Dixie v PPV

In a recent interview, TNA President Dixie Carter stated that she is not a fan of monthly pay per views. She wants to “shake things up.”

This is extremely discouraging that Dixie would think this is a good idea. I understand she is business savy and everything, but this has “awful idea” written all over it. TNA started to build its fan base with weekly pay per views, which is a good idea when you start out. Today, TNA has a monthly pay per view and Impact every thursday night. Now, what she is proposing is Impact every thursday, another (probably knockout specific) show, and a pay per view whenever. I can’t believe that anyone would think this was a good idea.

TNA’s biggest competition is the WWE, and this would be a HUGE step back. Not only will you alienate a younger fan base who won’t understand the change, but you also make the entire fan base upset by having less of a chance of seeing it live. Anyone besides Dixie Carter saying this may have a little pull, but she hasn’t really stepped up before. You really have to wonder if Jeff Jarrett or ANYONE ELSE would even consider it.

Dixie- you are a great owner, but you are no Jerry Jones. Please stay in the background and talk to other people before you make any rash decisions. You have no experience in the ring or just outside of it, so use your agents and let them do their jobs.


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