TNA Impact Review 8/27/09

Christopher Daniels is at the commentary table and he says he is excited to see Suicide vs Samoa Joe. Something has to be up because this was announced as a tag title match.

Samoa Joe vs Suicide

Joe hits a big kick to start out and lands a ton of punches. Joe hits a huge ensiguri in the corner and Suicide lands a couple right hands of his own. Suicide hits a drop kick and sends Joe’s head into the turnbuckle. D’Angelo Dinero walks down the entrance ramp. Joe kicks Suicide to the outside as now Joe and Dinero double team Suicide. Daniels jumps in to assist Suicide, and its announced that there will be a tag team match later tonight.

Lauren is with Eric Young and he says that Hernandez will be a member of the World Elite by the end of tonight. EY says that they will get stronger and he will open up Hernandez’s eyes.

The World Elite come to the ring and Bashir has something to say. Sheik Abdul Bashir wants to talk about the war in Iraq. He says that he remembers that an end to the war was announced in 2003 and there are still people being killed in the Middle East. He says that it is the media’s fault and they are brainwashed. Bashir says that the truth is all Americans are junkies. Bashir blows a minor gasket and EY takes the mic. He thanks him and says that he wants to talk about Hernandez.

Hernandez comes out with mic in hand. Hernandez says that EY should talk to his face. EY asks Hernandex how many times he came with the Mexican flag and got respect for it. EY says he will never be treated as an equal and America will view him as a thug and a thief. EY says he needs come home and join the World Elite. Hernandez says that he is home and that America is their country.

Lauren is with Traci Brooks and Sharmell. They say that they are not afraid of Awesome Kong. That is weird because I am afraid of Kong and I am bigger than both Sharmell and Traci.

The Guns cut a promo about directing Lauren’s intro to the Knockout tag title match. This is a beautiful thing. Dr. Stevie offers them $50,000 to take out Abyss.

Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed vs Traci Brooks and Sharmell

This should be very interesting for lack of a better term. Saeed and Sharmell start by having a shoving match, and Brooks is tagged in. Saeed hits a big powerslam and drops an elbow. Saeed hits a suplex and covers for a two count. Brooks hits a clothesline on Saeed for a two count, and Traci uses the second rope to choke her. Saeed kicks her off and Kong is in. Kong hits a couple clotheslines and a couple splashes. Kong goes to the second rope and hits a splash. It would have been a three count, but Sharmell broke up the pin. Saeed tags herself in and pins Traci for the victory. Kong does not look happy after the match.

Jeremy Borash is with Matt Morgan and Booker T starts yelling Morgan. Kurt Angle says it was a mistake from him last night. He says he will team him with Booker T and Steiner tonight. Morgan says that he has great news and Kurt Angle will be defending the title at No Surrender in a four way. Morgan says he will be in the title match then and Morgan looks straight at the camera and says “GO MAFIA.” That and the Guns promo may be the funniest bits I have seen all week.

Jesse Neal vs Rhino

Rhino offers his hand, but just as Neal reached for it, Rhino kicked him. Rhino backs him into the corner and lands a flurry of kicks. Rhino uses the second rope to choke Neal and repeats it on the bottom rope. Rhino hits a big knee into Neal’s head which is good for a two count. Rhino hits a spinebuster for a three count. Well, that didn’t take long. Rhino hits a Gore on Neal after the match, and the ref reverses his decision so Neal wins the match. Rhino stomps on Neal and Brother Devon comes out to protect Neal.

JB is with Mick Foley, ODB, and Cody Deaner. Abyss comes in and gives Foley the barbed wire bat back. Foley gives Abyss groceries again and now the hearing of who is knockout champ continues. Deaner says he knocked out Mike Tyson and Chuck Norris. At No Surrender, ODB and Deaner will go at it for the Knockout title.

