TNA Knockout Tag Title Semifinal Match

Taylor Wilde and Sarita vs Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed

Taylor Wilde and Awesome Kong start off and Wilde runs into the brick wall known as Awesome Kong. Saeed tags in and they hit a wheelbarrow splash for a two count. Sarita is in and hits a springboard arm drag. Sarita goes for a hurricanrana, but Saeed catches her and hits a side walk slam. Kong is in now and she hits a big slap on Sarita. Kong hits a splash on the corner and locks in a rear nacked choke. Kong uses the choke and throws her down. Saeed is in and hits a snapmare into a surboard stretch.  Saeed hits a snap suplex for a two count. Saeed hits a scoop slam and Sarita tags in Wilde. Wilde hits a victory roll, but Kong  breaks up the pin. Sarita takes Kong out of the ring. Wilde hits a bridging German suplex to gain the pinfall victory. Kong is livid.


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