Knockout Tag Team Tournament Match 1

Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed vs Traci Brooks and Sharmell

This should be very interesting for lack of a better term. Saeed and Sharmell start by having a shoving match, and Brooks is tagged in. Saeed hits a big powerslam and drops an elbow. Saeed hits a suplex and covers for a two count. Brooks hits a clothesline on Saeed for a two count, and Traci uses the second rope to choke her. Saeed kicks her off and Kong is in. Kong hits a couple clotheslines and a couple splashes. Kong goes to the second rope and hits a splash. It would have been a three count, but Sharmell broke up the pin. Saeed tags herself in and pins Traci for the victory. Kong does not look happy after the match.


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