X Division Title Match

Homicide (c) vs Samoa Joe w/ Taz

Both men lock up and Joe lands a couple shots in the corner. Homicide hits a couple quick rollup, and Joe repays him with a couple big right hands. Joe rolls out to the outside to regroup and Homicide lets him back in the ring. Joe lands a kick and slams Homicide’s head in the corner. Homicide goes for a monkey flip, but Joe counters into a belly to belly release suplex. Joe hits a suicide dive through the second rope and hits his chop/clothesline/knee drop combo for a two count. Joe hits a snap powerslam for a two count as well. Joe uses the second rope to choke Homicide, and Homicide tries to suplex Joe, but he counters into the side slam. Joe hits the powerbomb for a two count, but then uses the kick out for an STF. Homicide reaches the bottom rope, and Joe lands some right hands. Both men trade shots again and Homicide gets the best of him and hits a double chop. Homicide hits two basement dropkicks and a tilt a whirl cross body. Homicide hits a missle drop kick and hits the top con hilo on Joe. Taz and Homicide start to jaw back and forth, which allows Joe to catch his breath. Homicide hits a neck breaker for a two count. Homicide hits the Gringo cutter for two. Homicide calls for the Gringo Killah, but Joe locks in a sleeper. Homicide tries to roll him off, but Joe locks in the Cochina Clutch. Homicide taps out and now we have Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels at No Surrender. Please let Styles into the match too.


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