Bounty Match

The Motor City Machine Guns vs Abyss

The Guns hit a double kick right at the beginning of the match, only to have Abyss hit a double suplex. Abyss hits Shelley with a side walk slam, and choke slams Sabin. Abyss hits a big splash on Sabin, but Shelley moves out of the way of a charging Abyss. Shelley tries a cross body but Abyss catches him. Sabin takes them out an with a suicide dive.  Sabin runs into a big boot and Abyss hits a Shock Treatment/ leg drop combo. Sabin tries a springboard move, but runs into a Black Hole Slam. Abyss pins Sabin for a three count. After the match, Sabin hits a hesitation drop kick on Dr. Stevie. The Guns and Abyss share a glance of appreciation as Kevin Nash comes out.


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