An Old Rivalry Renewed

X Division Title Match: Samoa Joe (c) vs Christopher Daniels

Both men lock up and Joe charges Daniels. Daniels tries a couple dropkicks to knock Joe down. Joe throws his shoulder and backs Daniels into the corner as Joe lands a ton of punches. Joe slaps Daniels and goes for a musle buster. Daniels counters into a hurricanrana and a suicide dive. Daniels uses a drop toe hold to take Joe down and then hits a neckbreaker for a two count. Daniels mount Joe in the counter and hits a few right hands. Daniels went for a body block and Joe counters into a STJoe. Joe hits the slap/kick/kneedrop combo for a two count and locks in a claw on the shoulder. Daniels gets up only to run into a back elbow. Joe puts in another claw and Daniels fights out of it again. Joe hits a snap powerslam for a two count and he looks slightly frustrates. Joe throws some right hands and chops as Daniels counters with a jaw breaker and an ensiguri. Daniels hita couple palm strikes and calf kick. Daniels follows it up with a bulldog and heads to the top rope. Daniels hits a top rope leg drop and Joe gets out of the ring. Daniels hits the split legged moonsault on Joe and Joe looks lifeless. Joe plays possom and throws Daniels into the ring post and steel seps/ Daniels i on the apron and Joe clotheslines the back of  Daniels’ leg. Joe hits a knee buster and Daniels is really favoring the leg. Joe rolls through into a leg bar and Daniels is able to get to the rope. Joe hits a powerbomb into the STF. Joe then moves into a single leg crab: vintage Joe. Daniels climbs to his feet and Joe keeps working on the knee. Daniels hits a neckbreaker, leaving both men on the mat. Both men are up and Daniels throws some right hands and hits a flurry of clotheslines. Daniels hits a top rope clothesline for two and a lungblower for a two count. Daniels goes for a back drop, but he can’t lift him. Joe hits a half nelson suplex and Daniels kicks out after two. Daniels hits the STO and Daniels misses the BME. Joe hits the ensiguri and Daniels counters the muscle buster. Daniels misses the Angel’s Wings and the Last Rites, leading Daniels to be caught in the Cochina Clutch. Daniels has no choice but to tap out.


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