TNA Legends Title Rematch

Kevin Nash (c) vs Mick Foley

Both men lock up and Nash backs Foley into a corner. Nash lands a couple knees into the mid section and starts throwing right hands. Foley counters with a few right hands and lifts the knee into the head of Nash. Foley backs Nash into a corner and hits a ton of rights. Foley hits a splash in the corner and grabs the sock. Nash avoids the sock and sends Foley into the guard rail. Nash uses the sock to choke Foley and sends him into the guard rail again. Nash throws Foley into the steel steps and Nash hits elbows in the corner. Nash knocks Foley down by using the elbow. Abyss’s music hits and he brings the barbed wire bat. Nash slides out and the referee disqualifies Mick Foley. Foley doesn’t look happy and he turns his back on Abyss.


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