Tag Team Tables Match

Team 3D vs Matt Morgan and Kurt Angle

Angle takes a shot at Lashley before the match and Lashley almost takes Angle’s head off. So much for Lashley doing commentary.

Brother Ray and Angle start off the match. Both men lock up and Ray locks in a side head lock. Ray hits a shoulder block and Angle hits a drop toe hold. Ray hits a big hip toss and scoop slam. Morgan stops Ray from getting a table and Brother Devon tags. Devon lands a flurry of right hands on the head of Angle. Morgan tags in and uses the top rope to choke Devon. Ray stops Morgan from grabbing a table and Morgan rolls back in. Morgan hits a scoop slam, but misses a leg drop. Team 3D send Morgan and Angle out of the ring as we go to commercial.

Coming out of the break, Team 3D hits the Wassup headbutt on Angle and Devon goes for the tables. He brings in two tables: on in the corner and one on the floor. Morgan comes back in and hits a double clothesline on Team 3D. Morgan picks up Devon and hits a chokeslam, but Ray moved the table. Angle continues stomping on Devon and sets up the table in the middle of the ring. Angle goes for the Olympic Slam but it is countered into a slam. Morgan misses the Carbon Footprint and seems to hurt his knee. Angle hits the Olympic slam on Ray. Team 3D hits a double suplex, but the table didn’t break. Angle looks under the ring , but Ray hits a big boot. Ray comes and grabs another table into the ring, sending the broken one out. Angle comes in and goes after both members of Team 3D. Angle hits a European uppercut on Devon. Angle and Morgan argue about how the end will happen. Morgan gets caught on the top rope by Team 3D and send him through the table.


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