6 Man Main Event

Booker T, Scott Steiner, and Matt Morgan vs AJ Styles, Sting, and Hernandez

Sting and Booker T start off the match. Booker T back Sting into the corner and starts landing right hands. Sting hits a few right hands and a drop kick. Sting follows it up with a hip toss and Styles tags in. Steiner tags in and uses the second rope to choke him.  Styles hits a big dropkick and knee drop for a two count. Hernandez tags in and so does Morgan. Morgan hit a discus clothesline and Hernandez hits a suplex that he held for roughly 15 seconds. Hernandez flies and takes out Booker T, Scott Steiner and Matt Morgan as we go to commercial.

Coming out of the break, Steiner hit a huge belly to belly suplex on Styles. Morgan is back in and he lands a head butt. Styles tags in Hernandez and he hits a springboard shoulder block. Hernandez uses the truck stick on Morgan for two. Sting and Booker T fight on the outside, as does Styles and Steiner. Morgan goes for the Hellevator, but Steiner distracts him with a chair. Hernandez sends Morgan into the chair and AJ Styles hits a springboard cross body to gain the pinfall victory.


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