TNA Impact Preview 9/10/09

Here is what’s on tap for tonight’s episode of TNA Impact:

AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels vs Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe

Gauntlet Match: Scott Steiner and Booker T vs Beer Money Inc. vs Team 3D vs The British Invasion

Knockout Tag Tournament Match: Taylor Wilde and Sarita vs Daffney and Alissa Flash

Knockout Tag Tournament Match: The Beautiful People vs Madison Rayne and ?

My Predictions:

AJ Styles and Daniels defeat Angle and Joe.

Scott Steiner and Booker T win the Gauntlet match.

Wilde and Sarita defeat Daffney and Flash.

The Beautiful People defeat Madison Rayne and Roxxi. (This is my best guess as to who it is. It could be anyone who TNA wants to try out. Another thing to watch is, since this is a taped episode, what will come of the Beautiful People if they make it to No Surrender with Angelina Love being released?


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