TNA Impact Review 9/10/09

We join the match already in progress. It is an interesting way to start the show, but I don’t know if it was the best way to go.

Gauntlet Match: Scott Steiner and Booker T vs Beer Money Inc. vs Team 3D vs The British Invasion

Robert Roode and Brutus Magnus are in. Scott Steiner tags in and hits a belly to belly suplex for a two count. Roode hits a reverse atomic drop as Booker T comes to the ring. The only person left is James Storm. Roode is being beat down by Booker T on the outside. Booker comes in and Doug Williams tags in. Roode hits a backdrop as Storm makes his way down the ring. Roode and Storm hit the Beer Money Suplex as Storm is in. Storm hits a big ensiguri and a neckbreaker. Storm hits the Eye of the Storm and Booker ends the momentum with a superkick. Scott Steiner is in now and he hits another belly to belly suplex. Storm hits a back breaker and Roode tags in. Roode cleans house and hits the block buster for two. The British Invasion go after Roode, but Devon hits a double clothesline. It breaks down until Team 3D hits the 3D on Steiner. Booker T breaks up Devon’s cover, but Brutus Magnus covers Steiner to gain the victory.

Kurt Angle is visibly upset backstage. The Main Event Mafia and The World Elite are arguing backstage.

Angle comes out to the ring and he wants to talk to Matt Morgan. Angle says that he says that he only has Morgan’s best interest in mind. Angle says Morgan is on the cusp of the MEM and the only thing he has to do, but Sting interupts. Sting comes out with AJ Styles and he asks why would Morgan listen to Angle. Sting does a Matt Morgan impression and he goes on about what he would say if he was Morgan. Sting comes out to play common sense, and says the MEM need Morgan. Angle calls out Styles for almost quitting. Angle says Sting has lost a step and wants to steal the title from Styles. Morgan says he will keep the world title and Matt Morgan finally realizes he is being used. Angle backs off like a cheating boyfriend and Morgan says he will be in his corner. Morgan is insensed by the situation.

Lauren is with Earl Hebner and he says that he knew nothing about EY causing the DQ last week. I like the heel Hebner.

Jeremy Borash is with Mick Foley and he says he is looking forward to the match against Kevin Nash next week. Dr. Stevie walks into the office and he says that Stevie was a great wrestler. Dr. Stevie says he will have a chance to collect his own bounty when he faces Abyss tonight.

Taylor Wilde and Sarita vs Daffney and Alissa Flash

Flash shoves Wilde down to stars off the match. Wilde goes for an armbar, but Flash counters into a powerbomb. Taylor Wilde hits an armdrag as Sarita comes in. Sarita hits an assisted cross body for two. Flash avoids a dropkick and tags in Daffney. Sarita hits another armdrag and a senton for a two count.Wilde tags in and  Daffney hits a clothesline on Wilde, and Flash is in. Flash hits a powerslam and stomps on Wilde’s head. Daffney tags in and she hits a shining wizard for a two count. Daffney locks in a modified octopus lock, and Sarita and Flash come in. Sarita hits a tornado DDT on Daffney and throws Wilde onto Flash for a two count. Sarita hits a forearm clutch exploder on Flash to gain the victory.

JB is with the World Elite and Eric Young says that they would do whatever it takes to win. EY says his door is always open.

Lauren is with Suicide and Suicide talks about how D’Angelo Dinero has singled him out.

The Motor City Machine Guns come out and go to their own announce table.

Jay Lethal vs D’ Angelo Dinero

Both men lock up and Lethal backs him up into the corner and Dinero returns the favor. Lethal hits a few jabs and uses a few cross bodies. Lethal hits a dropkick and a suicide dive. Dinero is thrown back into the ring and splits Lethal’s leg. Dinero hits a clothesline for a two count and uses a choke on Lethal. Dinero is at the top rope trying to drop a fist. Lethal hits a forearm shot and a spring board elbow for a two count. Lethal hits a dropkick for a two count. Lethal rolls Dinero up three times and Dinero kicks out every time. Dinero hits the DDE (Elijah Express) for the win.

