huge clothesline on Sting for two. Styles goes after Morgan in the corner, but the runds into a belly to belly suplex from Angle. Morgan slams Styles down  and Morgan follows it up with a leg drop. Angle tries a shoulder block but runs right into the turnbuckle. Morgan hits a dropkick on Styles and uses the top rope to choke Styles. After the 2 count from Morgan, Styles hits the Pele with Morgan on the apron to tak him out. Angle hits a release german suplex on Styles, and Sting hits Angle with a missle drop kick. Sting has some shots for Angle and Morgan. Sting hits a Stinger Splash on Morgan and Angle. Angle hits the Angle Slam on SSting for a two count. AJ Styles hits the Styles Clash for a two count. Styles hit Morgan with an ensiguri and Styles goes to the top rope. Styles catches Morgan’s boot and eats a Hellevator.  Sting hits the Scorpion Death Drop on Morgan for a two count. Angle locks in the ankle lock ans Morgan hits the Carbon Footprint on Angle. Sting and Styles look at each other. Sting walks to the apron and hits a press on Morgan, allowing to hit a springboard 450 splash to gain the victory and become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion.


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