The Motor City Machine Guns vs Abyss

The Guns hit a double kick right at the beginning of the match, only to have Abyss hit a double suplex. Abyss hits Shelley with a side walk slam, and choke slams Sabin. Abyss hits a big splash on Sabin, but Shelley moves out of the way of a charging Abyss. Shelley tries a cross body but Abyss catches him. Sabin takes them out an with a suicide dive.  Sabin runs into a big boot and Abyss hits a Shock Treatment/ leg drop combo. Sabin tries a springboard move, but runs into a Black Hole Slam. Abyss pins Sabin for a three count. After the match, Sabin hits a hesitation drop kick on Dr. Stevie. The Guns and Abyss share a glance of appreciation as Kevin Nash comes out.

Nash says he will take the bounty match and now it is personal.

Lauren is with Daffney and she says she relies on violence to solve problems.

No Disqualification Match: Daffney vs Hamada

Daffney throws some stiff elbows to start off and  lands a couple kicks. Hamada kicks out of a pin attempt at two as both women trade shots. Hamada hits some big kicks in the corner, and kicks Daffney off of the apron as we go to commercial.

Coming out of the commercial,  Daffney has Hamada in the corner and lands a forearm shot. Daffney hits an elbow drop on Hamada, but Hamada uses a ton of kicksto gain momentum. Hamada hits a couple headbutts and a DDT for a two count. Daffney hits a Shining Wizard for a two count. Daffney sends Hamada to the outside and there is a table already set up. Daffney grabs a chair but misses. Hamada ties her up in the chair and throwes her into the ring post. Hamada sets up Daffney on the table and hits a moonsault through the table. Hamada hits the Hamada Driver for the win.

JB is with The Beautiful People and they confront Madison Rayne. Angelina Love says that they hear she has a mystery partner and they don’t care who it is. Madison Rayne pushes both women and JB tries to break it up to no avail.

Suicide and Christopher Daniels vs Samoa Joe and D’Angelo Dinero

Suicide and Joe start off the match and Joe hits a huge hip toss. Dinero tags in and Suicide hits an arm drag. Daniels is in now and he hits nice calf kick. Daniels hits a splitt legged moonsault for a two count. Dinero hits an STO as we go to commercial.

Coming out of the commercial, Joe hits a ton of right hands on Daniels. Daniels hits an STO and both men tag in. Suicide hits a springboard elbow and a side russian leg sweep on Dinero. Suicide hits a rolling slam for two as Joe is able to break up the pin. Dinero hits a German suplex on Daniels sending him to the outside. Daniels hits Joe with a split legged moonsault, as Dinero misses the running knee attack. Suicide hits a springboard roll up to gain the pinfall victory.

JB is with Dixie Carter and Bobby Lashley. She announces the deal extension with Spike TV and wants to see Lashley be the king in both MMA and TNA. Dixie Carter says that Bobby Lashley will face Rhino at No Surrender.

Kurt Angle comes out to the commentary table for the main event.

Booker T, Scott Steiner, and Matt Morgan vs AJ Styles, Sting, and Hernandez

Sting and Booker T start off the match. Booker T back Sting into the corner and starts landing right hands. Sting hits a few right hands and a drop kick. Sting follows it up with a hip toss and Styles tags in. Steiner tags in and uses the second rope to choke him.  Styles hits a big dropkick and knee drop for a two count. Hernandez tags in and so does Morgan. Morgan hit a discus clothesline and Hernandez hits a suplex that he held for roughly 15 seconds. Hernandez flies and takes out Booker T, Scott Steiner and Matt Morgan as we go to commercial.

Coming out of the break, Steiner hit a huge belly to belly suplex on Styles. Morgan is back in and he lands a head butt. Styles tags in Hernandez and he hits a springboard shoulder block. Hernandez uses the truck stick on Morgan for two. Sting and Booker T fight on the outside, as does Styles and Steiner. Morgan goes for the Hellevator, but Steiner distracts him with a chair. Hernandez sends Morgan into the chair and AJ Styles hits a springboard cross body to gain the pinfall victory.

Booker T picks up Morgan and they talk to him about what happened. Morgan clocks both Steiner and Booker T after getting slapped.


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