Shocking TNA Release

Former TNA Knockout champion Angelina Love has been released by the company. The release didn’t come from any issues in her performance, but from her working visa expriring. This means that the Canadian born wrestler will have to return to the land of maple syrup and wait on a new visa. The release is mandatory according to the law and frees Love up to go to the WWE or possibly return to TNA. Expect an injury angle being run with the knockout tag team tourny going on.

I have been very high on Love lately in the ring. She has a unique feel to her that I can’t put my finger on. She was a special wrestler that is a HUGE loss to TNA in the knockout division. This also means Velvet Sky will have to go it alone and we will see how well that works out. It is a shame since Love was one of the most technically sound wrestlers in either women’s division that I have seen. I hope all works out for her and wish her luck in her future.


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