TNA Impact Review 8/20/09

Mike Tenay announces that Taz is the new TNA color commentator. For what seems to be the 800th time, the MEM will start the show. Kurt Angle is immediately interupted by Matt Morgan. Morgan comes out with what appears to be an axe handle. Morgan says that at Hard Justice, Angle asked for his help, but only to screw him over. Angle says that he did say all of that. Morgan asked why he interfered and if he doesn’t answer, he will start swinging. Angle says that he did say all of that and they were working together. Angle claims Morgan went into business for himself when he kicked him. Angle says he heard the ref and thought it was Morgan being pinned. Angle went to get the chair and he says he accidentally hit him instead of Sting. Morgan is absolutely livid. Angle says that they achieved what they set out to do and he will give Morgan another chance. Angle and Morgan will face Team 3D in a tables match tonight.

Morgan says Angle has lost his mind. Morgan picks up the handle and looks puzzled. Morgan says that it was obviously his fault. Morgan says he and Angle can be on the same page and thats the final blueprint for tonight’s show.

Lauren is with AJ Styles and he walks right by her.

The British Invasion vs Beer Money Inc.

Storm starts out with a chair shot on Doug Williams and a few kendo stick shots on Magnus. Storm and Roode use the trapes to beat down and choke the Brits. Roode sends Magnus into the broadcast table and Storm joins him for the Beer Money suplex. Storm chops Williams and Roode throws Magnus into the ring. Roode continues to stomp on Magnus. Williams uses  a rope to tie up Storm by his neck. Williams uses one of the straps and hits Roode in the head. The Brits bust Roode open with a trash can lid and the can itself. Williams uses a kendo stick to choke Roode and Magnus follows up with the lid. Magnus takes a garbage bag, as Storm is cut free. Storm breaks a board on Williams and hits Magnus with a trash can. Storm mounts Magnus in the corner, but Williams throws him out of the ring. Roode hits a spinebuster on Magnus and Williams is hit with a beer bottle. Beer Money hits the DWI on Magnus onto a trash can to gain the victory.

Lauren is with the Beautiful People and Angelina Love says this isn’t funny to anyone. Love says that she didn’t lose the title: Madison Rayne did.

Jeremy Borash is with Mick Foley and they are interupted by ODB and Cody Deaner. The Deaner says he should be the Knockout division. ODB says Deaner was with him for the match. Deaner says that ODB assumes she is the champ. Foley cuts in and says that he will make a ruling next week. Abyss comes in and Foley thanks him for his help and gives him a blue flannel shirt. Abyss looks like a kid at Christmas and hugs Foley.

Angelina Love vs Madison Rayne

Love throws Rayne into the steel steps and into the apron. Love continues the beatdown and rolls her in the ring. Love covers her for the win and place the paper bag on Rayne. Tara and Christy Hemme come out to aid Madison Rayne.

The Motor City Machine Guns cut a really funny promo like and infomercial.

Samoa Joe (c) vs Homicide

Homicide goes after Joe, but Joe backs him into the corner. Homicide hits a somersault senton off the apron onto Joe. Joe counters a monkey flip and hits a clothesline. Joe hits a few knees and right hands. Homicide lands some shots and runs into a snap powerslam. Homicide kicks out at two and bites Joe’s fingers. Joe hits a powerbomb for a two count, and Homicide counters with a near fall of his own. Homicide hits the Gringo Cutter for a two count. Homicide lands and uppercut, but runs into an STJoe. Homicide puts in a sleeper hold, but Joe slams him into the corner and hits an ensiguri. Joe hits the Muscle Buster to gain the pin fall victory.

Lauren is with the TNA Knockouts and they announce that there will be a TNA Knockout TNA Tag Title tournament. This should provide a very interesting shake up in the Knockout division with the new knockout tag title match.

Awesome Kong vs Sarita vs Traci Brooks vs Christy Hemme

Kong goes after everyone and takes out everyone except Sarita. Sarita and Hemme hit a double drop kick on Kong. Traci lands a couple slaps on Sarita and Hemme. Traci slams Hemme into the guard rail, Kong takes out Traci, and Sarita hits a somersault off the apron onto Kong to knock her down as we go to commercial.