The MEM and World Elite are talking backstage and he convinces Kurt to let it be water under the bridge.

Knockout Tag Tournament Match: The Beautiful People vs Madison Rayne and Roxxi

Roxxi comes out to a HUGE pop. A “welcome back” chant starts as the match does.

Roxxi and Angelina Love start the match. Roxxi hits a Samoan drop and a senton for a two count. Velvet Sky tags in and hits and inverted curb stomp for a two count. Roxxi throws down Sky and Rayne comes in. Rayne has her hair grabbed and The Beautiful People stomp her down. Love uses the leg choke and Aky tags in. Sky hits a series of snapmares into kicks for a two count. Rayne tags in Roxxi and she hits a fall away slam on Sky. Roxxi hits a sitout powerbomb for a two count. Roxxi gets tripped up and Love rolls up Rayne for the win.

JB is with Mick Foley and Cody Deaner and the Deaner asks for a tune up match against a knockout. He wants to showcase his skills. My guess is it will be Awesome Kong.

Abyss vs Dr. Stevie

Stevie jumps Abyss from behind and rolls into the ring for him to be counted out. Stevie tries to keep the big man down, but Anyss keeps getting up and Abyss takes down Stevie with a big slap. Abyss hits a splash on Stevie and a Black Hole Slam for the three count. After the match, Kevin Nash hits a clothesline on Abyss and raises the knee on him. The two men beat Abyss down in the corner as Mick Foley comes out for the save.

The World Elite come out to the ring and EY says he still wants to recruit Hernandez. EY wants Super Mex in the family and for him to be given a fair chance. EY is so boring that Alex Shelley is playing TNA Impact the video game while the promo is going on.

Hector Guerrero comes out and he has a mic in hand. He says Hernandez won’t come out because EY got him disqualified.  Hector says Hernandez only wants to give back to the fans and he says the aren’t American, but it is their country. Hector says there is enough hate in the world and to end it. EY says  Hector should know how they feel and the only reason he is still standing is respect for him.  EY says he will give Hernandez a reason to come out as the World Elite.

Cody Deaner vs Tara

Tara is staring at the Deaner and she takes off the head gear. One right hand from Tara stuns Deaner and a flurry of right hands takes Deaner down. Deaner eats a ton of kicks and Tara locks in an arm bar. Tara keeps throwing the right hands. Tara lands about 4 hooks and Awesome Kong takes Tara out of no where. Kong hits an Implant Buster and the ref raises Deaner’s hand.

Lauren is with Deaner and he says that he is the king of the knockouts.

AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels vs Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe

Angle and Daniels start off the match with both men trading holds. Angle hits a couple european uppercuts, but runs into a calf kick. Styles tags in and earns a two count. Styles lands a few shots and Daniels tags in. Daniels hits a bunch of chops and Samoa Joe reverses position and lands a ton of punches. Daniels hits a lung blower and Styles tags in. Styles and Daniels hit the high/low for a two count. Samoa Joe hits a huge slap and backs him into the corner. Samoa Joe hits the STJoe and Angle comes in for the cover, but only earns two.  Angle hits a belly to belly suplex and only earns a two count. Joe tags in and both men suplex Styles. Styles hits a bug slap, but runs into a powerslam for two. Joe went for an arm bar, but Styles breaks the hold. Styles hite the Pele on Joe and both men are down. Angle and Daniels both come in and Daneils hits an STO on Angle for a two count. Angle goes for an Angle slam and Daniels counters with a reverse STO Daniels hits the BME and Styles hits the frogsplash on Angle for two. Styles throws Angle into Morgan’s waiting chair and rolls him up to gain the victory.

After the match, Angle slaps Morgan and he hits the Hellivator as Impact ends.

EY goes after Homicide and brings him to the Impact Zone. EY says that if Hernandez doesn’t join the World Elite, Homicide will suffer.  Super Mex comes out and takes out the members of the World Elite. Homicide hits Hernandez with the steel chair and he smiles to the camera. Hernandez is being taken out by every member of the World Elite.  EY and Homicide shake hands as they leave Hernandez lying in the ring.


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