Coming out of the break, Hemme goes for the FFG but Kong catches her. Hemme hits Sarita with a head slam. Hemme hits the FFG on Traci, but Kong picks her up and hits the Implant Buster. Kong catches Sarita and slams her down. Kong hits a big splash on Sarita and climbs to the top rope. Traci quickly covers Hemme to gain the victory and Kong is livid. Kong grabs a chair and throws it up the entrance ramp.

D’Angelo Dinero vs Consequences Creed

Creed and Dinero trade arm locks. Creed hits a springboard clothesline and goes for his punch combo. Dinero hit a HUGE uppercut and jumps on Creed’s neck. Dinero drops the fist from the top rope for a two count. Dinero locks in a headlock and Creed gets out of the hold. Creed hits a big right hand and sends Dinero into the corner. Dinero asks for a time out and sends Creed into the second turnbuckle. Dinero hits a float over double leg drop and follows it up with the Elijah Express to gain the victory. Suicide appears at the top of the ramp, but Dinero is able to escape.

Lauren is with Matt Morgan and asks if he believes Kurt Angle. Morgan says that he can trust Angle and he will guarantee to have his back and vice versa.

AJ Styles comes out to the ring and he looks extremely upset. Styles says that this is one of the hardest things he has ever had to do. He says his life has been rough, but he has never quit. He says that he is proud of the man he has become. Styles says that he isn’t proud of losing the title, the match against Matt Morgan, or losing friends like Joe or EY. Styles is tearing up and he says he will be retiring from wrestling. He praises the fans for being the best fans in the world. Sting comes out without music and face paint. Tenay and Taz are speechless.

Sting gets in the ring and says that he basically is saying he is quitting on everyone around him including his family and fans. Sting says there are a bunch of kids who wants to be Styles and he is quiting on him. Sting says losers quit and he says if he quits, AJ will be a loser. Sting says he has suffered many hardships, but never quit. Sting says he says how he wanted to bring honor and respect to the business so he could pass the torch. Sting says AJ Styles was the person who he was going to pass the torch. Sting says Styles was the chosen one, but Styles decided to say goodbye. Sting says he wants Styles to look him in the eye and say he’s a loser or he quits. Styles turns around and hugs Sting. Sting says he is suposed to be the man. That was extremely emotional. That may have been the closest to crying I have come without someone retiring.

Lauren is with Hernandez and asks when he will cash in his briefcase. Eric Young asks him if he wants to join the World Elite.

Bobby Lashley comes out to the ring and comes in to do commentary for the main event.

Team 3D vs Matt Morgan and Kurt Angle

Angle takes a shot at Lashley before the match and Lashley almost takes Angle’s head off. So much for Lashley doing commentary.

Brother Ray and Angle start off the match. Both men lock up and Ray locks in a side head lock. Ray hits a shoulder block and Angle hits a drop toe hold. Ray hits a big hip toss and scoop slam. Morgan stops Ray from getting a table and Brother Devon tags. Devon lands a flurry of right hands on the head of Angle. Morgan tags in and uses the top rope to choke Devon. Ray stops Morgan from grabbing a table and Morgan rolls back in. Morgan hits a scoop slam, but misses a leg drop. Team 3D send Morgan and Angle out of the ring as we go to commercial.

Coming out of the break, Team 3D hits the Wassup headbutt on Angle and Devon goes for the tables. He brings in two tables: on in the corner and one on the floor. Morgan comes back in and hits a double clothesline on Team 3D. Morgan picks up Devon and hits a chokeslam, but Ray moved the table. Angle continues stomping on Devon and sets up the table in the middle of the ring. Angle goes for the Olympic Slam but it is countered into a slam. Morgan misses the Carbon Footprint and seems to hurt his knee. Angle hits the Olympic slam on Ray. Team 3D hits a double suplex, but the table didn’t break. Angle looks under the ring , but Ray hits a big boot. Ray comes and grabs another table into the ring, sending the broken one out. Angle comes in and goes after both members of Team 3D. Angle hits a European uppercut on Devon. Angle and Morgan argue about how the end will happen. Morgan gets caught on the top rope by Team 3D and send him through the table.


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